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    A tasty morsel...

    What does it mean? You can have one setup for your car, another for your motorcycle, and a third for your wife's car. If they all have different dongles, the app will automatically restore the settings to whatever they last were with each dongle.
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    A tasty morsel...

    ...if you ever use the same phone with different dongles in multiple vehicles. Wife's car, motorcycle, whatever. Do you see it? Yeah, it's awesome.
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    Alert Log Orientation

    The day log doesn't show orientation, only max signal strength. The lowest level alert log that shows all hits color codes the signal strength meter to indicate orientation. Red is front, yellow is rear, green is side. It's logging the unreversed data, but I'll fix that in next update.
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    Alert Log Orientation

    The M column shows mute codes. Search this section for "mute codes" and you should find a list of codes and their meanings. I'll check to see if I'm logging the original orientation instead of the reversed orientation.
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    Another cop avoids waze

    They're rolling that out on the Google Maps app, but not on the Android API to Google Maps.
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    Marks (again)

    Doesn't matter.
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    Marks (again)

    Your speed cam data has to be in a file named Speed-Cameras.csv. You'll have to delete or rename the old file you loaded and rename the new one to Speed-Cameras.csv, and copy it to the same directory as you did before.
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    My JBV1 settings (Possible starting guide for someone starting off v1.5.2)

    For audio to a helmet, you want to have CAI off, force speaker off, and auto stream selection off.
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    JBV1 w/ multiple V1s

    Be aware of the sweeps difference between 3.8952 and earlier versions. 3.8952 can span 34.770-34.774, earlier versions cannot.
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    What "killer feature" would get you to buy a new RD?

    None of that was in your "killer feature" set. Anyway, you can always justify not buying something, like it costs too much, or no BT, or no ambient light sensor, or the ambient light sensor is far from the display and facing up toward the sky (stupid). It's so easy to tell which RDs were...
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    Possible to assign Jbv1 to a specific V1/dongle?

    @novarider, I forgot that I had moved the disable LE setting to developer options. You can use that in the meantime.
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    1.5.2 released

    You can, actually. Just put it in a box announcement field.
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    R7 Ambient Light Sensor

    Why would the ambient light sensor not be facing the cabin, like the display you're trying to read? It's as if the guys who design these things don't actually use them.
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    TMG Remote 1.0.4 released

    Use TMG's app to set auto JTK and auto sleep time. The CPU will retain those settings without any app running.