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  1. 300srt
    300srt Hahns52
    I was wondering if you were still testing? I recently installed an alp and need to test it.
    Thank you,
  2. 300srt
    300srt Five Hundred
    Hello, I was wondering if you were still doing testing. I recently installed an alp and need to test it.
    Thank you,
  3. Marty
    Marty Vortex
    Going with the R-3. Thanks. What I wanted to contact you about, was Roy. Marty
  4. nomore55
    nomore55 NHGuy
    Tutto Lite is on Saturday at Larz Anderson. Are you going?
  5. Ajax
    Ajax fuelforfire87
    You ever get you rear TX sensor figured out?
  6. Michelin
    Michelin easyrider
    Je suis aussi de suisse romande, quelles sont les derniers réglages que tu utilises stp - Comme tu as l'air au point.
    Merci !
  7. NPark
    Latest ghetto arrows setup, with vids to come!
  8. FWGuy
    So You Say Laser Detectors are just Ticket Notifiers For LIDAR, That is True only for LEO using Lidar.
  9. robwolff3
    Figuring out how to use this hook...
  10. NPark
    Be sure to check out my latest I/O vids. HATE I/O!!
  11. NPark
    NPark modsl55amg
    Hey M! Hope all is well my jersey brother
    1. modsl55amg
      Hi N... All good down here in the Southern part of the state! I see you are still running into a lot of radar up there, as well as spotting those unmarked "Ghost" cars. Man that's scary! Keep up the good work! I recently found the instructions you wrote for me back in April, as to the steps for posting my dashcam videos of interesting encounters. If I run into problems, I'll give you a shout for Help! M...
      Sep 28, 2017
    2. modsl55amg
      Hi again N... I used too many characters so my last message wouldn't go thru until I deleted some. Hope everything is going OK with you regarding school and personal things. M...
      Sep 28, 2017
  12. mbsl500
    mbsl500 Brainstorm69
    My son is looking for a Savvy.
    If you know of anyone who let one go pretty reasonable.let me know.
  13. Edisher
    Edisher milkman
    I did join the forum for one reason - I love different gadgets and as far as I remember myself - driving a car, more than 40 years.
    Was looking into UNIDEN R3 purchase but cannot find its INTERNATIONAL version, what I see is all designed for USA/CANADA .
    Wonder if someone could enlighten me on the practical difference of two builds and where to find the one which may work out of North America. THANKS
    1. milkman
      You might want to pm either Vortex or Tom with RestRadarDetectors. One of these guys will have a answer for you.
      Sep 26, 2017
  14. The Only Sarge
    The Only Sarge
    Face planted in back pasture
  15. NPark
    Back to posting vids.
  16. drtoddw
    drtoddw derek21023
    Saw the post about watching the Spartans...are you in Michigan?
  17. NPark
    Getting back to a good place
  18. pjbandit
    pjbandit Hügel66
    hello, i would like to purchase the pro...can you provide a discount code please...thank you
    1. Hügel66
      Please use coupon code "rdforum" for a 10% discount on our detectors
      Sep 28, 2017
  19. gapi
    gapi Wareagle1520
    What firmware does this gun have?
    Do you have access to the intermediate threads?
    You will need to make sure that you are up to date. I believe you can get help from the intermediate threads via private messages.
    Let me know if you need access and I will recommend you.
  20. ZoSoIV
    Zeppelin Fanatic