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  1. At0mic9
    At0mic9 chakeubeam
    Hey Chakeubeam, im wondering if you can help me....i see on the NZ/AUZ forum that you might be able to help with shipping an R3? im looking to purchase one and need a US address, then get it shipped to NZ. happy to pay for your time...cheers
  2. AtomAnt
    Learning to fly but I aint got wings
  3. nappent
    nappent Vortex
    Based off of your videos I bought myself a Uniden R3 and R1 for the wife. By the way I work in Redmond, WA and a commercial drone pilot, so if you need any aerial footage for upcoming videos, I'm happy to help
    My small channel:
    1. Vortex
      Ah hey cool! Thank you! Just checked out your channel. Good to see someone else so close by! :)
      Feb 15, 2018 at 4:45 PM
  4. gra
    gra drtoddw
    Hi! I have some problems with escargot 2.2....crash when gps get a lockup, so i want to try version 1.8. Can you help me with that version?
    1. drtoddw
      Have you tried the newest version 2.3?
      Feb 15, 2018 at 12:21 PM
  5. v1fan
    v1fan xydrine
    Hello xydrine, I may have received a phishing email from a containing a hot link to reset my password. If this is not legit - To whom should I send this to at RDF? Thanks bunches.
    1. xydrine
      Most likely that's legitimate. Please use the bug reports section or a PM for issues like this though. Thanks.
      Feb 21, 2018 at 4:25 AM
  6. btmgov
    Probably Speeding
  7. btmgov
    Not Speeding
  8. btmgov
  9. jmccam
    jmccam Vortex
    Does BestRadarDetectors give a forum discount for members? I can't find any info since I have been away for awhile and not use to the new format. Ready put the old Redline in the every now and then Porsche and get a an R3. Been holding out for V1 to come out with new one, but I may die before then.

    FYI, I'm the one that bought the LR950 from you for my daughter.
  10. aocsgil
    aocsgil benzr
    Need your opinion on upgrading my ProSE to a Pro M... tried to leave you msg. earlier but could not as it said i had more than 420 caricatures?
  11. Michael Flare
    Michael Flare
    Valentine One [3.8952]
  12. Riley1524
    Riley1524 chakeubeam
    Is $550 the lowest you'll go on your recent ALP posting?
  13. EnerVision
    Street Storm
  14. NPark
    Hibernating! Once this weather warms up, we're back to testing!
  15. VariableWave
    VariableWave Peaches
    Hey Peaches, where in VaBch are you? I'm currently near Oceana
  16. mynibiru
    mynibiru xydrine
    hello xydrine I see I won something in the New Year raffle is it the gsuite? what is that exactly . let me know thanks
    1. xydrine
  17. Cbitugs
    New member
  18. lageass
    I'm from China, I sell Uniden in China
  19. Ctse
    Ctse Vortex
    Hey Vortex

    Your videos are awesome! I purchased two Uniden R3s and two ALP systems for my V10 R8 and 488GTB based on your videos! I just finished the install on the R8 and wanted to test the ALP system. I noticed your are also in the Seattle area, would you or do your know anyone that has access to a laser that I could verify my system with? Obviously, beer or lunch would be provided!
  20. djrzn
    djrzn OpenRoad
    New here also from SC. You seem very knowledgeable looking at a max 2 or uniden r3.. Max2 is on sale at the local BB, however r3 seems like the most popular right now. Any suggestions, what do rec for around here?
    1. OpenRoad
      R1 is the better unit. R3 has GPS and Red light camera database, and K band lockouts. If K band is used in your area, then R3 is probably the better choice. K Band is not used in California so R1 is the way to go.
      Jan 16, 2018