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    IOS alp connect issues

    I went from an iPhone to a pixel and that alone eliminated about 95% of he app issues I was having. Same sort of problems, audio not being routed properly through the car, lock ups on strong signals and having to constantly reset the phone. I still occasionally have the mute issue where I am...
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    K band in Alvaredo (Alvaredo PD)

    Alvarado shot me with lidar about a year and half ago too. They’ve always used 35 as their atm, screw that town.
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    Highway Radar DPS Heli Alert in NB TX

    They have AStars and Cessna Caravans with flir pod but it’s for chasing people not running traffic. Missing persons and search and rescue stuff quite frequently when some one is lost in the brush. I actually spoke with the pilots a few years back when they got their first caravan.
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    Detection display intermittent

    Ever since upgrading the firmware on the app last month I’ve now noticed and confirmed a bug. I use a Pixel 2 phone and I never quit the app, I get out of the car it goes out of range and when re entering the car the app is connected again. I don’t generally have to manually activate or start...
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    TX state trooper tactics as of late

    DPS has several helicopters in their fleet and I regularly run across them in my job but I’ve never heard of them doing traffic. Typically it’s CBP missions and tracking people fleeing in areas where the city doesn’t have air support. They do have flir pods on the belly. Lots of times when...
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    Some More Texas Radar Tactics

    One tried to blow me full face coming over a hill probably around Eastland co in the explorer but I had gotten a sniff on his last blast. He didn’t hit the xmt till I was around 100 feet or closer
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    Other High Speed Chase in Traffic

    That one is epic he stopped when he ran out of gas and in his interview he said how impressed he was with the car!
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    Some More Texas Radar Tactics

    Here Dropped pin Near 6998-6846 I-20 Frontage Rd, Abilene, TX 79601 I think it’s more to do more with Callahan co than Abilene they hit that county hard
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    Some More Texas Radar Tactics

    The last big overpass heading into east Abilene is one of two spots where I’ve seen them shoot me with the xlr
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    Are all KA alerts real (running Uniden R3)?

    I’ve seen 36.x and other weird frequencies before never legit. Usually don’t ramp up though just one bar.
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    Some More Texas Radar Tactics

    A few years back my friend worked the car pool in Austin and let’s say management was getting really tired of cars torched from grass fires and hot catalytic converters in the median. Also it is really incredibly dangerous to swing out in traffic busting a dirt throwing uturn which they loved...
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    Uniden R3 Laser Fail, 80/65, Minnesota

    I’ve had a couple of semi saves when I ran the V1 but you had to be head on with a lot of traffic in front of you to get that scatter. Oblique shots and light traffic fuggetaboutit Spend the money on nice gifts for our community defenders rather than the revenuers
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    Other Drug Related Pull Overs?

    Should be an red blooded American standard to make them charge you and lose knowing they have no case than let them steal your money, unfortunately it’s unaffordable for most to call their bluf.
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    Do you still flash lights?

    I used to. DPS hides behind every crest, overpass, and tree these days in Texas and I know 90% of people never even see them driving right by their nose. There have been some very isolated cases of rage and shootings related to honking or flashing so people by in large have stopped doing it...
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    Never get too comfortable...Seguin, TX

    Anything rural Texas has k band potential with sheriffs and I’ve seen multiple DPS Tahoe’s running k band isn’t the last year. The threat is real.

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