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    low cost DIY laser shifter

    Keep in mind that a lot of the older products from both Blinder and K40 were LED based, and they used far fewer LEDs. Not saying that those examples worked well, but they did okay with a lot of the older guns. With the number of LEDs in those pods, there's at least a chance it'll work decently.
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    Hey man, you don't have to yell. :) All the firmwares can go from any version to latest as far as I know. There are separate firmwares for the cpu, controller, and bt module, as well as the voice pack if you have hifi, so you'll want to update those as well.
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    Arkangel Development Apartment Preparation, lol...

    I got an Ikea Galant desk with the extension to make it a nice large L on Craigslist since they discontinued them, and I love it. It's super deep, so it gives you a lot of room to work on things, even with 3 monitors. Check one out if you want to upgrade!
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    Latest Purchase BMW X3 E83

    I worry a little bit about age alone deteriorating parts, which is why I recommended early replacement, especially if you're already draining/filling the cooling system. I keep a spare suction cup mount and regular power cord for my R3 in my car so it's easy to move it to something else. May...
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    Latest Purchase BMW X3 E83

    I have one of that exact cable. Works well. BMW's ISTA will be the software you're looking for, as everything is in English instead of German.
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    Latest Purchase BMW X3 E83

    A 2004 should have an M54 engine. While you're in there, replace the water pump, thermostat, and coolant expansion tank. Those are known issues, and those engines hate being overheated at all. A valve cover gasket and oil filter housing gasket wouldn't be a bad idea either, but aren't necessary...
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    Ride Handling Poor After Changing Tires

    Tire pressure is definitely the first thing I'd check. Chances are that they had it off and blindly cleared the TPMS message. Secondly, tires have a coating on the outside to protect the rubber in storage that will reduce traction. This wears off within a couple hundred miles, and the traction...
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    Just bought a ALP system - Now what

    You'll want to have at least 2 sensors in the rear. If you're not facing dragoneye guns, then 2 sensors should be fine. I believe its an option to use 1 RX and 1 TX in the rear. They even make special covers for the TX sensors so they look like RX sensors so its symmetrical for this purpose. If...
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    Just bought a ALP system - Now what

    With a BMW grill, a TX sensor would be a good idea. If you have a TX sensor, then it allows the RX sensors to be vertical, as they're primarily being used for receiving. This allows you to install all the sensors in the upper grill, providing better coverage than if they were mounted...
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    Has anyone experienced an R3 self test failure?

    I've never heard of a self test failure on an R3. I've always left it disabled as I can't tolerate startup noise. The old LRD950 said "Uniden!" on startup and it drove me nuts.
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    Order of programming ALP

    Go ahead and plug everything in, and then run the firmware and hifi updates over USB. Then run the reset defaults and memorize sensors. Then go ahead and configure bluetooth however you want. There's not really a specific order other than making sure that you memorize sensors after you change...
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    Are fears justified buying 10yr old bmw 6 cyl turbocharged 3 series?

    So apparently they renamed the Sport Suspension to M Sport Suspension for the F30. I've been looking at xDrive cars, so I hadn't seen that change, as they only get xDrive suspension or M Adaptive Suspension. It's still definitely a solid upgrade from the standard suspension, and an option I'd...
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    DFR8 misses, but R7 sees it???

    I have some rather interesting speed signs in my town. Fortunately I don't drive past them anymore. One type of sign will not alert at all. I haven't updated my R3 to firmware with MRCD and tested that, but with all filters off it gets absolutely nothing. The other type of sign seems to fire...
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    Does your car have HID headlights? If not, the first thing I would look into is retrofitting some bi-xenon projectors and upgrading to HID lights. I don't think the lights you linked aren't focused enough to provide the extra light you're looking for.
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    13' Bmw 335i install

    If you're running a TX, then run vertical RX heads on the outside of the upper grill, and the TX towards the center in one of the grills just about as high up as possible. That will be your best option, especially with that bumper design.

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