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    Unhitched trailer on a blind overpass.

    That little safety pin for the ball coupler isn't there for decoration! Glad you didn't slam into that mess
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    Radar R3 and Ka 33.8

    Was that in Washington? I have seen WSP leave their radar on while using laser a few times now, like they don't run the audio doppler and just forget the unit is even on. Maybe he was waiting for a big fish to hit with lidar?
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    Radar Redline-O, well... doing what it does best!

    I am going to find a way to hack that tone onto Theia. It's just so clean and professional, but still has the proper psychological effect that the default Uniden chirp just didn't for me
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    Lidar 4 AM Code Brown

    What a tricky spot, seems like that distance from the road and close proximity to target vehicles would cause accuracy issues...
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    Excited to be a part of these forums!

    Welcome! I wish I could go back and have my first encounter again. That spine tingle of excitement from seeing the invisible, and finally turning the tables a bit on the opposition where I was a sitting duck before. It was a powerful feeling.
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    Radar Legit 24.04 K band save

    Solid detection, and good thing you didn't mute it especially with the family in the car!
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    Radar R7 saves me from K band speed trap

    Good old cash grabs. Plenty of spots near me that have dropped from 40 or 45 down to 30 and now have automated K band speed cameras
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    Radar R7 saves me from K band speed trap

    Wow. 25 is WAY too low for there. Nice one!
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    Radar 24.107 In The Dark

    Same. One of my encounters with a local sheriff was at 24.202, I’ve got to keep an extra eye out for that now. Luckily it was in a fully marked Tahoe, about as high-profile as it gets
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    Sold/Ended Reconditioned Uniden R3 - $239.99 on Woot

    Factory reconditioned units at $160 off retail, not bad! EDIT: These are a one-day deal, Monday, August 26 only
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    Ka Band from WSDOT?

    I messed up and didn’t save the correct video file, but I was driving on SR-104 just East of the Olympic National Forest, and started picking up Ka 33.8 on my R7. I expected to see a WSP trooper, but instead found a small WSDOT-marked Ford Transit parked off a service road to be the source. He...
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    Radar This was a CLOSE ONE. Almost toasted!

    Brown town! Nice save
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    Radar R7 vs Handheld I/O 34.7

    I was a day 1 R3 user, fantastic detector but the R7 was well worth the upgrade to me
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    Radar R7 vs Handheld I/O 34.7

    Yep, it can announce side direction. I’ve noticed the R7 is a bit more prone to displaying a very close signal as a side alert than my V1 was. V1 would have definitely been front arrow only in this situation
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    Radar R7 vs Handheld I/O 34.7

    And hopefully not the last