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    Uniden 1.48 Testing.

    @Heywood, I think these were very good ideas: I’m curious about what I’ll see with TSF on/off with the R3 now that’s 1.48 has been released. (Maybe take a look at K filter as well?) What do I see in range detection difference of the R3 in City/ Advanced/Highway mode If there’s no range...
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    Hi from Belgium --- and then of course the Redflex NK7 dual radar / nice pic inlcuded

    Welcome from Michigan. I'd take a look at Genevo. GENEVO.COM | Best Radar Detectors This looks like what you have in Belgium:
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    Other Montana Elk

    Doesn't show for me either.
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    Autobahn Speed Limits

    Germany Considers Putting Speed Limits on the Entire Autobahn
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    Hello from an R3 and Redline Ex User

    If you're in NZ and you have MRCD with a frequency as low as 23.950, you may want to avoid the R3. I would ask members on the NZ sub-forum what they use and why: Australia & New Zealand
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    Turning Off R1 While Receiving Signal

    No, no issues.
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    First ALP encounter and had some questions

    BTW, you do not need cell data to run app. You won't be able to use the map screen though (does anyone use that?).
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    New Owner - Uniden R3 Settings

    I'm in Michigan. The only difference is that I run in Highway mode. There's enough K-band around me to want every ounce of k-band detection. Depending on how much K-band BSM and door openers you can tolerate, I would adjust K-band accordingly. No speed cams or Red light cams in Michigan either...
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    First ALP encounter and had some questions

    With the BT connection, it will not announce that you are in detection only mode.
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    ALP Logs Question

    Each Profile has the option to set the Alps to KM or MPH. Are you sure that your profile for testing is set for MPH?
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    Radar NCHP on I-40 EB merge from 540

    Very nice! Thanks for posting
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    V1 picks up some legit K band

    Thanks for posting.
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    Radar R3 - NO MOONSHOTS Here. Shorty compilation.

    Thanks for posting.
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    R1 BBY not for Canadians

    Wow, I just looked it up. That is cheap.
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    R1 BBY not for Canadians

    Both prices $CAD? Assuming the BB price is $US, the difference in price is about $50 CAD. To me that wouldn't be worth the hassle.