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    Theia and military bases

    I thought every infraction on a military base is a federal crime. :razz: I believe the penalty for getting caught USING one on a military base is probably more severe and non-flexible. If you have a way of getting away with it, I say go for it. The brand or model will have nothing to do with...
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    Introducing Radenso Theia powered by Rai (Video Links and FAQ on first page)

    Geeze guys! Frequency does or doesn't matter dominating these threads really seems pointless to me. Let's discuss something easier like solving extreme poverty or world peace.
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    Who. Is. Rai?

    While that sounds logical on the surface, I believe there will be 1k times more the number of the mostly to completely uninformed people who want to buy a little black box that goes "beep" occasionally. I don't think the vast majority of buyers are willing to learn new tech when deciding on...
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    R7 K band 23.838

    I know there have been some falsing issues due to MRCD being enabled. Could that possibly be what's happening?
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    X band from Ohio State Patrol?

    Last summer, (2018), I found a local close to Cleveland running X band, so don't disable it in Ohio.
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    How to Avoid a 100mph+ Speeding Citation from FHP

    Just a guess on my part. Plus, that car was an older Crown Vic.
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    Radar R7 picks up C/O 34.7 around a bend on rural highway

    Very nice detection, especially when you figure in 2 curves and all those evergreens absorbing the radar beam. Other than the car ahead of you, there wasn't anything for the waves to bounce off of.
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    Radar Sneak South Elgin Cop

    Very nice! He was in a very unnoticeable spot. I'm guessing that wasn't cotton along the roadside?
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    Uniden R7 Sale Price $499.99 through the end of the year.

    I probably will after current R7 users report back. I fully expect it to be fine, but I'm one of those overly cautious types.
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    Looking for a radar detector

    If all you're doing is short trips on flat, open terrain, the DFR9 is a good enough detector. If you spend most of your time in the city and some road trips, the ProM would be a great choice due to the excellent filtering and good range. If you want a detector that has extreme range...
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    Uniden R7 Sale Price $499.99 through the end of the year.

    I may jump on this once we see the results of the next update. Sounds like the Raadenso may be priced a little out of my range, based on everything I'm reading. But, that's just speculation on my part.
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    My First Save

    I believe there's a private group on here for this problem. Sign up now and they may get you in by New Year. :spazface: The classes fill up quickly.
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    How to Avoid a 100mph+ Speeding Citation from FHP

    I would have loved to hear the conversation of the officer explaining driving reckless at that speed to pull over a "speeder" only to destroy approximately $60k worth of taxpayer owned equipment. And, to add to the problem, catch the grass on fire, creating an even more dangerous situation...
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    Rai Questions for SEMA

    What role will GPS have with the detector? What exactly will the detector "see" to give an alert?
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    Sold/Ended BNIB Radenso RC-M $1900 CAD

    @Smason I wish had friends/relatives like you. Don't get me wrong. I love the $40 shirts. But...... 1572499209 Memo: CL flagged ad for removal.