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    Rai Questions for SEMA

    Will this detector have a jack for earphones ??.
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    Have you met her?

    I've seen enough info to make me want to say...I'll take two, put me on the list. Super excited
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    Summing up the teases...

    I have two R3's and want to upgrade but I will patiently wait to see what Radenso has up it's sleeve.I think and hope it will be game changing.
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    R Series Beta Testers

    With all the controversy surrounding the new update and the perceived problems with MRCD not going low enough, K band compromised and BSM alerts in abundance, how could the beta testers have given this upgrade its seal of approval. Is this an example of user mania or did the testers not do enough ?.
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    Attn rd forum: Vortex put teaser of Fw 1.39 up in his Facebook. What fw 1.40 from jag.

    Your detector as is will protect you worries
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    No alerts of any kind in 3 months !

    I'm gonna make a sleeve for the mount tongue from a beer coolie hoping it will keep it from getting so hot.
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    R3 - Stopped alerting to all radar

    I just had the same problem, returned the unit and it was replaced within a week. Great customer service
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    No alerts of any kind in 3 months !

    Haha...yes, the turnaround was quick and the new detector alerts as expected. I wonder if the steel tongue from my windshield mount could have killed the detector. Being in the Florida sun, heating up and then inserting the detector onto that almost to hot to touch piece of metal.
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    Uniden R1 External Audio Output Level LOW!?

    Is someone saying we should be using stereo buds, and if so the volume will increase?
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    Uniden R1 External Audio Output Level LOW!?

    Shame on Uniden for having an audio jack that doesn't work with an output level that is unmeasurable. Having it on the unit is a scam.
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    Uniden R1 External Audio Output Level LOW!?

    I have an R3 and the external audio jack is worthless. I have tried different mono earbuds and the alerts are barely audible. When I had my Redline the audio jack worked just fine. I drive a convertible and play the music loud sometimes...very disappointed in the inability of the R3 to push...
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    Mac Update Software now available for the R1 & R3

    I got the same message and updated and was still not able to update the R3. Grabbed the old PC and after stumbling around a bit on the interface finally did it. I'm disappointed that I couldn't use the Mac which is my everyday computer.
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    No alerts of any kind in 3 months !

    I should have mentioned that the unit appeared to be functioning and would do a self test with no error message.
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    No alerts of any kind in 3 months !

    Yesterday I put the detector in the car that has the mirror mount wiring and hoped for any alert...nothing. I had the detector wide open, everything on 100%, parked in front CVS and drove thru numerous strip malls. It's time to return the unit and thank god I didn't get a ticket while thinking...
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    No alerts of any kind in 3 months !

    Ok...drove by a CVS and no alert. Then on I-95 passed multiple speed signs and nothing. Getting boxed up and sent back. I bought a power cord on eBay for the new car and wonder if it could have had an effect on the unit, plugs into the receptacle...Worked fine on the other car with blendmount...