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    AngryPenguin's latest ALP woe

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    Lidar 1st and 2nd hit ever with ALP.

    Impressive JTK's for your first encounters!
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    Funny photo thread

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    I have just completed ALP install...still testing...

    I'd shuffle those TX heads. You'll have PT issues with 2 TX heads on 1 side
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    So what city, state or other do you refuse to speed? And why?

    School/playground zones and construction zones. I'm pretty good in residential too, the children are unpredictable
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    Funny photo thread

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    New/Upgrade V1 for JohnBoy

    I don't use V1 but JB is a solid dude so I'd pitch a $20 minimum
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    Funny photo thread

    Press "Like" to wish Karen a very happy 50th bday!
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    Best conference call service?

    We use Zoom. It's wicked! The most people we've had on 1 call is just over 1000 ppl.
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    Fleshlight with a heatsink

    I ran HID's in reflector housings for like 2 days and realized they did nothing. Projectors are where it's at. I wish I could have 2 of these flashlights in my bumper haha
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    Fool not paying attention wrecks on interstate rear-ender

    Great defensive driving skills! Likely had their face buried in the phone
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    Fleshlight with a heatsink

    I need this for all the Civic's who consistantly run with their high beams on at night
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    Treatment for ringworm

    Haha I'm jking Mike. Essential oils are a crock of **** for healing legitimate medical conditions. Get to a doctor man, that looks very uncomfortable. I've never had it so I'm not much help there
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    Treatment for ringworm

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    Escort ix

    No, I wouldn't recommend anybody in Calgary. @VibeCarAudio in Red Deer does wicked installs and understand how jammers work/why they need to be installed in a certain manner. Definitely give them a shout if you're going with ALP's