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    Stepping outside the box? Edit: Or is that the front of a jammer head, with the top cracked open? Blurring the line between Rd and jammers?
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    Sold Broken Uniden R1 - $25

    Can I just call dibs and pay in advance for the next RD that comes up at $25? [/Sarcasm]
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    Sold Broken Uniden R1 - $25

    Money sent Snooze you lose hahaha:p 1570223004 I have something special planned for this
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    Sold Broken Uniden R1 - $25

    I got your PM, working on sending payment right now
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    Sold Broken Uniden R1 - $25

    I'll take it. I'm at work at the moment and I'm on mobile. Can PayPal (or whatever method you want) tonight when I get home.
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    This is why I dont trust my R7

    Has Op tried going to a known source and moving the RD from the windshield to (held with hand) out the side window to see if there's a difference?
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    We're ready
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    CB for the new Truck/SUV

    The Bearcat 980SSB is where it's at, I even fit it in my small hatchback, you got plenty of room.
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    I feel like this is a teaser for something new... Scratch that, I KNOW this is a teaser for something new! I can't wait to see what fills that bottom right spot. Is that a new Radenso logo to boot? And how could you leave the redline out of that chart? I wasn't even an escort fan at that time...
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    BUGATTI Chiron breaks through magic 300mph barrier

    They should have let James May take another crack at it
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    Proclip phone mount

    I've used proclip mounts in a few vehicles now and have been very happy.
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    To Thermal Camera runners- Does your camera 'adjust' for rain?/Can you keep rain off the lens?

    If you find a piece of plastic or glass that would be transparent to the camera you could do something like AVE did with his gopro's to keep coolant off the lens in the CNC Mills
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    To Thermal Camera runners- Does your camera 'adjust' for rain?/Can you keep rain off the lens?

    Would running a separate piece of glass in front of the lens work, or would it only pick up the temp of the glass then? If that would work you could do a separate piece in front of it with a headlight washer/wiper arm to clean it off. I'm guess it won't see through the glass though so idk what...
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    (R7) Do I Really Need a Fuse for a Powered Mirror Wire Tap?

    The extra fuse absolutely won't hurt, but as dereileak mentioned, the taps you buy most likely have them in case their wire is thinner than what the car has to the mirror (and what it's fused at).