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    1.9.7 released

    It is displayed when known. :-)
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    1.9.7 released

    Thank you again JohnBoy00!
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    Radenso - some requests for your next detector - 3rd part app support, artificial intelligence and some other things

    Both Jon and Randy have used V1s in the past as well as others I'm sure. They probably get it. :)
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    V1 . . . it's the little things that I would miss . . .

    Were you aware of the double-tap mute feature on the V1?
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    TMG "system on" sound off?

    Here's the small demo video. A couple of notes: Normally I'd have the TMG come on the same time as my V1 and the announcement ends up being right after the startup sounds of the detector. (All of which does not happen until I press a secret button after starting the car) For this video, I...
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    Hands-on look at Radenso's upcoming new detector and AI

    Another thing I'd love to see is a variable dimming display using a local sensor vs. any sort of GPS two-state (bright or dark only) dimming method. My V1's have that, my V1 remote displays have it, my car has it, my phones have it, and I hope that Theia will too! I've not understood why using...
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    Hands-on look at Radenso's upcoming new detector and AI

    I really hope that buttons aren't on top if at all possible. If they are, buttons on the top leading edge might be reasonable. Many of us like mounting right up against a headliner or right under the mirror. Closer is better.
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    BUSTED: 89 in a 60

    Sebbb, In my opinion, it's alright that you paid the fine. You were legitimately caught at 89 and the officer gave you a break by dropping it down to 69. You were okay with that, the officer was okay with it, it's done. :-)
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    Will we see another update to the R7 or is the game over

    In the interest of accuracy; It's been 8 months, not a year. :-)
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    TMG "system on" sound off?

    Turn the volume down on the CPU and use JBV1 for louder and very visible alerts. I do have my CPU announce when it comes on FWIW as part of my "pre-flight-procedures". Once JBV1 connects, it reduces the CPU volume automatically. 1575551921 Does anyone want to see what a JBV1 alert looks like...
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    Pic of the new TMG VPR CPU

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    Is there a Way to Auto Disable Jammers when speed<PSL

    JBV1 already has the set speed thing. It's done it for about a year. Mine is set to 15 MPH.
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    BUSTED: 89 in a 60

    Sebbb, I hope you don't mind me adding info here. Pulling over to the left instead of to the right is definitely the better option in this scenario. Much less traffic on this section of highway on the left side, and the right side is frequently filled up with a line of vehicles due to...
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    BUSTED: 89 in a 60

    While Sebbb didn't do everything he could in this situation, the place where the LEO was sitting is extremely unusual and not really suited for LEOs. There was some road construction equipment there a few days ago. I suspect the LEO capitalized on that. Still, I will be marking that spot in JBV1...
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    BUSTED: 89 in a 60 It's not the most perfect app ever, but it can really be helpful. :)