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    Highway Radar

    Well, I'm very impressed. I got a chance to run this on a drive from GR to Lansing. I had a number of alerts that were 10 miles out. Incredible how nice it is to just run it in the background and when I get an alert, a notification pops up. One tap, and I'm back in the Highway Radar app and can...
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    Laser in Michigan

    I was going to pm you some time that I talk to him every once in a while, the last time about a month ago. As I recall, you put me in touch with him. He mentioned that Kentwood PD runs laser the last time I talked to him, if that helps.
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    Iran / War?

    Then I'd ask not to make it one. I wasn't criticizing who you think I am, in fact I'm very impressed with the way that person is handling the situation. But it wasn't about him. However, since I believe you missing that indicates that stating anything other than "we should annihilate them" will...
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    Iran / War?

    I think my eyes are amply open; I would kindly ask you to open yours. I have repeatedly said no one truly knows the intent of either side. I ask again, what have they done to us, the US? Oh, certainly the US has/had "corporate interests" in Iraq and Americans do love cheap gas. So using the...
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    Iran / War?

    I don't recall Iran sending agents into the US, planning and executing a coup, including the bribing of politicians, security and army high-ranking officials, as well as pro-coup propaganda. Oh, that's right, that was the US government's behavior. The CIA has admitted that the coup was carried...
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    What's your thoughts about this?

    Yeah, he's peddling nonsense. He has his own "laser jamming system" that does nothing. I think some people here, or on another forum, have ordered them and they are worthless. He likes to make some bogus claims against ALP... It's just a cheap laser diode, it'll burn out, etc I wouldn't take...
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    Which Jammer to use in Switzerland / Europe?

    For radar, I would look at Genevo. They have many radar detectors that work well. But these aren't jammers, they detect the radar signal giving the driver enough time to slow down. For laser, buying an Antilaser Jammer as local as you can find would be best. The guns used in Europe are fairly...
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    GRÜEZI - Greetings from Switzerland!

    Leider habe ich das Schweizerdeutsch, das ich einmal kannte, vergessen. Willkommen im Forum! Translation for other members ... Unfortunately I've forgotten the Swiss German I once knew. Welcome to the forum!
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    How much would you pay for a new V1?

    It's in the testing section...
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    Iran / War?

    it would be nice if either side actually stated what the intent of their interaction is. But unfortunately, the leaders of both countries probably believe that they haven't milked it enough. Edit to add, Let me fix this... It'd be nice if we knew what either side's true intention is.
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    Iran / War?

    Don't confuse data with interpretation., I think both sides are exactly where they want to be at the moment
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    Iran / War?

    and often fail to see that motives are seldom pure
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    Iran / War?

    Well all that I can say is that the law of unintended consequences has reared its head again. I'm sure the US didn't fully expect that the effects of the 1953 Iranian coup d'état would reverberate through the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and even well into the 21st century. I also note that a...
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    Got my 1st taste of a leaky detector.

    My R3 makes my Original Redline false to 35.153 if I'm behind a truck or in front of a wall. It's the 3rd harmonic of 11.7176667 so makes sense.
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    What color lights does the state police use in your state?

    Yeah, it's old school. I didn't know that they didn't light up anymore. Somewhat like the German semaphore-like paddles that the police there use... HALT. Lol

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