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    Theia timeline

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    Gonna Need a New Computer Soon

    Have you considered building yourself? I recently built my first pc and I’ve never attempted to do so before. Went together super easy. I went with the Ryzen 3900, using it mostly as a home server/pleas server. Something like that would be more than you need for your applications but would fit...
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    V1Gen2 vs R7... IMO

    I think there’s not enough difference between the two to jump ship. I’ve got an R7, the V1G2 is in my opinion fairly equal to it so I see no reason to shell out the extra cash for it. Likewise if I had the V1 already I wouldn’t pickup the R7. I’ll need more to open my wallet again for a new RD...
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    Announcement Welcome new Moderators- InsipidMonkey and ObeerWANKenobi

    Great choices! Congrats to you both.
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    Radar V1G2 Gobbles Up Stationary C/O 35.5

    Nice range on that one for sure. Thanks for the video. edit: Saying private now?
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    Welcome to the forums! To answer your question, yes, there has been some initial testing on the new V1 and early reports are very positive. You can head over to the countermeasures and testing area to check that out.
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    Theia bashing nonsense

    Not everyone Jon. Most people here are super excited for what you guys are doing and what you've taught us. Don't let a few bad apples run you off like they have every other manufacturer. I saw in another thread someone said they wished Mike V would come here and contribute. Do we really not...
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    Mike V pulls rabbit out of the hat!

    I've got the R7 too. I'm not sure either if it's much of an upgrade over that for me. I go back and forth on trying one out. BSM filtering sounds better though, range pretty much equal and of course the V1 gets the edge in build quality. I'm hoping the original V1 resale prices go down now...
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    Mike V pulls rabbit out of the hat!

    Eh, if you're a V1 "guy" that's all you want. If you're used to the phone and app and the old V1 was plenty, this all of that and more. Plus, a lot of people have been waiting on this upgrade a very long time.
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    Hello all, here for the V1G2 discussion

    Welcome to RDF! You've come to the right place as there are numerous members with the V1G2 already. Some testing has been done in the countermeasure section and it's showing very well so far. Have you picked up the V1G2 yet or are you still on the fence?
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    Theia bashing nonsense

    You just have to quit caring about what someone says about your preferred RD on the internet. If you're concerned with Theia bashing, just wait. If it delivers, all of the bashers will be eating crow.
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    Interview with Mike Valentine about the V1 Gen2

    Wow, thanks Vortex for getting this done. I'm sure the reason he was waiting to chat with you was because the new V1 was right around the corner and he figured he'd do the chat after release. Better than having to be super vague on answers a few weeks or months back. Awesome stuff.
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    Will Theia have arrows?

    It'll have arrows.
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    Hello! From Indiana (Fishers / Noblesville)

    Welcome from a fellow Hoosier! I'm at the south end of the state but travel your way fairly often. Congrats on the V1G2 as well!
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    Well, after the R3 Uniden launched the R7 which is basically an R3 with dual horns so that you have arrows. Currently all of the hype and focus is on the new V1. Early reports are R3/R7 range with better BSM filtering and build quality. Lastly Radenso is releasing their new offering sometime...