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    Purchasing online

    Found this on eBay Seems like the seller has sold lots
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    Edmonton photo radar trucks getting a make over.

    Edmonton will always earn more revenue because Edmonton has more fixed camera locations aka. Redlight/speed on green camera that are operating 24/7 The clowns that run this crap aren’t stupid. It’s been slow very well thought out process.
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    At what point is a car TOO slow

    Here in Alberta. Speed limit signs are in white. Yellow speed signs are a suggest speed but not the speed limit. Idiots here thinks the yellow signs are the speed limit and cruise at that speed when clearly they can go faster making it extremely hard to merge onto a freeway at the speed limit.
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    Hands-on look at Radenso's upcoming new detector and AI

    This type of upfront info is gold!!! Let’s all be thankful from where radenso is today in relatively short time from their humble beginnings. They are absolutely giving the us the best that they can Honestly. Someone needs make a short 1-2hr documentary on the rise of radenso. I’m serious...
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    Radenso - a few questions for you requesting additional services to pair with your upcoming RAI Theia Radar detector

    Straight up just like heywood and add to his post. We have population about 800,000ppl. But the city footprint is huge. I have to look it up to exact. I’m thinking 500 square kms. The police uses lidar and roaming Ka. So sending a ka alert to the “cloud” would be useless. The city uses mrcd...
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    Edmonton photo radar trucks getting a make over.

    Don’t believe for a second that it’s about being “open and transparent” because they heard and listened to the ppl I remember a similar speech when they release their “weekly” locations. Which was really a nothing because it wasnt day and times specific
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    More visible look for photo radar enforcement vehicles in Edmonton

    I would argue the city took over the photo enforcement program for the revenue stream. The police used to operate the photo program. When the city took over. They lowered the threshold speed in which a ticket was issued. they purchase the latest tech equipment and more of it. Take a while...
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    More visible look for photo radar enforcement vehicles in Edmonton

    It doesn’t matter how bright and how stand out the colors they make their units. They still going to hide behind bushes, be on over passes and park on service roads I personally thinks its a stunt to nullify the protesting group. Here is what I mean. The province knows full well Edmonton has...
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    Recommendations Please

    I live in Alberta Canada. Which was pretty similar to California in which Leo only used ka 34.7 and laser. We also had photo enforcement in the form of stationary photo and mobile photo (which was ka) The V1 is extremely refined. Probably the most refined detector out there and it wouldn’t...
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    Alberta sheriffs shooting 24.080

    About 4 years ago. I was travelling thru spruce grove on hwy 16a. It was late a night and my lrd950 started alerting to k band and intensified.Not knowing the area. I slowed down. And sure enough there was a rcmp suburban parked in the media with pure dark mode. Because I just switched from...
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    Found this cleaning

    There was no cord. I didn’t even look at the connection. But im thinking it’s the barrel style. I wonder if my pro M cord would be suffice
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    Found this cleaning

    Was digging thru the closet and found this Don’t even remember me buying it let alone using it. I wonder if I bought it off a guy a while back
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    Recommendations Please

    I would get an older used V1. Turn k band off And then wait and see how the radenso theia turns out to be
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    Amazing R1 Long Range Ka Detection

    Straight up my Uniden lrd950 in the Edmonton once gave me a 4km alert. This was on 82st. First been was on like 157ave and finally located the UC on 125ave Open range. I have had a 10km alert from it before Uniden Ka 34.7 is a beast. The V1 on open range was great too and would have given...
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    Photo Radar not leaving Edmonton

    All my bikes have stock exhausts A few years back. Me and my friend. We were both on duc monsters 796. (The last of the air cooled monsters). We got flagged in. Pulling in our respective stalls for testing. The tester flat out said. U guys will pass and was told to leave without being tested...