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July 22
Central Iowa, USA

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DChiJEllis United States

Moderator, from Central Iowa, USA

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Always dreaming of escaping to the land of fjords... Mar 8, 2018

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    1. JRW
      I have erred-again.......... I posted essentially the same material in 2 different forums. I apologize, and have re-read all of the Rules.
      1. DChiJEllis
        I locked this thread and left a link to the discussion in Radenso.
        Aug 20, 2018
    2. DChiJEllis
      Always dreaming of escaping to the land of fjords...
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    July 22
    Central Iowa, USA
    Uniden R3, Ver. 1.37/21.95 DB Ver. 18/10/04, Blendmount (front, center, high)
    Safe N Sound Direct Wire Kit w/ remote LED & Mute/Mark Button
    Ka 100%, Ka 2/5/8, Ka Filter, Ka Priority, Ka Freq Voice
    K 80%, K Wide, K Filter, TSF2
    Laser, All Threat, GPS
    Blue, Tones 1/2/10/9, Automute 1
    Q-Ride 25, Speed Camera, RLC, RLC Q-Ride 50

    Valentine 1 Ver. 1.85/3.8945, Custom concealed enclosure (rear, center, low) *Installed but not in use*
    Concealed Display Ver. C2.1300 (front), Remote Audio Adapter (front)
    SAVVY Ver. S1.0103, V1 BOB, V1 Connect Ver. B1.1002
    Ka 2/5/8, K low strength/rear muted, X selectable, TMF2
    JBV1 1.0.9 running on a dedicated Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro
    Ram Mount Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount w/ X-Grip

    Apple iPhone 7, 256Gb
    Custom built RAM Mounts X-Mount with Mophie Charge Force wireless magnetic charging pad
    Waze Royalty
    FlightRadar24 with custom tail number tracking for Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania

    Blackvue DR650S-2CH 64GB, Power Magic Pro

    2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE

    Current install pictures available here and here
    Biography available here

    Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

    Valentine 1 Ver. 1.6/1.36 "Superwide Ka and Laser" (1994-2014)
    Bel 966W + Bel LaserAlert (1992 - 1994)

    Licensed amateur radio operator (1983 - current)
    Apple afficianado, techno music nerd

    "Stealth. Stealth is key." - Alex Roy
    "You can stop a person from doing something, but you can't stop an idea." - Alex Roy



    Settings details available
    Current install pictures available here