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    How many of you have been hit from behind?

    A rear hit was the reason I went from the old Laser Pro Park to LI. I was doing a good 100 on a quiet motorway in my old trusty W164 ML Merc when I got zapped from an on ramp. The copper took great pleasure in chasing me down and extolling the virtues of his "NASA developed" LTI 20/20.... The...
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    OLD First Gen Stalker Lidar worth testing with?

    It'd depend on the threats in you location. The Stalker guns were uber powerful and could PT many old jammer installs simply because of that power. Obvioulsy a modern tricky gun would be best as it wont lull you into a false sense of security but even just for shits and giggles its fun to test...
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    Recording laser gun

    Depends on the gun involved as some you can attach camera screw mounts to parts of them. Eg ultralyte and Unipar SL500 I have I use the 3/8 inch (I think or maybe it's 1/4?) screw home and then use Ram ball mounts in various guises to hold my Sony IR camcorder level and steady. For other guns...
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    Such thing as Encrypting Flash Drive for Privacy Key?

    I have a similar issue being in the UK. I copied my privacy file over to a ISB drive then made it a hidden file. I then added a few bits of stuff onto the drive, folders, pdfs, etc to give the illusion of it being a personal file store. That way if anyone takes a casual glance it'll look innocent.
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    escort says max ci heads can be mounted vertically?

    Er the reason why LIs worked in both HP and BMW versions was because they had diodes aligned for vertical use (HP had two, one normal horizontal and an extra orientated vertically; the BMW version was specifically manufactured with a single diode aligned for vertical placement). IR pictures of...
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    escort says max ci heads can be mounted vertically?

    As usual it just shows the level of technical ignorance on that forum. We all know the performance degradation of mounting vertically.
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    ALP ups their game yet again

    The ALP is the price it is because the company invests in innovation. Look at the product development since initial release. The ALP guys have taken these systems to a totally new level and have kept going. I for one one have no problem paying more for a product that undergoes continual and...
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    ALP ups their game yet again

    Really? I'm surprised by that given the email states new Tx heads piggy back as a pair into a single socket? Wouldn't that mean the piggy backed Tx heads being one front and one rear?
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    ALP ups their game yet again

    Correct Tom, iOS autocorrect removed the Tx from my post. Edited for accuracy now. - - - Updated - - - My understanding is that with these new heads one would have a single standard head placed centre with a matched pair of the new Tx heads placed laterally (one blue, one green). A more...
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    ALP ups their game yet again

    Just had an ALP Update email showing the new Tx sensors that enable up to 15 transmitters (3 in each new head) to be connected to the existing CPU! The email states it'll allow two Tx heads (one blue, one green) to be connected to a single CPU input. Any multiple Tx setup requires at least one...
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    Separation distance LI

    It was always recommended that bubbles were place on the outside however I remember some testing many years ago that showed zero real world operational difference.
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    ALP vs True Speed

    Great skills there OP. Calmly done. Very impressive
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    ALP BT & Wired Controller as Kill Switch

    Yep that's my point. A discernible change in audio is essential imho as most of us will have eyes on the road not our phone.
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    ALP BT & Wired Controller as Kill Switch

    A great additional feature Tom and AL team, well done. I would suggest however that there needs to be more sound differential when jamming is killed and the ALP enters defense mode. With your video the only indication that the system has stopped jamming is a very small change in the icon from...
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    The How would you like to see the ALP developed? thread

    Heads that mimic ultrasonic parking sensors so they can be installed flush into bumpers. Wireless key fob remote for JTK and menu settings (mirrors controller buttons but over RF) HUD option for front rear, gun type indication