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    How to help stop mass shootings and protect the 2A

    The problem is, none of the above would have prevented the legal purchase of a firearm nor the attack. It's a slippery slope away from the actions of a person to the device being used. More gun laws != Less gun violence (see Chicago). Social media is to be blamed as much as a weapon of choice...
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    Northeast radar testing

    Anything come of this? Great time to do this. Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
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    A friendly reminder

    NHSP does not play around in the summer and pays close attention to 95, 16 and 93 all summer long. This gentleman may not be aware of countermeasures like doing this at night [emoji23]...
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    Cobra DualPro 360 and Cobra Road Scout Announced

    Does anyone remember the study that Escort put out asking for input on future devices? Clearly the Road Scout is a product of that study based on the look. The features are also lock step with some of the questions being asked in the study. Pretty cool to see a finished product from that...
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    Cape Cod K (and Ka) band

    Or the leaning tower at Prince Pizza. RT1 still has some goodies even if the giant Mr Peanut (Peabody) and the huge Santa (Saugus) have moved on. BTW a lot of the dinosaurs from RT1 can be found in Salisbury. They all were from the NY 1964 world's fair. A nice write up on mr peanut. That...
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    Apollo 11 film

    Fantastic! Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
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    Uniden/ radenso questions

    Product management is all about knowing where to spend capital (human and money) in order to put a product to market that will reap the best bottom line benefit to the company. Looking at what he did, he took saw the best of Escort and Radenso and created a true competitor. So what will he do at...
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    Not Something talked about but: How many of you here had hard times and wanted to off themselves to ease your suffering? If so than share the stories

    Deep topic! If you're in a bad place, maybe Billy Joel's song Only Human can give you some perspective: "You've been keeping to yourself these days 'Cause you're thinking everything's gone wrong Sometimes you just want to lay down and die That emotion can be so strong But hold on Till that...
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    Max 360 Auto or Highway Mode

    I use highway all the time. Fits the bill for me. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    NH is going to be ticketing those left lane hogs!

    NH Troopers on Twitter No matter your opinion, NH doesn't joke around and I expect this to be enforced unlike what I've seen in MA. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    EZ Mag Mount total FAIL

    Run your defroster on high for 10 minutes. Moisten the sticky cup then press and lock on windshield. Attach detector. Been running 1.5 years straight without it ever coming off and I'm in a cold climate. Even the 2 weeks of very hot/humid weather and she stays attached. I leave the detector...
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    MAX 360 Sticky Cup

    We get Sub zero here and have a week or two of 100plus. I've never experienced my 360 sticky cup failing. Over a year in same spot and has never fell. I did clean with rubbing alcohol before attaching and its all the way up next to headliner on windshield of my SHO. Good luck! Sent from my...
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    AA batteries tested and compared

    Surprisingly validated my over confidence in Amazon basics which are used in everything here. With 3 kids I buy them by the gross haha Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Saying goodbye

    Hey brother sorry for your loss. I'm glad she was able to being in your lap for the last bit of breath. Hardest thing to do, my 2 labs both made it to 15 before I had to make the choice. No more pain, lots of good memories don't rush to a new dog, enjoy the time you had and a break before...
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    Max360 @ $399 on Amazon 11/18 - lowest yet

    Depends on how long you had it. I got mine at launch with $75 off. So I've had some good use out of it already and yeah it would have been nice to get it for sub $400 at the time that was the going rate for the arrows and plug and play. Life with electronics and being the first to buy hahaha...