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    Accuracy of R3 speed reading

    I've found my Uniden RDs (LRD950, R3, R7) all read 2 mph higher than Waze and other phone apps at highway speeds. Waze agrees with my car speedometers except my Toyotas have read slightly high
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    RJ11 Telephone Cord for Power Cord???

    My hardwire cord was cutting in and out at the RD end (power would go on and off when fiddling with the wire). I cut off the connector, used a new RJ11 connector from Home Depot, a crimper from Amazon, along with heatshrink tubing and Sugru to give the end some strain relief. Worked like a...
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    UNIDEN R7 - All discussions relating to mounting your R7

    Thanks. What I ended up doing is in post #90.
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    DFR7 Issue with MD State Troopers

    I would just make sure Ka Band is ON, Ka Filter is OFF. Also, make sure you don't have a windshield or tint that interferes with radar (not common).
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    DFR7 Issue with MD State Troopers

    I definitely see 35.5 from MSP most of the time, much more than laser. I agree, if you haven't been seeing 35.5 at all from them there may be something wrong with your detector. Have you gone through the setup to make sure Ka band is enabled?
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    R7 on Mazda CX5 with bsm activated.

    I think with the newest CX-5's? Don't know what year the OP's is.
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    R7 on Mazda CX5 with bsm activated.

    No problem with my 2016 CX-5 with BSM, either with my R7 or R3.
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    UNIDEN R7 - All discussions relating to mounting your R7

    I've fashioned a magnetic mount I am satisfied with. I attached a metal plate to the R7 using 3M exterior attachment tape. The magnet holds firmly, with no bounce, but the R7 is easily removable with one hand. The first pics are from one car that has a decent view from the top of the dash out...
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    UNIDEN R7 - All discussions relating to mounting your R7

    That is true. I would anticipate having the mount on the center of the dash (between the front seats), so there should be a decent view out back. 1555549226 That would be the general idea of what I would want, although it would be in the center of the dash. I guess I also have to make sure...
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    UNIDEN R7 - All discussions relating to mounting your R7

    Considering a magnetic mount for my R7 - a steel plate that would attach to the bottom of the RD, and a mount with a magnet, perhaps on my dash - maybe along the lines of a RAM mount. I know it's not the optimal location but I've had no issue having my R3 dash-mounted. Any thoughts? I want...
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    R7 Settings & related Questions thread

    In Maryland, FW 121.122.111 Advanced Mode GPS: On Speed Camera: On Red Light Camera: On Voice: Off Ka Frequency Voice: On Ka Segmentation 2/5/6/8 X: Off MRCD: On Laser: On K: On Ka: On K band: 40% Ka band: 100% K filter: On Ka filter: Off TSF: On K Pop: Off Ka Pop: Off K Band: Narrow...
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    Possible issue with R7 Backorders and credit card authorizations expiring

    I'm just on the forum periodically, so just saw this thread. I ordered 3/1/19 - am I still OK if I just respond to my order e-mail to charge my card, or are things going to be delayed?
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    New (refurbished) R3.. same problems

    Have you tried it in a different car?
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    R3 speed camera "over speed" warning

    In Maryland by law the threshold for a speedcam is supposed to be 12 mph - see question 8 Anyway, it would be nice to be able to adjust how much above the speed limit the chime alerts at - it is somewhat annoying if I'm going 57mph in a 55 zone and...
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    R1/R3 and Virginia

    Thanks. Seems like the penalty is not too bad, relatively speaking.