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    Your first radar detector(s)

    Yowza, that was mine too! For the time, it was a beast. It was like speeding with impunity. :)
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    NY created photo blocking license plates

    That's the one I have. When the state pitched the new orange plates to get people to switch, I didn't go for it, cause I hated the way the orange ones looked. It's those orange ones though that have that peeling problem. I saw another one again just yesterday while on the thruway. That's...
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    NY created photo blocking license plates

    Too funny. I've noticed too that NY also has a problem with the previous generation plates seeing the whole paint layer peeling away from the metal. Sometimes there's just a portion of it still hanging on, flapping away as they drive. Other times the paint is gone completely and it's just the...
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    error 3 defective sensor service required

    Perfect. Thank you.
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    error 3 defective sensor service required

    What timing. I started getting this message a while ago too. At first it was intermittent, now it's constant, whenever I power up my ALP system. I just shut off the system, until I have time to identify the bad sensor. Any recommendation how to go about systematically doing that? I have five...
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    Upstate NY - Hello all!

    Welcome from the western end of the state. That run on the I-90 from east to west is fun, isn't it?
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    (Newb here)...Any use in running a non-stealth RD in Ontario?

    What's the lidar usage situation up in ON? All this RD discussion may be moot. Canadian friends?
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    K band NYS? (W-NY)

    I never test it. Best to not poke the bear. That being said, I had a wonderful encounter on the I-90 playing with a NYSP in an unmarked Tahoe between Buffalo and Batavia the week of Thanksgiving, while on my way to my range. He was ahead of me, so I'd pace him for awhile and then back off. I...
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    Old Resident

    Welcome back.
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    Casually passing a flaming garbage truck, being surprised, all while listening to Hard In Da Paint

    Ah, that takes me back. I remember driving across Grand Island on my way back from just having voted in the 2008 presidential elections. On the opposite side of the thruway, off in the distance, you could see smoke billowing. As I got closer, you could see that it was a garbage truck also...
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    So what city, state or other do you refuse to speed? And why?

    That's funny, aside from the typical school zones and residential areas, of all the places I'd be likely to go, the one I'm very wary of speeding in is Ontario. The stakes are just a little too high up there. OPP - those boys play for keeps.
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    Good point. I was a late convert to Waze, and I do appreciate it and employ it, but I never want to rely on it completely. And I certainly never want to lose my skill set of driving strategies, situational awareness, and how to read and use a radar detector correctly. :)
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    MA vs NY

    Please don't remind me. It just adds injury to injury.
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    Running the RedLine again

    I still enjoy my Redline very much. I run it usually every day. Only on the thruway though where I know it will only be NYSP conducting speed enforcement. The loop around the city is about 2/3 controlled by the state boys. That's the section that I take to work. The other section is patrolled by...
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    Do You Hide Your CM's from Potential Thieves?

    I used to take down my detectors when I only kept one in the car and had it mounted lower on the windshield. At the end, it was either a Beltronics or Escort detector on a Sticky Cup mount. Now I have two in the car, both hardwired in up top at opposite corners of the windshield, and both on sun...