General Countermeasures

How Radar & Radar Detectors Work

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How Police Radar Works A typical radar gun consists of a radio wave transmitter combined with a radio wave receiver. The gun shoots out radio waves at a specific frequency. The radio waves travel through the air bouncing off objects they encounter. Some of these reflected waves will make it back to the radar gun. The waves that reflect off an object which is moving undergo a Doppler Shift. This Doppler Shift causes a change in the frequency of the radio wave. The radar gun uses this change...

Michael Valentine - A True Entrepreneur

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Courtesy of Riptide... When Michael Valentine was in grade school he lived in the suburbs of Vandalia Ohio. He was overweight and very self-conscious. Being picked on in school didn’t stop him from being independent and pursuing his hobbies such as playing the sousaphone and tinkering with ham radios. Early on he had little motivation for schoolwork and didn’t know what type of career path he wanted to take. When college time rolled around he decided to attend the University of Cincinnati...

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