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    New Guy

    Welcome, Jon! I'm over on RR as well, as I'm a ham who also owns a 436HP, so I'm familiar :)
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    What was your first car?

    1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, white with all-red velour interior, ~77k miles. Looked basically like this:
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    Unhitched trailer on a blind overpass.

    At least the trailer guy was hogging up the left lane when it happened. Compounding error upon error.
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    Shows how out of it I am. I had no idea there was a vote!
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    The deletions don’t bother me much in concept. Apparently I missed the admonition to limit discussion exclusively to VR speculation. The discussion certainly had veered off topic, though it did get there through a very natural progression, and there’s not much else to talk about in the V1...
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    Dilemma: Keep Escort Redline new in box or sell?

    Use it or sell it. Don’t keep it in the box ;)
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    Hello radar friends new tmgs

    This is the “show off” section where you post pics to show off your install. Bring them on! I’m interested to see both why and how you’re running the R3 and R7 together.
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    Will we see another update to the R7 or is the game over

    It doesn’t seem like private information at all, but no skin off my back either way :)
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    V1 update ?

    No, you’re misunderstanding (or intentionally misrepresenting?) the situation. Again. I’m not sure why you’re riding this horse so hard. The AI comes in the form of analyzing and learning signals coming from various emitters until it’s learned enough that it can pick out one emitter from another...
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    Will we see another update to the R7 or is the game over
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    Will we see another update to the R7 or is the game over

    @memk86 the security structure has been around for many years and exists for a reason. Some topics or details aren’t appropriate for the general public. I don’t know why @angrypenguin thought he needed to put the patent thread in Beginner. A lot of the forum content is available to the entire...
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    V1 update ?

    I think you gravely misunderstand Theia and Rai. Theia doesn’t do “machine learning” or anything like that. It’s just a detector that’s fed a set of detection parameters they’ve figured out. Rai is no more a “central cloud teacher” than MV himself when he issues app updates. Rai is the system...
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    In Progress Tag's not triggering alerts anymore?

    @BestRadarDetectors I got the tag @OBeerWANKenobi threw in here. Before I had problems with notifications after a double post merge. I’m not sure if that’s been fixed.
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    V1 . . . it's the little things that I would miss . . .

    Or the BT capabilities and background apps?
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    BUSTED: 89 in a 60

    Two things. One, since when does this stuff make actual sense? Two, you ever watch those police chase TV shows, where the narrator tells us breathlessly how the dangerous criminal put everyone else in danger by going speeds “nearly eighty miles an hour!” and think why is he taking like that’s a...