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    Uniden R7 Vs 1995 Radio Shack detector against Kustom Eagle 35.5 Urban setting.With video

    Shoot laser at it!!!! See if it’s detects laser better than the R7. My money is on the shack !!!
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    How's your summer weather.

    From a personal stand point. I would have loved the heat wave of Europe. I love 30+ C weather. Honestly though even though we had extremely went July. I have been on 2 wheels pretty much for the last 3.5 months.
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    How's your summer weather.

    No surprise there. Look at the size of your guys trees. Way back I got sent up Dawson creek for work. It was still August had rain for a week and then the temperature really dropped and the rain turned into snow.
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    Edmonton won't remove photo radar despite new provincial guidelines

    Crap my bad!!!! I was thinking he was vancity for some strange reason. Wtf !!
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    made a visit to hq

    Maybe he has been working on a remote unit and that is a prototype in testing
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    Edmonton won't remove photo radar despite new provincial guidelines

    If u want pro m action especially mrcd and stationary redlight alerts. Drive another 300km north and come to Edmonton Just slow down when u overpasses. In just in case they shooting laser from behind.
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    87 GN still looks like glass!

    Wow !!! For many moments there I thought I was looking out thru a window. Wow !!!
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    Off road tire and highway tire 4Runner

    I have run so many winter tires. From happas,x ice, blizzaks, Chinese tires, There is no doubt the more u pay the better for ice traction. Snow traction I have found every winter to be quite good with any snow tire (even the Chinese one) but ice traction big difference So now. I run best...
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    Will tinting my rear windows (rear side and rear windshield) with metallized tint affect performance?

    This is so true. I thought my V1 was the best there is. The best there was and the best there ever will be. I bought a lrd950 to play with just because it was so cheap I was blown away by it. I honestly didn’t even use my V1 ever again. Sure I missed the arrows and the customization of the...
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    R7 - An (Almost) Leo Encounter

    Generally I see leo with laser windows are rolled down However a tactic they use here often. is a cop shooting laser elsewhere (usually from behind) and then radioing ahead to a chase car parked on the side ready to pounce.
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    Geeky LIC plate earns a dude $12k in parking tickets.

    I’m going to apply for a plate that reads “drop dB”
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    Will tinting my rear windows (rear side and rear windshield) with metallized tint affect performance?

    I agree with the above posts. I would go to a place that will do all windows without metalized tint
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    You are creating a Tinder profile looking for CM enthusiast what do you put in it?

    I actually have never been on or seen the tinder site. Let alone have a profile on it but I heard about it My photo would be a pic of mike valentine. No detail info.
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    I am now very convinced that the solution to "all" BSM alerts is QR.

    This is where uniden and radenso could benefit from a Bluetooth. Lots of ppl saying open api. But I think it would be used by the motorcycle community more. Bluetooth connection to a Sena
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    Edmonton Alberta redlight/speed on green cam new locations

    I’m not sure what u are asking But the new cameras. There are no wires/sensors in the ground. It’s all pure waves the thing emits to monitor vehicle. Have to be super careful around them. I’m not sure what the range is for taking a photo in vioation Obviously running a redlight it’s no...

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