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    Usefulness of 4k @ 30fps VS 1440p @ 60fps A129 Pro Duo

    I just picked up a A129 Pro Duo myself today, and am wondering this as well. I'll be playing around with settings and looking at footage over the next few days to see what I prefer. The quality increase coming from my 4K Blackvue DR900S-2CH is insane. It's the difference between being able to...
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    Got a ticket in Chilliwack, Greater Vancouver

    Ha! People writing negative reviews on Visions website are highly unlikely to be enthusiasts that actually have any real knowledge about radar detectors. Majority of people just call everything "radar" anyways, even though there is TONS of laser here. I obviously don't expect everybody to know...
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    Results of Mazda CX-5 vs. DETC Testing & Thanks!

    Happy to help out! Always something to learn as well
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    GR Supra TMG or ALP

    Nice car! I just sold my heavily modified MK3 Supra actually. Cool to see someone local with the new one! I’m from the Vancouver area as well. As @Smason said, a group of us do somewhat regular testing here. ALP for sure if you don’t want to worry if it’s going to be effective or not depending...
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    BC Excessive Speeding Austin martin & Audi

    Rear shot!!
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    Hi from Canada

    Welcome from Vancouver here as well :)
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    Hello all from Surrey BC

    A small bubble level (like the one ALP includes) is an okay start to get it close, but I personally use a laser boresight. Look that up on Amazon. It has a flat bottom that you can rest against the face of the alp head and it shines a red dot on the wall. Park some distance away on a level...
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    TMG VPR Head Testing March 2020

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing
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    New Member

    Welcome to RDF!!
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    R7 Voice Alert question

    I bet with Theia we'll eventually be able to upload our own tone or voice alert into the detector.
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    Feature Request for Theia (Lidar ID)

    Ha!... Of course it is:quagmire:
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    Spoiler Alert! - V1 Gen2 First Photos

    Fire it up! Let's see photos with it on!!
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    2019 Golf R Radenso RC M Stealth Install with ALP, 3 TX and 3 RX sensors

    Wow!! Love it! That's definitely top notch work. Impressed with that front perspex cover, looks 100% OEM.
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    Spoiler Alert! - V1 Gen2 First Photos

    Neat! Will be interesting to see how it tests.