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    GT3 Touring MaxCi 360 & ALP Quint Install

    Not mine, but spotted on Rennlist: GT3 Touring - Integrated Radar Detector and Laser Jammers - Rennlist - Porsche Discussion Forums Some great custom fab work! I especially like the magnetic rear license plate frame/cover. Would be interesting to see how it tests, especially with an RX and TX...
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    How many Acuras/Hondas did you detect today with your R series? I now call it the "HONDA DETECTOR"

    BSM radar is all modulated (FMCW, Pulse, or FM Chirp) because it needs to return distance information. Conventional police radar is all CW modulated, so it's possible to distinguish a false from a legit threat based on modulation. In some cases, there is either an unmodulated carrier signal or a...
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    Stealth Antenna

    What model? Check in the trunk by the driver's side rear quarter panel. The satellite radio/HD radio receivers are usually located there.
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    Uniden R7 Announced

    Implemented properly, autolockouts would only load a limited number of lockouts in memory at one time (ie, only those in your immediate area). In most cases, the impact on performance would be negligible. mswlogo has a good discussion of this in the V1Driver subforum if you're interested in...
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    Comprehensive R1 (and R3) Scan Cycle Times for Various Settings

    It depends on where you are. I've seen NHSP with a Stalker at 34.917 on I-95. It's fairly common to see them in upstate NY as well. Any performance difference will likely be minimal, so it wouldn't hurt to run Seg 6 for awhile to be safe.
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    R7 using the same mounting brackets as R3?

    It looks like it requires a slightly longer mounting bracket than the R7. Vortex said it was the same as the DFR7. We won't know for sure until the beta testers receive their units in a month or two. Uniden R7 Announced: An R3 With Arrows! - Vortex Radar
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    Will RC-M support auto lockouts in the future?

    Uniden wasn't planning on announcing the R7 for several more weeks. The leak by VG forced their hand. Given the multiple lawsuits currently in progress, I'm sure no manufacturer really wants to start making claims about auto-lockouts until the cases are decided and/or the patent expires. BTW...
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    Will RC-M support auto lockouts in the future?

    It will be sad when the parents expire :( But the Escort GPS patents expire 6 5 [Edit: brain fart] months from today. Whether existing detectors are updated to support auto-lockouts depends on how they were designed. Auto-lockouts require additional memory and processing power, because they...
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    Will RC-M support auto lockouts in the future?

    No response in 14 minutes and you assume that means a definite no?
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    What is the new industry announcement?

    :hmm: Radenso Private Label Bourbon? :drinking:
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    Uniden R7 Announced

    Did you read Vortex's article? The one linked in the very first post of this thread? Lots of good information there :) Uniden R7 Announced: An R3 With Arrows! - Vortex Radar
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    It should be interesting to see how many think arrows are worth 600.00

    I think it's more likely the R5 is a refreshed R3 with autolockouts, ability to scan down to 23.950, and auto-dimming. Like what the Max is to the Max360.
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    Uniden R7 Announced

    It's 20 years from the Priority Date, June 14, 1999. So it expires June 14, 2019, six five months from today :)
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    Uniden R7 Announced

    Did you read any of the R7 release news? Auto-lockouts will be added via firmware update in June when the patent expires. I'm sure every new mid or higher tier GPS-enabled detector built from now on will support auto-lockouts.