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    CPU Mount Ideas & Materials

    If you’re going to go that route, why not 3M Dual Lock? It lets you easily (well, relatively) remove it in case you need to do something to it or inspect connections or whatever. You can find it all day long on Amazon or at local stores in 1” widths as sections or rolls. You can even get 2”...
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    CPU Mount Ideas & Materials

    You clearly want to do it. Go for it and see what happens. No one here is going to be able to tell you any more than they have :)
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    Recommend a dashcam with integrated exterior remote backup camera?

    I don’t think any dashcam has an integrated back-up cam. But several offer external rear dashcam lens options. I’d recommend taking a look at the Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO. It’s a stand-alone dashcam with the option to add a rear cam. Then for the...
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    made a visit to hq

    “I called and they said this.” “I called and they said that.” “I emailed and they said the other.” I’m happy to just wait and see what happens. Could be nothing changes. Could be a slight revision. Could be a major release. Could be the same price. Could be a raised price. Until it actually...
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    made a visit to hq

    More importantly, there is a marked difference in usability and performance and extensibility between a 13-year-old V1 and a current version.
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    Off road tire and highway tire 4Runner

    Here’s the “practical” version. They don’t look as “Xtreme” (SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!) and macho and aggressive as most A/T tires you’ll find, but the Michelin LTX M/S is a fantastic, quiet, comfortable tire that will last forever, keep things good on the road while being surprisingly capable...
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    Uniden R1/R3 Change Log and Firmware Versions

    Nonsense. Millions of devices disagree with you. If they felt like it, they could prevent the factory reset recommendation. It just takes more effort. It would be like saying you need to factory reset your smart TV settings every time it auto updates. Or your cell phone. Or anything else. It’s...
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    2019 El Paso Walmart Mass Shooting

    It helps when you dehumanize brown people and tell them they should go back where they came from even if they were born here and that they are “infested” and are in fact themselves an infestation.
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    R1/R3 v1.50 Firmware Released

    I would be surprised if it’s a legit dB change and not just a software choice to simply not surface alerts in that frequency range. But maybe their wizards are more wizardly than I think.
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    The Bacon Thread

    That’s how you cook your bacon? You’re a monster! :ohnocrying:
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    Newbie questions

    ProVoice? Every DMR tier and MotoTRBO? NXDN?
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    Do you shut your car off while pumping gas
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    5 Best Radar Detectors Aug 2019 Ripped off Vortex Pic

    They modified it (slapping the “Laser” label on a Ka radar device), so it’s not hotlinked. But I love where your head is at ;)
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    Towing a trailer w/ small sedan(Honda Civic).

    I just checked, and even a FWD Honda Pilot from your year has a tow rating of only 3500 lbs. I think even the CRV is only 1500. Apparently towing anything at all could be enough to void your Civic warranty, if that means anything to you. Keep in mind your Civic has a short wheelbase. Ever look...
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    Do you shut your car off while pumping gas

    No it’s not. It has nothing to do with the vehicle running or not. That concern comes from people getting back in their vehicle and out again when fueling, especially repeatedly, and it’s very dependent on the vehicle’s upholstery materials, the clothing materials you’re wearing, and weather...