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  1. Preston Witham
    Preston Witham
    Its pretty bad since i got my R3 i look for any reason to go for a ride :-)
  2. Jason Jin
    Jason Jin
    Should I get a Uniden R3?
  3. Preston Witham
    Preston Witham
    I am wondering if anyone lives or knows about South Carolina preferably Horry County I have yet to come across a legit k band alert...
  4. Preston Witham
    Preston Witham
    Goodnight all of my countermeasure peoples excited to run with my R3 tomorrow after receiving it today my DFR6 served me well though....
  5. jmccam
    jmccam xydrine
    I’ll take that laptop. PayPal friends and family?
  6. radarrandy
    radarrandy radarguy1986
    I am still interested in the R1 - Randy
  7. Preston Witham
    Preston Witham
    I got to see my dfr 6 in action today was quite impressed with the range on the KA band 34.7 and the road was not flat or straight...
  8. tr92
    Road Transport the game, staying out of trouble the aim! TR92
  9. Phantom Z3
    Phantom Z3 Vortex
    Are there any test results for ALP vs TMG A-15? I've been running unprotected against laser and wondering if I should wait for TMG or go for the ALP. Being a small, low car, would the TMG have issues like the TX ALP heads?
  10. Revglent
    Just received my Alp quint system today, now to find an installer.
  11. ashman
    ashman DEMON5
    hi ive just purchased the R3 from the Usa And would like to update to the Nz database how can i get the password
  12. infiniti
    infiniti Administrator
    I’m seeing the DONATE for RDF Server Fees for June expected to reach 751.00. Is there any more context on why 751? Are we now going to be paying that much each month to operate this site? Thanks
  13. radarrandy
    radarrandy Vortex
    from Beach Camera
  14. radarrandy
    radarrandy Vortex
    Escort Passport 8500x50 with Smart cord USB IS this new?
    1. Vortex
      Whoa that's an old detector now. It's since been discontinued by Escort. Even its replacement, the Passport, has been discontinued, and replaced by the X70 and X80. If you don't need the GPS/Bluetooth, a Uniden DFR6 will give you longer range, better reactivity, and better BSM filtering for less money.
      May 28, 2018
  15. stu cameron
    stu cameron
    R3 /R1 fan Previous BEL/ESCORT only
    GREGG FALLICK bhrodeoaz
    I am planning to be in Phoenix on Friday and then heading to Sedona for the weekend. Any chance you could meet me Friday early afternoon to test my ALP system?
  17. CopperX
    CopperX DEMON5
    Hi Demon5, I am updating my US R3 to NZ database, thank you for all the working. Could you please share the password with me. Thank you very much!!
  18. AtlMark
    working on getting best laser for new car
  19. Warpath
    OH, BOY...
  20. Deadhead1971
    In the house