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Radar Detector Horns

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Introduction Radar detectors capture signals (X, K, Ka bands) from the airwaves through the use of their radar horns. The type of horns used in radar detectors are called pyramidal horns, since their shape is like that of a pyramid whose sides are flared and help direct the surrounding signals to the center ridge of the horn. These horns use microstrip technology and the center ridge gives these horns their broadband characteristics as well as providing a contact point to the microstrip...

Common Features of Radar Detectors

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Common Features Different radar detector models from different manufacturers offer various feature sets. Some specific features are model or manufacturer specific. A specific feature or feature set can be very important to some people while others make their purchasing decision based purely on performance. Some of these are explained below. Arrows/Bogey Counter Probably the most famous unique features are the Valentine One’s (V1) arrows and bogey counter . The V1 uses a forward and rear...

How Radar & Radar Detectors Work

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How Police Radar Works A typical radar gun consists of a radio wave transmitter combined with a radio wave receiver. The gun shoots out radio waves at a specific frequency. The radio waves travel through the air bouncing off objects they encounter. Some of these reflected waves will make it back to the radar gun. The waves that reflect off an object which is moving undergo a Doppler Shift. This Doppler Shift causes a change in the frequency of the radio wave. The radar gun uses this change...


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Introduction In 1996 I was working at Synrad, LLC. A manufacturer of high power CO2 lasers used for industrial applications. One day the CEO/Owner/Chief Scientist, Peter Laakman, came in and was a bit upset. He had just gotten a speeding ticket by a LEO using Lidar. Peter was also fascinated because he did not know of Lidar and lasers being used as speed monitoring devices. As an oldschool German with a leadfoot, Peter liked to drive fast in his Mercedes. He had a Valentine 1 radar detector...

Band Segmentation (BS) & Radar Detector Rejection (RDR)

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Introduction In the spring of 2013, Escort Incorporated, offered a firmware update to its current line of Redline radar detectors. This update offered two, widely needed features: (a) band segmentation (BS), and (b) radar detector rejection (RDR). The band segmentation feature allows users to select, from 10 filtered settings, a customized band sweep of Ka radar. Traditionally, and still present in many radar detectors, units would scan entire swaths of the Ka band. This posed a combination...

LIDAR Gun Listing Database

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Introduction LIDAR guns have varied in design over the past 10 years, and manufacturers have made significant changes to improve the device’s target acquisition time, target range, and even utilizing anti-jam software. Some good examples showing how the manufacturers have changed their new LIDAR guns for 2012 are the Kustom Prolaser and Applied Concepts Stalker series. With the Kustom Prolaser LIDAR guns, the ProLaser 4 has improved it’s target acquisition capabilities by providing faster...

Radar Gun Modes of Operation

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Introduction Radars used by law enforcement are operated in two modes – Constant ON (C/O), and Instant ON (I/O). Of these two modes, I/O is the sneaky mode used by police to target drivers on the road. Constant ON (C/O) This mode of operation is when the Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) leaves his radar unit constantly transmitting. This allows the officer to just look at his radar unit’s display to see the speed of vehicles within range. This is the easiest operating mode to detect since...

Michael Valentine - A True Entrepreneur

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Courtesy of Riptide... When Michael Valentine was in grade school he lived in the suburbs of Vandalia Ohio. He was overweight and very self-conscious. Being picked on in school didn’t stop him from being independent and pursuing his hobbies such as playing the sousaphone and tinkering with ham radios. Early on he had little motivation for schoolwork and didn’t know what type of career path he wanted to take. When college time rolled around he decided to attend the University of Cincinnati...

CJR's Spelling Breaks Automated Scoring Systems...

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In a stunning feat of literacy prowess, @CJR238 and his spelling has actually managed to brick a standardized testing system's CPU by overloading a spelling correction module earlier today.

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