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    CB SSB while driving

    It really depends on what you want. On ham radio you can do that all day long due to having access to so many bands. There is almost always an opening to somewhere in the world. You will rarely find anyone local on SSB CB but you can get some nice range if you find anyone. CB is essentially the...
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    Recommend a drill-through CB antenna and mount

    If you are definitely decided on drilling, I would go with the NMO mount for sure. It should be the most secure, cleanest, and should provide good contact for the antenna. Plus when you want to remove it you can just use an NMO cap to cover it up.
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    New V1, haven't heard a K band alert

    I've been running in USA mode lately and when I went back to custom sweeps I forgot that little c would disable K band. I couldn't figure out what was going on.
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    Keep the V1C and get rid of the Redline?

    Lots of V1 and M3 combo users coming out of the woodwork!
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    Keep the V1C and get rid of the Redline?

    Do you fell more vulnerable to K band with TSR ON and in AUTO mode vs. the V1?
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    Keep the V1C and get rid of the Redline?

    Interested to see what comments come out of this. Packaged Redline huh? Did not realize they were doing that. I also have a similar combo (see sig) and I'm often torn between which one to run. I "feel" like the V1 is quicker but that the Redline and Magnum are more sensitive and provide longer...
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    Tech Support Beltronics and Escort subforum

    Since many of the models between the brands are nearly the same AND since the Beltronics subforum doesn't have near the traffic (1/3 of the Escort subforum), do you think there is an opportunity to merge the two? Just a thought.
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    TXCTG Waco Radar Detector Testing 01-30-2016

    Right. It is interesting that in this test the V1 really stood out even without 33.8 in the mix.
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    TXCTG Waco Radar Detector Testing 01-30-2016

    The V1 did awesome, but just imagine if you would have been able to test it on 33.8 as well.
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    Radar Redline vs Ohio LEO X Band I-80

    I WOULD NOT trust the Uniden 950 where X band was used. It is VERY weak on X.
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    YAY! Finally a good K band encounter!!!

    Some of the tests by vortex show the 950 to be a top performer on K.
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    2012 BMW X5 Setup

    Re: Redline, Tablet, Cellphone, Dashcam Windshield Mounts How is torque getting its data? Via WIFI or Bluetooth OBD connection?
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    33.8 POP or I/O.... Questions?

    Happened again today except this time running the Magnum. I'm thinking someone either figured out how to work I/O or that they are running POP. Nothing to full strength alert, short distance.
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    Radar Magnum & V1 vs 34.7 IO

    hiddencam I am curious to hear your opinion on how the ramp up on the V1 compares to the Magnum. Especially now that you have ran both for a little while.

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