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  1. V1 radar rocks the world
    V1 radar rocks the world mswlogo
    Mswlogo can u show a video on just laser warnings alone and where are they at entrance ramps ?exit ramps ?bridges? Also can u show a video following a vehicle with false laser alerts off that vehicle. And if v1 comes out with a v2 radar are u going to make a app like v1 driver for it? Thanks
    1. mswlogo
      Please don't ask technical questions on my profile. And don't duplicate the request. You've sent this request on Youtube, Privately and now here.
      Dec 16, 2018 at 9:08 PM
  2. Bit2
    Bit2 xydrine
    At least make a reply back, if general access doesn’t allow me to Enter the raffle, you should not be able to keep my donation
    I am requesting the refund, nicely
  3. Bit2
    Bit2 xydrine
    Xydrine any update for the refund
  4. jmarcus2000
    jmarcus2000 Administrator
    The last administrator said he wasn't an administrator. I purchased 10 raffle tickets and it seems i cannot use them to enter the drawing. The advertisement said anyone can enter. What gives? I've been a forum member more than 6 months.
  5. jmarcus2000
    jmarcus2000 001
    So I bought 10 raffle tickets how do I use them?
  6. jamesbrian01
  7. Chris KH2PM
    Chris KH2PM
    My former ride..retired NC SHP ‘95 9C1
  8. masonjohn1
  9. dougb
    dougb Administrator
    Hi, I bought some tickets, but can't register them. please refund my money!
  10. Allen Dockery
    Allen Dockery
    Ret. Navy Avionics Chief Petty Officer. Electronic Engineer, now work Cybersecurity & design apps on the side. BetaTest for few companies.
  11. Joegolf68
    OMG this stuff is expensive.
  12. Bmom23
    Living with a purpose..
  13. Bit2
    Bit2 xydrine
    I am a general member and I guess I am not allowed to participate in your raffle. I am looking to get my $20 refunded.Bit2
    Ps my email address for this site and my PayPal address are different.
  14. David M Dearman
    David M Dearman
    Purchased a Uniden R1 from Best Buy. Loving it
  15. 997Turbo
    997Turbo Administrator
    Hi I entered the draw but it won’t allow me to register for the raffle tickets?
  16. OBeerWANKenobi
    I'll send you a PM
  17. keefrto
    I dont speed i just dont like real crimes being missed
  18. PaulZy
    PaulZy OBeerWANKenobi
    Mr. Kenobi

    I'm very nube here and I have heard you make some good points on this forum. I picked up a TMG on sale, as one of the first 100, and I am wondering if I should sell it , while unused, and get an ALP? I live in Arizona and don't YET need excellent coverage, but you never know.

  19. NPark
    NPark oldcelt
    Good sir OldCelt! Hope you're well.
  20. NPark
    Laying low....but stay tuned for some vids!