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    1. markxyz
      Hi Wolf, Anything further on this year's Can/Am meet to test jammers? I have an ALP dual setup on the front (one in that back) that I'm looking to upgrade to a triple front/dual back, but I wouldn't mind getting it tested as is. Anyways, I know that you usually do this in the spring and that's rapidly approaching. Get back to me please when you get the chance. Thanks, mark
    2. goodtimes40
      sorry I am just getting back to youtoday. long trip and very tired. I am getting the prolaser 3 today and will save your laser atlantalar, but wanted the guns I have first. if you still have in a few weeks once I pay 1/2 guns off, I will pm youabout the Atlanta lar.
      thanx for being in touch so fast. just got back yesterday from florida east coast and back here in port richey, fl late yesterday. ty
    3. goodtimes40
      im deciding on a lrb ultralyte 20/20 and takes c batteries. has certificate and calibrated last summer.
      how much is the laser Atlanta. im still interested. do you accept paypal or just cash. ty
      sooner the better. ill hold off and see if I hear back by the am before I buy this other one first. ty always shop here first before somewhere else. ty for writing back
      I really want laser Atlanta and prolaser 3 but the prolaser 3 too expensive and the cheaper ones needs a battery pack. I love yours and the other gun im looking at taking only c batteries and ready. good condition too. if your up now, plz let me know the cost on your end. ty shopping for best prices and of course price goes with how good condition and how it comes to me shipped fast. ty
    4. goodtimes40
      do you still have the laser Atlanta for sale and is it in good working condition and does it come with batteries or do you have to have it plugged in in order to use it. I'm trying to build a collection and I want to have guns were they can either be rechargeable batteries or just battery pack alone
      that way I have the freedom of standing outside in my car and testing. please write back. Dan
    5. xydrine
      This has been fixed. If it doesn't appear to be fixed, clear your browser's cache and hit refresh.
    6. xydrine
      Please read the big black notice.
    7. mrkookm
      When I ran them together 18~22in apart there was interference and why I'm now mounted back outside. If you don't get it tested, i.e., to see if interference exists you'll likely not notice it, but there were times when something didn't feel right. It was off by a couple seconds here. If CO is used primarily then you'll be fine, but if I/O then I suggest mounting the + outside.
    8. CJR238
      Yes I run the V1, RedLine and CI together. The V1 does interfere with the RedLine but not with the CI. Having the STI-R + in the cabin the V1 will interfere with it, but try different placements and it may just work fine.
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