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    BT startup works, control pad starts- then shuts down.

    Have you tried disconnecting the bluetooth module completely? That might let you update the firmware on the CPU and control set.
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    New VIOFO Dash Cams: A129 Pro 4K / A119 V3

    What does VLC say in Tools -> Codec Information for the A129 footage?
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    I mean, it's a car, and you race it. I suppose that makes it a race car. V10 noises probably help public perception. :)
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    Who here is selling their M3 Sedan Conversion?

    Wow. I'm surprised that they had enough taste/money to drop a Euro S50 in it, and other decent performance mods, but then completely ruined it. The owner must be a strange, strange person with a decently sized wallet.
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    Who here is selling their M3 Sedan Conversion?

    The E36 M3 was available as a sedan, so it's not a conversion, other than an unfortunate choice in paint.
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    How would Macgyver turn off K Band on my pro100 detector?

    Looks like band modification options were only available on the Pro 300 for some reason. There's really no way to block out just K-band without the software changes to tell it to stop looking at K-band. There's maybe a 1% chance that you could manage to flash different firmware on it and get it...
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    High performance AS tires vs Performance Winter tires

    I run DWS06 in the winter and summers in the summer. This last winter Washington got a ton of snow, which is unusual. With DWS06, AWD, and manual, I really had no problems. There was one day that I felt like I was the only car on the road, and everyone else was in trucks, jeeps, or SUVs. I had...
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    Any LRD or even DFR folks out there?

    I still own a LRD950, but a friend has been borrowing it since the R3 came out. It's still a decent detector, but the R series gets you a fair bit more performance. You can flash DFR7 firmware to your LRD950 no problem, and then you get a menu option for TSR, and you can get it to not say...
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    low cost DIY laser shifter

    While that's true, there's a certain population that we'd prefer they think they don't work. Providing more detail on how they function doesn't help that cause. That being said, Vortex has a video on his channel that details how they work pretty well, so that train has really already left the...
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    low cost DIY laser shifter

    Exactly. That was more or less the variation I was talking about, but wasn't sure how detailed I should get in a public section.
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    low cost DIY laser shifter

    Oh wow. I didn't realize that there's no receiver. That's not going to really work then, beyond being dangerous. Looking at the code, it just appears to fire a 200pps (or whatever) pulse pattern back at the gun without any kind of pulse synchronization or variation. That's not going to do a...
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    low cost DIY laser shifter

    Keep in mind that a lot of the older products from both Blinder and K40 were LED based, and they used far fewer LEDs. Not saying that those examples worked well, but they did okay with a lot of the older guns. With the number of LEDs in those pods, there's at least a chance it'll work decently.
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    Hey man, you don't have to yell. :) All the firmwares can go from any version to latest as far as I know. There are separate firmwares for the cpu, controller, and bt module, as well as the voice pack if you have hifi, so you'll want to update those as well.
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    Latest Purchase BMW X3 E83

    I worry a little bit about age alone deteriorating parts, which is why I recommended early replacement, especially if you're already draining/filling the cooling system. I keep a spare suction cup mount and regular power cord for my R3 in my car so it's easy to move it to something else. May...
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    Latest Purchase BMW X3 E83

    I have one of that exact cable. Works well. BMW's ISTA will be the software you're looking for, as everything is in English instead of German.