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    Any Michigan Drivers?

    Western Michigan driver here. Yeah, BSM can be bad, depending on what time of day you're driving. Some days, it seems to pick up every BSM and some days, I can actually drive into work with no alerts at all. I usually run mine K filter, TSF on. I have Advanced K set at 70% but usually am good...
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    2018 ZL1 ALP install

    If that's a legitimate plate on the rear of your car, I'd black it out in the photo.
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    Is a radar detector without a laser jammer just a false security blanket?

    In most areas, laser is used much less than radar. That being the case, most of the time, in most areas, you'd be fine running just a good detector along with Waze. However, to cover yourself better, both a good detector and laser jammers are suggested. As an example, in my area you'd probably...
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    Spectre Testing on the Uniden R7

    Even though it wouldn't be helpful for me personally because I face legitimate K-band at 24.22x, I still think it would be helpful to others who don't.
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    Spectre Testing on the Uniden R7

    Haven't heard of that and I haven't experienced it but rarely use Escort Live connected to my detector; Escargot gets more use. So, even with your experience, the EX does offer the ability to have a concealed display of some sort and is RDD immune. Both these attributes (RDD immunity perhaps...
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    Spectre Testing on the Uniden R7

    ...but it is RDD immune...and allows one to have a remote display (Ecargot/Escort Live). If the R1/R3/R7 even had the option for a wired remote display, it'd be even better.
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    Is the escort 9500ix outdated or still a solid unit?

    Well, technically, it can't detect MRCD/MRCT but that only affects people in a few locations.
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    Michigan Statie 35.5 C/O

    Nice! Thanks for sharing.
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    Blinder HP905 South Forida Testing Results

    Never... It's medicinal.
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    Blinder HP905 South Forida Testing Results

    Regarding the stop in AL... Don't forget that, in most places, officers are allowed to cite you for speeding without using radar, laser, etc. They are allowed to use superpowers and deduce that you were going 20 over the PSL.
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    Blinder HP905 South Forida Testing Results

    As I recall, McKenzie and Henry Counties in TN have DragonCam. I don't know about Illinois or Alabama.
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    What's your profession?

    Ed Psychology Research & Evaluation/Special Education
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    New Uniden retailer

    Welcome to the forum, Gear4Less.
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    Hello from N. Central Ohio

    Yeah...right. Welcome and hello from Michigan. Ohio is a nightmare so you have my sympathy.
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    Uniden R3 Alerts

    Nice!... Thanks for sharing.