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    THIS is why I have invested time and money into countermeasures

    This has been going on for a long time. Back in the middle to late 50's my family drove to Florida every winter and my father had a lead foot. His Hudson Hornet with Twin H power was over a 100 many times and this was well before Interstate Highways. He taught me how to read the AAA Trip Tick...
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    Radar R3 34.7 - 2.2 mile detection at sunset in rolling terrain

    It is amazing isn't it. When I first got my R3 I was leaving a Village at the top of the hill and picked up a strong KA. I drove down a hill with several sweeping curves and saw the County Sheriff. I was so excited I made u turn and drove back up the hill to the intersection where I got the...
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    What is this device?

    Thanks to both of you.
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    What is this device?

    Couldn't really find spot for this post except this place so here goes. In the midst of trying to determine my next car(s) purchase and, in spite of its reputation as cop magnet, I’m looking at a Corvette. The C8 looks great BUT because I live where snow happens I’m also thinking about a used...
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    Red Light & Speed Camera Database: 10/4/19

    My Pro M is just about 6 months old and this is my first Pro M update. Radenso has developed a very easy and streamlined update process way better than the one I use for my R3. Second, my unit did not need firmware since that was still the latest, but I was very interested in the Red Light Cam...
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    DYI plate for detector and camera mount (2006 MINI Cooper S)

    Great work! I used Blendmounts on both my cars but the cameras are stuck to the windshield with a terrible suction cup mount. I'll look into this soon. Thanks for the good pictures
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    What buying advice would you give me?

    What a great job. Thank you. Only one question. Do you have a Blendmount? and is the Pro M easy to mute when mounted high? I guess you could ask the same question if the PRO M was mounted with a visor clip.
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    What buying advice would you give me?

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts just a couple of my own. Yes I've had a lot of detectors but maybe that"s why this decision is perplexing for me. I am thinking that sdrawkcab's point that stealth is key and thus the Uniden R7 comes off the short list. This leaves me with the PRO M and the...
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    What buying advice would you give me?

    Ok I got a new car and want a new windshield detector and I’d love to pick some brains at this forum. Right now I possess four detectors. A Passport Max (total junk now) a Radenso XP (liked this one a lot until blindspot systems interfered-- Mazdas and Hondas are really bad even after firmware...
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    My first post

    Gee I didn’t even know this was here. Thanks everyone for welcoming me and I’ve found the site valuable to say the least. I’m probably older than most who post here. I bought my first Radar detector on 1975 It was large and diamond shaped, hung from the windshield fro an aluminum plate that...
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    Pro M or Wait

    I too wrote Radenso and begged them to change to a RJ11 plug. I probably have $300 in wiring and mounting on my car and it would be nice to do a fast change out. They said an adapter did not exist and they didn't want to do one. When I saw this post "A barrel connector to RJ11 adapter would...
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    WAKE UP!!!

    I wouldn't turn it off at all. Here is my experience driving down to PIRC. Big hills on I79 getting close to Pittsburgh. Got what I thought was a "false" at the top of a hill. Went into a valley and the R3 was quiet again. at the top of the next hill another "false" quiet again going down hill...
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    My first post

    RGU While not a committed speeder I've owned Radar detectors since 1974. They were not good then. But they are way better now that I've had about 20