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    ERF Down?

    Just when I thought this day couldn't get any worse...
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    Locations where additional Ka segments (ie. segment 6) are needed

    Had another confirmed 34.890 encounter in NY on 95 just south of exit 18. NYSP cruiser running rear antenna under a bridge.
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    Decatur Electronics HTR-G3KAD Ka Band 35.482 Ghz Antenna

    I was about to post this as well. Looks to be very low powered 35.5, and will probably be very difficult to detect. We'll certainly have to procure one to test the range/kill zone. Could be quite dangerous, but at least it's Ka band.
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    Radar detector GPS satellite leasing

    There are no "requests", each satellite is continuously broadcasting a signal containing a very accurate timestamp. Based on when these signals arrive at a GPS receiver from different satellites and the current position of each satellite, the receiver can calculate its position.
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    New to the deep dive

    Ok, so no new secret fw yet... What details are you looking for?
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    ka false all the time leave V1

    If you need the expensive upgrade for the V1 that means the detector is over 8 years old. Unfortunately like you said VR doesn't have any units in stock right now, but it sounds like they will in the next few weeks. Definitely keep the V1, though, as VR has always offered an upgrade path and you...
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    Amazon has the R7 for $499.99

    Nice find! Here is the direct Amazon link: Sold by BeachCamera, fulfilled by Amazon.
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    Laser shield is just amazing what they can get away with in their claims

    What shady outfit would sell such a product?
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    Updated Andriod App Being Released Today For EL

    Play Store is still showing the old version:
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    Pro M US18??

    Looks like the firmware updater v3.0 and a database update were released two days ago as well.
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    Passed a Fender Bender

    Yikes! Glad to see it wasn't the M5 though :)
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    Escort 360c latest Version question

    There are plenty of reports of increased laser falses at ERF from people after they upgraded to 1.9: Does Firmware v1.9 Affect Laser Sensitivity? - Escort Radar Forum Reminds me of the lockup bug, where they claimed it wasn't firmware related at first and had people send their detectors in...
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    New Speed Cameras in Duluth

    Looks like they're from a company called RedSpeed: Nice of them to share the revenue...
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    Social Group Improvements...

    @xydrine Social Group activity does not show up under "Whats New" for me. Edit: Actually the subforum in the V1 group you just created shows up in "What's New" for me, but nothing from any other social group (including the V1 group general discussion subforum) does.
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    Social Group Improvements...

    Hmm, it shows both you and I as "Social Group Admins", but my cog menu is different: I also don't have any options to sticky threads or delete posts like you showed before.

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