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    Ban issued to user HeartDoctor

    Thx man @xydrine ?
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    DETC for $300?

    Lol oh no
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    2019 Formula 1 season discussion

    Mercedes is still king and will be this year IMHO. I truly hope Bottas has his year as he definitely deserves a championship and looked like a wold champion today. Though Lewis had some floor damage to his W10 that kept him behind, Bottas seems to always keep up with Lewis, but Lewis generally...
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    Stopping Uniden R7 RF Leakage with Aluminum foil

    Guys either get back on topic, or this thread is getting closed. It seems like derailing threads lately has become common place. Enough of this please.
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    Sold TMG a-15 Triple - Open box

    Took care of that.. Jared is a busy man lol
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    xv crosstrek APL 2 Regular 1 tx sensor

    Hey man welcome. So I have quite the set-up currently but I run 3 regular RX sensors at the bottom most position like in this picture I have attatched. Keep in mind ALP is positioned in the middle in the picture but before I started testing TMG and the CI Shifters, I was running ALP in the...
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    Radar Netradar 34.7 I/O

    Believe it or not @Vortex this is the standard NR .. Still a nasty bugger on 34.7
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    TMG a-15 - Off axis Overpass,4 sec Auto-kill,3,500ft testing.

    If we want to continue the talk about previous tests, let's keep it in their respective threads guys. Let's be respectful of the OP's thread and keep it about the topic at hand. Edit: And @benzr you may be getting tests confused. "We" tested DE lidars last in "my" testing to rule out any...
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    Truspeed LR voice announcement question

    They do not have the same PPS Mike and have different voice announcements. Was he holding the LR horizontally lol? Where were you when you got hit?. And to be safe, pull the stats file and see what it says.
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    My Baby girl arrived today !!

    Congrats Jared and Mara!. Let the fun begin ! :)
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    TMG CPU bricked, no idea what happened or what to do.

    Ok thanks Jared. Honestly... I havent even tested my own set up yet lol. So no. It is on everyday though as I have this on my daily runner.
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    New 2019 Honda Insight TMG Quad Install

    Of course!. When the weather clears up around here and you guys are happy with your placement we will definitely plan another testing day. @PHILBERT nice whip, glad you finally took delivery! :)
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    TMG CPU bricked, no idea what happened or what to do.

    @Jag42 Possible same thing happened to my cpu.. what do you think? Just started this behavior this morning upon first start up. Tried the reset button, same thing and then tried to load the firmware again as well and just stays lit red.
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    Approach to Resolve Punch Through

    Please refrain from posting Dragon Eye firmware in a public thread. Your post has been edited. Thank you
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    Radenso Welcomes New Director of Product Development

    Yes, all while being respectful at the same. Personally I dont know how Jon is keeping his cool here with some of our replies. Let's all regroup and be respectful please before this thread needs to get locked.