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    Radenso Theia pre-order email list!

    Got the email instantly. I'm on the list. Looking forward for what is to come!
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    Radar NCHP Rolling I/O with takedown

    Thanks for sharing! Same situation happened while I was on my way home today as well. I was doing a decent clip in the left hand lane, seen a Ford Explorer slowly going in the right hand lane, so I slowed down thinking it was an unmarked. I slowly crept closer, seeing some tell tale signs of it...
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    Big Rig Narrow Escape - Foul Languange, NSFW

    Can never be to prepared sometimes! I swear by proper winter tires. And I thought it was slippery here! Nice "save" !
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    Rapid Industrialization to Boost Radar and Laser Detectors Market Growth by 2019-2026

    The report is only... $3500. I mean, the differentiation of radar sensors and transmitters for cruise control, CAS and BSM would be in a different market than CM's? Is Escort, Uniden, Valentine, Radenso, AL, etc producing safety equipment for car manufacturers? Just thinking out loud. Obviously...
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    Radar R7 - Substantial save against rolling 35.5

    Thank you all the Christmas posts, I can finally show the SO that I'm not the only grinch! Thanks for sharing, it keeps me entertained until I get back on the road!
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    Quick Sprint with an Audi TTRS and a little Lidar

    Now that is some "unsafe" driving. I was clenching the entire video!
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    Quick Sprint with an Audi TTRS and a little Lidar

    Thanks for sharing, that little Audi boogeys. Do you remember where that speed versus JTK time chart is? At 125 mph I think it's a JTG situation 8)
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    Conway, SC Ka 35.5 front antenna

    Was he only shooting the traffic coming the other way then? Maybe he wasn't interested in your side of traffic? The speed limits in Georgia and South Carolina are ridiculously slow in the smaller places, still following the old national limit. I had people driving 10+ the speed limit and no...
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    CBC Article implies speed the only factor for increased accidents

    Huge confidence intervals, no absolute numbers mentioned (only percent change) and no examination of all roads across the province. No consideration of total distance travelled or climate changes from year to year. Is it to much to ask for decent research anymore? Academia has been going down...
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    DSP upgrade comparison

    I upgraded to the NR DSP in the front and put the NR-O in the back, definitely notice the K Band chattiness. It usually picks up BSM's passing and I'm considering turning K band off for it and just using the rear for Ka detection. Otherwise, NR-O is definitely a solid platform. I would love to...
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    Passenger drunk? Get impounded anyway

    I guess you gotta start tying up your passengers and putting them in the trunk! If we go to this level of "What if?" situations, we should start persecuting on thought crimes. Why is it any different for any other driver to have a intoxicated person interfering with the operation of the vehicle...
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    Passenger drunk? Get impounded anyway

    So, regardless of the law, how would an adult in the passenger seat "control" the vehicle? Unless everyone with a learner's is required to have a brake, pedal and maybe a steering wheel installed on the passenger side of the vehicle, I see this "regulation" as quite useless. The only reason I...
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    Fine issued after the fact due to dashcam footage

    To be honest, this kind of stuff is really starting to make my blood boil. I imagine the people submitting this stuff is usually out of malice and anger because personally, I see something stupid and move on with life. What ever people come up with for an argument will be invalidated when it...
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    Google Hands Feds 1,500 Phone Locations In Unprecedented ‘Geofence’ Search

    Talking about location gathering via cell towers: Wrkshp 2015/911_Help_SMS_WhitePaper0515.pdf Cell tower triangulation is not very accurate. You see there are a lot of factors at play here. Let's give a run down of the consequences by letting this...
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    Google Hands Feds 1,500 Phone Locations In Unprecedented ‘Geofence’ Search

    Could you please put a sign on your place of residence notifying people whether you are home or not? While you are doing that, can you put your full name on your T-shirt so you are always identifiable? It would be good practice to put where you work and announce to everyone you pass where you...