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    Now with heat maps!

    This is very interesting, thank you for putting this together. I wonder if these results can all be drawn up like you have for the whole US, and then with some filtering and what not, if something to the effect of Trapster can be made out of this info. Possibly could be used for into and added...
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    Laser System Failure Rate Poll

    The net radar setup integrates with the ALP and is a comparable product in the radar world. Seems to test well, may be worth a look if you're considering ALP's and want radar integration
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    Tech Support Post Edit Feature (again?)

    I was going to mention maybe put a restriction on word counts of some sort for edits (like you can only delete 10% of what was there originally), but lorem ipsum exists, so I guess you need to find another method of figuring that out if you want. Is there a way to have a 'post history' so you...
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    Tech Support Post Edit Feature (again?)

    It was changed temporarily afaik, should be back 'soon'
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    Friggin' Tesla...

    That's fine by me, I trust the tech more than I do most of the drivers on the road. At least I don't have to worry about a bunch of teens texting and driving across center yet as they're driving towards me
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    Road rage: Car almost sideswipes truck

    No one wins in a road rage incident, what idiots Edit Here's a good watch on road rage with an actual lawyer
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    Friggin' Tesla...

    Haha it's amazing technology, but I still can't stand seeing people doing that.
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    Mounting NetRadar in Rear Window (Toyota Tacoma)

    Look for something similar to a RD visor mount Something like this And clip it into the headliner. I had a 2nd gen MGM taco too, loved that truck
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    I'll guess I'll just keep my opinion short and sweet. I love my R3, but I'm glad I didn't buy into the R7 hype. If updates and features are added in the future that would be great, but right now they're nowhere to be seen.
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    Study Lists U.S. States That Issue Most/Least Speeding Tickets

    I feel like something is skewing this, Ohio definitely should NOT be on the bottom half of that list IMO.
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    Black Paint (ala vantablack)

    My intent, as also pointed out by hbx was to do the inside of my headlights/taillights, since that's a big reflector that's easy to get a reflection off of, and on many cars is towards the outer limits of the heads. My STi's tails specifically were giving me trouble with rear shots from the...
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    Your Help Needed Potential Awards - Input Needed!

    I'd advocate against ones that promote spamming a bunch or making useless posts. So ones awarded for post counts would all fit in with that
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    Advanced users. Need your help

    I'd prefer more of them to do that, from what I've seen (and like PY004 said) its much easier to jam this way
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    Suggestion Create a Motorcycle RAD Forum.

    I think that'd be great! As long as they're all in one place that'd make it much easier to find everything
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    Maintenance January 31, 2019: Forum Update!

    Put me in the select few that browses the web with "Desktop site" checked at all times. Forum looks great though, thanks for all the hard work and effort Xydrene!