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    Cats are distracting

    That photo was from nearly 7 years ago now lol and she's only after getting cuter since then. Bossy too lol. She was actually asleep on that last pic but this was just after she woke up a few minutes later...
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    Cats are distracting

    I've always liked cats and I can't understand why anyone doesn't too lol. My little friend Bella is the same at times. When she wants to be petted, you really have no choice but to give her what she wants or she will make you feel guilty about it until you do lol. I'm sure there are a lot worse...
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    LI fail

    Hi there. Sorry but I wasn't on here in a few days. I actually cant remember the software rev but I had that LI since Feb 2013 so it was pretty old alright. The LEOs over here don't change their guns that often though. They still have old LTI 2020s in service as well as Marksman and Ultralytes...
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    Bug Report Can't post or reply.

    For anyone else who runs into this issue, I just found out how to fix it. On Firefox, open the menu using the menu button on the top right of the screen and click on help and after that, select troubleshooting information. After that, click on refresh Firefox and it will reset it back to...
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    Hello from Ireland

    Who even needs a detector, the way they are reliably hanging out there the whole time? Lol. Cool videos though and it's good to see that your STi-R+ is performing so well. Unfortunately, it can be a lot worse in other areas depending on the geography etc. These things are definitely a pest :mad:
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    Bug Report Can't post or reply.

    Cheers for the reply :cool:. I will get on to that later on so, when I figure out how to lol. Never had that problem before but I don't use too many forums anyway so that's not saying much. Funny thing is that it was working just fine a few days ago when I logged in last time so this was a bit...
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    Bug Report Can't post or reply.

    Hi there to anyone who is reading this. I have been having difficulties just now using Firefox browser. If I try to like a post, I am getting a new "Do you want to confirm that action?" alert coming up and I can neither post new threads nor reply to other posters either. Just an "attach files"...
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    Hello from Ireland

    1560020708 Hi again. Tried to reply on my laptop but all I can do is quote you but for some reason, I can't add any text to the reply. Cool videos. Looks like a Mk5 GTI as well lol. Definitely would meet up with you at some point but this weekend is booked out now and the weather is crap...
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    Hello from Ireland

    Hey mate, welcome aboard :cool:. Where in Ireland are you at all? Cork here, obviously lol :rofl: Glad to see we have a few things in common. A GTI and an STi-R Plus. My GTI is a MK5 and the STiR Plus is just a regular one I bought from KMPH in Canada around ten years ago so I would be very...
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    How many people on here are enthusiasts?

    Just to add to what I posted earlier on in this thread... I had to get some work done to my car this week. Bonnet needed respraying and the front bumper too cos even though they were both done a few years ago after a minor accident, the paint that particular garage used was $hite :rolleyes...
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    remove RTV silicone from windsheidl

    You can get plastic crowbars on eBay that are used for removing car panels and trim etc.... The ones with the flat edges were sharp and...
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    Have you ever bought a vehicle that you regretted?

    Bought a 1995 Ford Fiesta in 2001 for my first car. What a heap of $hit :rolleyes:. Burned oil like mad. Dirty grey gunge under the oil filler cap so the head gasket was one the way out or gone. Could not keep front tyres on it. Tracking would be out after a week so it was cheaper to just let...
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    To Arrow or Not

    I miss the arrows on my V1 but I had no choice but to not install it in my current car when I bought it over 6 years ago. This was down to a few reasons. First off, it just wasn't able to pick up the radar vans we have over here while mounted horizontally. I could have used a vertical mount but...
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    Ireland now has Truspeed

    Cool :cool:. I will definitely be watching out for what the stats say when/if I get hit by one of these. Pretty handy that this particular area in Cahir is not very far away from me. Only about an hour or less (especially how I drive ;) ) and I can make it a more regular thing to pass through...
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    Have you encountered angry drivers because you drive faster than they do?

    It's true lol. I have seen quite a few idiots who took it personally that I passed them and tried to keep up with me when they clearly were not going that fast until I did pass them :rolleyes:

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