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    ALP detecting ALICE

    Yes, basically its mobile poliscan in a trailer.
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    Speed Camera trailer sprayed with graffiti

    :) This is what they usually look like ;
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    Sold/Ended eBay: (2) Kustom Raptor RP-1 with Single Ka Band Antenna

    No remotes, but look like in good condition
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    MRCD and MRCT? What are they?

    I think its actually falsing to MRCT, but as it alerts to both as MRCD, you don't know. We have MRCT here, and no MRCD, so I need it switched on. We have quite a few Mitsibishi Pajero's here, which cause MRCT falses on the Radenso Pro M, so I suspect those as a likely suspect
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    MRCD and MRCT? What are they?

    R7 with latest 129 firmware will false much more to MRCD.
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    Don’t purchase from Don’t get Caught

    Corrrect. Totally and completely separate. Tom/BRD is the US distributor, and Tim/DGC is the AU/NZ distributor
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    R3/R1 baking a 1.52 firmware

    Hope it fixes broken Poliscan detection
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    REMINDER: Backup Your JBV1 Regularly

    Done - backed up to Google Drive, thanks for the reminder :)
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    Interconversion of a DFR7 US model to a DFR7 NZ

    I think immediate attention has changed to doing a similar thing to the DFR9 now.
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    DFR9 in Australia

    Welcome from Perth :) GPS will function fine here for mute memory (false lockout)adding user marks and quiet ride settings. As suggested, head on over to the AU/NZ sub-forum ;
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    My Uniden R3 is not picking up Mobile Speed Cameras

    For Western Australia only, 1.46, as Poliscan detection still works, and MRCT detection is good. No Ka band in WA. Don't turn TSF on, as I hear it introduces a delay on K band with 1.46. You'll get roasted by the Raptor RP-1 and Falcon HR on K band anyway if you run TSF on.
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    My Uniden R3 is not picking up Mobile Speed Cameras

    Correct - they use Vitronic Poliscan or Jenoptik TraffiStar S350's (both lidar). Uniden broke Poliscan (and TraffiStar) detection in the R1/R3 1.50 US firmware (and possibly 1.48). The same happened in the R7 124.124 firmware, but it is now fixed in 129.129. Hopefully it will also be fixed in...
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    Velolaser in Spain, got ticket.

    Looks like it does ;
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    NZ Chat thread - Post anything related to CM

    No worries - I can check it against R3 1.50 against my Raptor RP-1 on K band. As it uses a low powered K band polarised patch antenna, I may be able to mimick Redflex slightly, by rotating the patch antenna through 90 deg, which makes the RP-1 even harder for the detector to pick up on.
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    Neoline detectors...

    Hi Biel, Sorry, the 6-F was discontinued here in 2010, and replaced by Vitronic Poliscan (lidar)