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    Heywood's Mesta Fusion Testing. April 16 2020

    Short post for now, but I wanted to chime in that in the last while I've been getting some pretty good MRCD detections on these RLC from the NR-DSP. I will have to go out at night and get few runs in on them for the sake of not having anything around for reflections. This is just recent...
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    Radar Very close call with Highway Patrol

    Those are the worst feeling take downs from behind. It's the "how didn't I see him?" feeling. Lucky for sure, cause he probably heard you get into the throttle. I think he was definitely trolling for a reaction. Nice stretch of road for opening up though. How many rabbit foots do you have?
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    Radar CHP onramp tactics

    Can I get the playlist please? I'm in a need of a theme song. Thanks for sharing!
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    Auction GovDeals Florida Lot of 10 PL3

    Add me to the list of getting one as well!
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    Redline 360c Red Barn Testing, 6-14-20

    Thank you for the testing Vortex! Really interesting to see the separation of detectors. Exciting for the new detectors to come out and for fresh test results. Take care everyone!
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    TOTALLY blown away by Redline 360c Ad

    Almost had me on the escort site and slapping in my credit card benzr! The 2x range though is because it does both back and front right? That's some marketing shenanigans. Be interested in see the testing, but that is a hefty price tag for everyone north of the border. Hopefully it turns out...
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    Extra slimy in Edmonton today...

    The paranoia increases! Next up camouflage. I've almost given up driving fast on the henday, CM's are just blasting constantly. Hopefully, the shenanigans stay on the south side. On the north side they just have LEO shooting you head on a bridge with a photolidar truck. That surprised me the...
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    Other Terrible fumble -Paced at "100 mph"

    Thanks for sharing! Would of just about made it to local news here for that speed. Officer must of been in a good mood. Hell if we can catch a warning for doing 10 km/hr I would be happy. Super paranoia kicks in when ever I see a vehicle model that resembles what police use. My first and last...
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    Edmonton councillors urge city to crack down on noisy vehicles

    Two sides of the story, yes obnoxiously loud vehicles exist, and people enjoy a nice sounding engine. What's the cut off? I have mufflers on my classic mustang with a 302 in it and it's still quite loud, above the decibel cutoff when it is at ~6000 rpm. Nobody is there to classify "what is...
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    Escort Max3 leaked

    Feels like Escort is holding onto what is left of brand reputation for non-enthusiasts and releasing models like Call of Duty and iPhones year after year. Really hope Theia will push some innovation back into the market place, because it's starting to feel that we are just getting fancy names...
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    Lidar Edmonton Save, Rear - No Idea where he was

    I have yet to figure out where that false come from on that road. I am thinking this is the most likely case too, but given the recent enforcement around here, I wouldn't be surprised if they got someone in full camouflage to lay in the grass and shoot people from every which angle! If I run...
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    Still not completely happy with my ALP install

    Sad to hear about bad installs and the like. The positive is the equipment wasn't damaged. The installer I had do mine "were professionals in ALP" installs and it costed me install cost + 3 broken RX sensors. Save yourself the blood pressure spikes and try to move on the best you can. Lessons...
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    New laser trap spot for Edmonton police? VIDEOs

    I see the ROI of LJ's are high this year. Thanks for sharing!
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    Nanaimo BC Granny has a lead foot...

    I was just talking about this same case where you can get struck hard by the changing of speed limits. Many times they sit at the change of speed limits, a place by me you come off the off ramp (100 -> 80 -> 60 km/hr) which happens abruptly and LEO are just sitting and waiting to grab people as...
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    Province rejects call by Edmonton police for new tools to crack down on speeders

    It's a roll of the dice on the comments sections, sometimes you get an echo chamber, sometimes you get crazy people, sometimes you get some grounded people. Also, very refreshing that we can remain the wild west of Canada and have some common sense use. My faith in humanity meter went up a tick.