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    Crash Between 2 Irving Police Motorcycle Officers

    Irving the king of the lidar force. Hope that revenue was worth it.
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    R3 lowest k band percentage acceptible

    For those with legit K band in use what is the lowest percentage on the R3 have you run and still be effective? It will likely be constant k on very straight concrete roads when encountered however in a very urban cycle and **** loads of bsm. I know it won’t be Radenso quiet but how close can...
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    Hand over my old, old RD to girlfriend

    This! Two things will happen, it’ll get thrown out in the trash or she’ll get a solo invite to the disco tech I saw amazon lowered the 7 to 169 that’s like two nice dinners.
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    Need A Radar Detector

    After getting an alp/net radar setup I don’t think I’ll go back to a windshield unit if I can help it. The net’s sensitivity is just fine. Thankfully an alp screen/controller is coming since the absolute need for the phone is my one gripe. RCM negates this but it’s more expensive.
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    Question : Radar detector error or late speed clocking?

    Instant ON; always use a rabbit. No rabbit I chill for a while.
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    Recommendations Requested (Texas, ~$600 budget.)

    I’m a commercial pilot out in the west tx and nm area and I commute from dfw. I’ve seen the mustangs on the highway driving from lbb airport to the tech area.
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    MRCD in Texas?

    None. DFW is tricky because we have around a 100 differing jurisdictions but pro m is considered best bsm filtering (important in urban cycles) and no arrows. I had a V1 for like two decades, I liked the arrows. Don’t forget many of the suburbs use laser a lot and neither will help you with that.
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    Recommendations Requested (Texas, ~$600 budget.)

    I see a Clyde local a lot but he’s been on 34.7
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    Undercover car in OKC

    Same in Texas we’ll have three or four agencies in the same mile pulling crap it’s ridiculous.
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    Recommendations Requested (Texas, ~$600 budget.)

    I-20 around east of Abilene once and I think around Baird or Colorado city. It was sort of a fluke since I haven’t any in at least nearly a year. Weird but definitely dps. Cisco shot me with like a pl3 once and I thought that was really odd. Haven’t see that dude again either. Lubbock...
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    Wife unit

    I’ve seen those Japanese units holy smokes those are some advanced units but I may lose one myself in retribution! I’m looking now that is a deal!
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    Wife unit

    All things considered I’d buy a proM and be done but budget is half that. It’s a great suggestion to pre drive a couple of routes with it to lock out most of what would come. The K threat she’d see is typically full constant so at least there is that. Is the max 360 a lock everything out then...
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    Wife unit

    wife needs a quiet unit for mainly 34.7 and yes some K, who is quieter on falses a Radenso SP or a dfr7?
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    Texas and jamming

    All the newer stuff I’ve seen in Texas are XLRs
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    Radar NetRadar Vs. State Trooper Ka

    I find 35.5 on my original net radar to be sufficient though it’s somewhat less effective than 34.7. This is all in fairly flat desert or concrete no real trees to soak up.