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    Is this typical R3 performance? (Video inside)

    I agree with what others have described. Plus, there's no telling when the LEO turned on the radar. Around here, they are notorious for turning it on as they approach a blind curve or the crest of a hill.
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    Too much static on CB? Look here...

    CBs are always susceptible to various other electronics. Faulty power line transformers can wreak havoc on a CB. Florescent lights can really make one get noisy. When you activated an additional current flow by plugging in the phone, it seems to have raised the electronic noise level, thus...
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    Hypothetical question about a new V1...

    Wasn't trying to take your words out of context. Sorry if that's what I did. I agree I'm not the police here, nor do I want to be. I kinda thought calling out an Admin was 50/50 on it being recieved as 2 members seeing things differently. Looks like I got the wrong half. I will certainly...
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    Hypothetical question about a new V1...

    There was no need for a cheap shot. We can be enthusiasts and not want to use apps. It's unfair mislabeling people just because they don't see things the way you do.
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    Uniden continues to listen to its customers...

    It's a common theme for some to find something negative in a thread that's started as something positive. I don't even own a R7, but I appreciate how Uniden listens and responds.
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    Uniden R7 Announced & features discussion thread

    My understanding is that it goes by the original filing date. At least that's what I've read on here around the time the R7 was announced. I'm no expert, so maybe @UnidenSupport will chime in.
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    Made a bad purchase, found this place, excited to correct myself!

    He's not able to view the Classified yet. He needs to reach Beginner or become a Premium Member before he can see that section. My vote is for the R3 if you can't swing the Pro M
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    Uniden continues to listen to its customers...

    Is the notch filter a permanent solution, or is until they can figure it out through algorithms? Either way, they have been very responsive for us. All top notch products usually need a tweak here and there.
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    Hello from the deep South United States

    Welcome fellow Bammer. Keep us updated on your R7 experiences. There's a thread in the Uniden section on some settings used by beta testers and others to keep most BSM falsing to a minimum. Roll Tide!!!
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    UNIDEN R7 - All discussions relating to mounting your R7

    One thing you need to remember, the R3 doesn't have a rear horn. I would want my R7 to have a clear view out the back window.
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    I use a Blendmount for my RPSE and my R3. No wobble or bouncing. They are a little expensive, but well worth the money.
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    Accident and a Shooting

    I thought it may be. Once someone shoots at them, chances of surrender goes to zero.
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    Accident and a Shooting

    That must have been a desperate character to shoot at cops, (assuming he started the shooting). Not sure how things are in California, but in the deep south, if you shoot at a cop, sometime in the next couple days, your family is making your funeral arrangements.
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    Looking to finally get a radar detector

    STiR is no slouch on range. The R3 should be as good or a little better. The problem with the STiR is almost no BSM filtering.
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    DFR7 vs. DFR9 BSM/K Filtering

    Your text asks about DFR9 vs R3. The 9 isn't as sensitive as the R3 so the BSM filtering should be better on the 9. I've read the DFR9 has decent range and pretty good filtering.