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    GST (15%) to be charged from the 1st Dec 2019 for Online (overseas) purchases

    Yes, it automatically gets charged by ebay as import duty under their global shipping program ;
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    Sold/Ended KSI Raptor RP-1

    Nice price for an RP-1 with dual K band patch antennas. I paid $750 for a dual K unit a few years ago
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    "Traffic Observer" alert

    No, I didn't receive a reply on this subject
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    Good Setup For WA?

    Falses - often, how many CX-3/5/7's do you pass each day (they also false to K band, and MRCT on some detectors). I see a lot in Perth. I don't currently use my V1 as a daily driver. V1's; Check out the version history; You really want...
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    Good Setup For WA?

    ALP detecting poliscan through bushes ; Fixed front facer (Roe Hwy) vs ALP (first alert) and Uniden R3 (last alert) ; V1 vs the same fixed poliscan ; V1 moon sniff vs poliscan before well before Laser Interceptor ; Many more poliscan videos on my channel showing different detectors...
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    Good Setup For WA?

    Depends if you just want poliscan detection, and don't want to jam, as detection is still permitted. Jamming is a $1,200 fine with 7 demerits (doubles to 14 demerits on public holidays) You can run Stinger with receiver fibres only, or ALP in detection only mode (you'd only need one head/sensor...
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    Newbie from down under!

    Welcome, plenty of active Kiwi's here who can help you out :)
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    ALPriority N Radar - is this DSP?

    III appears to be more sensitive in recent testing than Elite (Vortex), but as BRD mentioned, they are not the latest/currently used model.
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    Looking for a Concealed System

    The only true undetectable system in current production is the Escort Max Ci ; If you want ALPConnect app integration, and don't mind second hand (and if you can find one), you could use one of the older STi-R+ or 9500Ci...
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    Flash DFR7(USA) model to DFR7(NZ/AU) Firmware, help

    Check out this post and the thread in general ; US R3 to NZ/A R3 has been achieved, but the DFR7 is still a problem as per the linked post.
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    My new uniden R7 is not detecting fixed lazer radar

    Yes, V1 is the king for poliscan detection, but also falses to Mazda's, Volvos etc
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    My new uniden R7 is not detecting fixed lazer radar

    My R7 doesn't detect fixed or mobile Vitronic Poliscan anymore, and since installing 1.50 on my R3, it doesn't detect it either. Perhaps they have changed the laser filtering in recent firmwares (poliscan is around 100 pps, with a bit of variation due to the rotating mirror)
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    What the heck is Vitronic Poliscan?

    Volvos, Mazda's and newer Merc's are the most common source of Poliscan falses.
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    Ultimate guide to head placement (Jammers) for the Poliscan Speed (with Li's)

    TX in the centre at 0 degrees ? Have AL given any guidance yet for the use of the TX vs Poliscan ?
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    Speeding while overtaking ruled legal in high court appeal - New Zealand

    That's always been crazy here - you might need to overtake a road train that can be upto 53.5 m (175') long, but you need to stay within the speed limit while overtaking into oncoming traffic. I'm sure its safer to floor it, and get past asap, then get back down to a safer speed