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    If we decided to make the NR DSP a stand alone cpu......

    If new cpu just for NET Radar - Would be nice to have BT integral - GPS - Display similar to R7 - no additional buttons on it, so it gets smallest as possible for better placement - Display magnetic mount for easier removal - Control pad with buttons similar as R7 (that should be enough to...
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    ALP Firmware is stating to roll out 5.5.8/8.7

    Make sure that your config file doesn't have R2 on.
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    Issue/Bug with my alp

    Remove attachment and send it directly to Tom.
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    New Net Radar DSP Firmware 111.211 via BT

    Hey guys, There is an update for antenna.
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    ALP Bug - weak GPS sensor

    I do have issues with GPS. I am assuming it is my antenna that is dying off, as it is about 5 years old.
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    ALP Netradar DSP Firmware 111.207

    This was 111.207 update of antenna on September 3rd. Moderators should update the thread name to not get people too excited.
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    ALP Bug - weak GPS sensor

    Do you have rg2 or rg3 module connected. I yes , GPS need to be connected to the module not cpu.
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    New Net Radar DSP Firmware 111.207

    Update through app now available. Thank you Tom.
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    Weird issue = HIFI toasted

    I'm happy, life too short to be angry :P
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    AngryPenguin's latest ALP woe

    One thing you should try is config file without profiles... just to see if that would help... on that note, did you create fresh config file after update? I saw in your first post that you did reload it, but was it fresh made? maybe you have old one on the usb that is not 100% compatible with...
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    AngryPenguin's latest ALP woe

    Mine issue is not similar. It was hifi control pad. It was working normally on BT, but hifi was shutting down immediately. I put my second control pad and now it is working good. I send to BRD log other day, as I had issues while driving it goes to parking (green) for no reason (no radar or...
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    Weird issue = HIFI toasted

    So I connected other HIFI set I have and it works normal. I'm glad it is only HIFI I was already thinking that I will need to get hw4 CPU even that would not be bad thing lol I'm not sure how long was my hifi dead, as I use BT like 98% of time. Thanks everyone for your input.
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    Weird issue = HIFI toasted

    Unfortunately I don't have DETC anymore. :( Will probably get it again in few months when I get new vehicle and have it ready for testing. Would be only coffee this time. Will text you.
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    Weird issue = HIFI toasted

    Thank you guys for ideas. Hifi directly in cpu did not help, same thing. Acting same. For sure we should meet up. Maybe Sunday?
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    Weird issue = HIFI toasted

    No such thing as sun and high temperature this year in Edmonton. Not sure what is happening this year but it is raining almost every day.