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    jenoptik #2 + ALP

    Yes, didn't realise until you mentioned that it was the same place. I think I've got used to the 400m range you get when they are mounted in the black/white towers off the ground.
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    jenoptik #2 + ALP

    Looks like those S350M's are still harder to detect than poliscan. 1590816157 Those TraffiTop white enclosures they have for them always remind me of a Sony Trinitron 14" portable TV from the 80's ; 1590816242
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    Western Australia - Section 111 - Possible RD ban via overly broad stealth legislation to be voted on - objections required ASAP

    Correct, no change. Here's the current summary/status ; I've registered for e-mail updates, so will post up when I get any notification
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    Lidar poliscan and air horn time

    Strains of the motherland in there as well like me, but different ends of the motherland country :) 1590666606 OT - One of the best laughs I've had was translating the text from Viz's Sid the Sexist and Biffa Bacon to an American from Seattle :)
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    Hello from New Zealand

    Welcome from across the ditch :)
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    Lidar poliscan and air horn time

    Great, glad you found that one again !
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    MRCD Performance v1.29

    Not local specs, but just those of the FCC report, and a manual I found recently ; My observations locally, are that the channels are generally around those stated. On of my latest YouTube's with the R3 on 1.53 detected 24.171, and I often get 24.159 on another one on a receding approach...
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    LRD950 Firmware update 1.12? or NZ?

    Here you go, courtesy of @Mithheru :) Here's mine, re-tuned on K band against my R7 ;
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    Head/Sensor longevity

    My P1/P2 DIN styles have never been pressure washed, or put through a car wash machine.
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    Head/Sensor longevity

    Yes, I believe first to ever post an ALP video on RDF :) ; Had to bloody drive around about 100km that day to find one to test against ! Just the quiet pro mode buzzing noise from the std controller
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    Head/Sensor longevity

    Yes, my original quint was all P1's. The second quint had all P2's, and I mixed and matched them to get 2 x quints that would still do VPR protection. Looking at my first ALP YouTube vid (the day I got them installed) was 24th July 2013.
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    ALPconnect question/problem

    I stopped using ALPConnect just for that reason, as in WA they started issuing mobile phone fines on top of poliscan speeding fines, using the close-up photo used to ID the driver. Same with facing a handheld, last thing I want to be doing is jabbing frantically at my mobile, whilst approaching...
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    Head/Sensor longevity

    Still running an Australian (earlier than USA) release HW1 and P1's from 2013, and some P2's. I guess Perth's dry hot summer Mediterranean climate isn't too taxing on the sensor hardware, plus I hardly ever wash the car properly (a heavy rain fall gets the worst off) :cool: Had an HW.1 CPU...
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    MRCD/MRCT frequency statistics

    Haven't seen this one before - a brief user manual for the RRS24F-ST3 patch antenna used in the MRCT (attached). Quoted max range of 600m (1,970') is interesting for the sensor, although I suspect the max camera range to capture the licence plate is much less.
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    G'day from Australia

    My thoughts as well with R3 vs R7. I really trust the R3 - I'm sure the R7 will be as good after the same time period as the R3 has had. I've not used the EX though.