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    Traffic on maps?

    Google API keys are generally registered for a specific app by the app developer.
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    Bring JBV1 to full screen over Waze on alert?

    That's not possible presently, and I can see that being a bad user experience at times. Imagine you're trying to report or confirm something, or find a POI, and then boom--JBV1 is on top. The overlay exists to avoid this kind of thing.
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    Traffic on maps?

    Not presently, because I've been trying to avoid a) getting charged by Google and/or b) having my API key disabled, for map usage that exceeds the "free" level. Unfortunately, Google makes it difficult to figure out what you can get for free. I'll probably add a traffic option in the near...
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    Unsafe Radar Sign Location

    LEOs didn't put it there. Some idiot from DOT did, surely.
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    1.5.9 released

    I'm taking some time off. Back to work in June!
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    1.5.9 released

    It's supposed to save CPU and battery when multiple apps are using it concurrently.
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    Please allow/create 3rd party app support with the R7

    I don't care what RD you use. My comment was intended for those who want app support, which is obviously not you.
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    No lights,no siren, not on duty.

    Prove that it wouldn't have happened at 70 mph.
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    Please allow/create 3rd party app support with the R7

    Uniden RDs will never support apps. If you want more than a standalone RD can offer, your options are V1 and Belscort.
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    Thank you!
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    1.5.9 released

    If you enabled the fused location provider, try disabling it. If it's disabled, try enabling it. Menu > Settings > General
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    1.5.9 released

    Speed comes from your device's location service.
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    brightness at top of alert map

    The map is Google Maps. At max camera tilt (3D perspective), and at some zoom levels, it shows what I'm guessing is supposed to be atmospheric fuzziness. You can disable the 3D option to get rid of it entirely. In a future release, I'll probably be limiting the camera tilt to avoid that effect.
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    Let's hear about your miserable commute

    My commute for the last 13 years is consistently boring. 8.8 miles, max PSL 45 mph, 11 or 12 traffic lights, always about 20 minutes.
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    A Fan's Overview of JBV1's Settings

    Thank you @Tregar and @SquirrelMaster!

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