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    Yet Another 737 MAX Crash

    The aircraft I fly now when we do stalls to a push over in the simulator they are quite violent it pushes nearly 15-20 degrees nose down and it is an eye opener.
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    TX state trooper tactics as of late

    No laser?
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    Yet Another 737 MAX Crash

    You are more correct than most. I’m a commercial pilot and yes I believe MCAS is the root of the issue. All transport cat airframes and business jets have stick shaker and pusher systems with various computer systems and algorithms on how and when they determine to push a nose over. The MCAS...
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    Radar Wayne Cop using speed sign to his advantage K-band to KA, back to K.

    Windcrest lol! A couple years ago my sister had the grand idea of going over to see the Christmas lights, they were pulling people over going 21/20
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    Police stop for obscured LP

    Shows intent doesn’t it
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    Police stop for obscured LP

    I had a douche nut damn nearly ram me off the road from behind then claimed he could not read my plate. Texas cops must not have the lack of being legally blind on their job requirements. Same deal bogus stop.
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    Integrated RD level

    I just use a phone app, they are fairly reliable
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    I’m about to take my bumper off and have it refinished since it’s beat to hell and I might move it behind in the center but I’m not sure yet. The plastic slats are flexible to some degree the plastic is pretty soft. I may end up going more towards the corner closer to the light and Dremel out...
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    My F10 is a luxury line spec so I have horizontal slats by the fog lights and put the horn there. It’s very low to the ground but it’s totally unhindered and I still get great range from it. The only comments I’ve ever had from people that mention it is they think it’s a deer horn and I’m ok...
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    Stafford TX got a brand new Stealth Charger

    Jeeze wouldn’t they have to paint a confederate flag on the roof at that point, might as well buy them a damn hellcat
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    287 + 35W + 35 lately

    Itasca is nearly always out there day or night and I saw K band from them before eww. If you are going through Itasca then certainly you’ll pass through Alvarado they’ve been douches for at least 20 years, they now have laser.
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    Recommendation for south Texas

    On 281 fm back roads I’d want absolute range with the rolling hills stuff and **** load of rolling radar. On 35 especially Austin laser is a threat and tons of bsm, and dps tactic of driving opposite on frontage roads and roaming around a lot arrows are important. In some respects a max ci...
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    What Leo Radar/laser gun reads vs Speedometer

    My bmw is exactly 2mph high on the speedometer. It’s linear and doesn’t waver from 30-100+
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    R3 lowest k band percentage acceptible

    Perfectly said thank you I’m 100% now. I agree advanced is where I’m starting at. No low power from what I’ve seen my net radar pick up, it’s full strength.
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    R3 lowest k band percentage acceptible

    Sounds like starting at 50% maybe a good start point. So I’m not misunderstanding advanced at 50% on highway = 50% sensitivity and 50% advanced + city is further less sensitive like less than ~10% I don’t think I want to go that low. Since the local sheriff thinks he’s Wyatt Earp I’m thinking...