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    NR settings for driving in Edmonton

    Hey @Badbrad27 I’ve been noticing some smaller detection ranges with my redline INTL too. I take whyte ave to the university from Sherwood Park every day, and noticed some short distances about the same time you first started this thread. Wasn’t sure at first if it was simply due to traffic...
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    Another Canadian here with a system installed myself during the summer of 2016... never had an issue! Installed it once properly and haven’t had to adjust alignment or troubleshoot anything since - just update it periodically when new firmware is pushed. Not sure what side of the border you’re...
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    EDM, AB - You Think I Got One? (VID+POLL)

    Thought I'd throw an update in this thread for anyone wondering... never did receive a ticket in the mail! I guess I was within their threshold for not issuing a fine? Just barely I assume haha On a side note, and because I suspect there may be Edmonton folks in this thread, I was wondering if...
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    Would the R3 be a good detector for Europe?

    Been looking through a couple threads and understand no MRCD support on the R3. Does anyone have input on the possibility of it gaining such ability? I currently have to run a Pro A for MRCD alongside an LRD950 for K-band - fully understand the risks, I know, not ideal. Trying to find an all-in...
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    RCMP Sherwood Park - I/O K-Band ??? Or cop lying?

    Love the conversation guys, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks he's full of BS. I mean nice cop and everything, but I'm positive he didn't have a chance to properly get a track on me. So I've gone ahead and mailed in a not guilty plea and await a trial date. Once that's set, I'll request...
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    RCMP Sherwood Park - I/O K-Band ??? Or cop lying?

    I just find it hard to believe that he had enough time to i/o me, considering we just crested a hill and only had a second or two before passing each other - not enough time to react. The road I was traveling on is completely straight, and didnt pick up any shots during the 10 minutes I was on...
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    RCMP Sherwood Park - I/O K-Band ??? Or cop lying?

    Was coming back from golf last month and was supposedly tagged doing 114 on the range roads (where speed limit is 80). I find it hard to believe, as you can see in the video, I crest the hill and he barely has visual on me before passing by. No k-band detected until he pulls a 3-point turn and...
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    CB / Scanner in Alberta

    Negative on the scanner, just looking for another toy to add to my current CMs. I was hoping to find at least a few members who operate radios in Alberta to see what their results are specifically. The whole switch to AFRRCS is confusing to me and don't know the current status of LEOs adopting...
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    EDM, AB - You Think I Got One? (VID+POLL)

    Gotta love how our photo enforcement program is run. Edmonton has shown itself time and time again to be the epitome of how photo radar can be used primarily as a revenue tool, instead of one designed to keep its own taxpayers safe. Such counterintuitive thinking and abuse of power that makes me...
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    CB / Scanner in Alberta

    Gonna try and bump this one here before heading over to radioreference Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    EDM, AB - You Think I Got One? (VID+POLL)

    White and blue city of Edmonton truck parked on the right side. Yeah sad thing is I do have a redline INTL lol when I got caught at the light it was going nuts picking the truck up and I muted it cause I was getting a headache and was distracted with getting school stuff packed in my bag. By...
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    EDM, AB - You Think I Got One? (VID+POLL)

    So a week and bit ago I was late driving to school and was frantically organizing my bag at a light just prior to passing one of our beloved photo radar operators. As you can see from the video, its super sunny and am getting reflections off vehicles parked on the street and the parking lot to...
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    CB / Scanner in Alberta

    So I've searched over the forum and haven't found anything updated on radio use in Alberta, specifically Edmonton, highway 2 and Calgary, and was hoping there would be some users out there that can chime in. I understand that Alberta is well into developing their province-wide radio system for...
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    DFR7 firmware on LRD950

    Like many others I took the plunge on the DFR7 FW on my LRD950, and coming from 1.51, I can see a huge difference on K-band. I obviously hadn't done my research on the 1.51FW in the past, and it all makes sense now why that little thing is so damn quite. Its nice to hear whats going on around me...
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    Authorized Escort Dealers in Canada for the Redline International

    Also would be interesting in what someone has to say about minimizing K-band falses. I'm afraid that there isn't much, and it's why I'm running a 950 outside of city limits where MRCD isn't a concern. Side note, I have been playing with running them both at the same time and haven't experienced...

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