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    Doors are opening

    If you maxed out at your FT then there's really no downside, unless your PT hours start to affect your FT. I say go for it! Good luck!
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    Other Freebird vs Deer.

    Ouch! The rules about deer crossing are simple. Attempt to brake but never ever turn the wheel, ever. It would always be so much simpler if I too had a semi! It never goes that well with a front drive car......
  3. Driver66

    Look at this sneaky mofo!

    Cool vid. The only thing that would have been better would have been that old Galaxie in a takedown vid! Thanks for sharing. P.S - 60's!
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    Radar Slightly off axis 5 MILE Moon shot.

    This is not the first time one of my R's has found a LEO at really long range here, but it is the first for my R3. The environment is perfect, super wide, flat, and almost straight for miles. The R can find the smallest trace of Ka here. Settings V-1.37 Advanced. Seg'd 2/5/6/8 ON. Ka, Laser, K...
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    Speed trap by Florida police foiled by handmade sign to alert drivers

    Yeah, saw this earlier too, love it!
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    Why accurate ramp up and arrows matter.

    Yup, it's me. That was definitely I/O, and sloppy is a good way to describe it's use, thankfully! Here in NJ, they almost never use I/O, although recently there has been a noticeable uptick. When they do it's amateur hour. Which I am very happy about. Easy on the no situational awareness. Lol. I...
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    New Member.

    Welcome to RDF! No shortage of valentine users here. Enjoy!
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    Do you still flash lights?

    Always, but like others I feel it's lost on other drivers. It seems like old school driving etiquette is completely lost. I'd say they need an app for that as a running joke, but somebody actually did....Waze.
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    Voting R7

    Lol. It's so much funnier as a reply.
  10. Driver66

    Radar Uniden R7 vs Over/hill C/O 34.7

    Thanks for an early look at the 7 in action, sweet detection too!
  11. Driver66

    TXCTG – Uniden R7 Ka 34.7 and Ka 35.5 Testing, Waco Pioneer 03-17-2019

    As always another amazing job! Huge thanks to you guys for all the effort that goes into these tests.
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    Made The Hard Choice!

    That's all that matters, good for you. Keep us posted on the new setup.
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    Radar Local LEO SNEAKY in THE WEEDS.

    Something wonky with youtube. It should be available now.
  14. Driver66

    Radar Local LEO SNEAKY in THE WEEDS.

    I have to give this guy credit. He's got a pretty nice setup going. He's on the backside of a 4 lane overpass running C/O 34.7. On the approach side it's a 2 lane road that opens to 4 lanes just before you go up onto the overpass, so all the impatient people scramble to one side to get around...

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