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  1. BlueV1

    NYSP story, must listen if in NY

    Rule #1: Blend in, don't stick out Alex Roy in his fully decked out vehicle: "Check!" Rule #2:...
  2. dchemist

    When you might need a CM Intervention

    I'm sure they would. Rule #1: avoid interaction with LE. Rule #2: when interactions happen, keep your mouth shut. I'm sure it will end up as a ticket but that's a battle I'll fight in court (where it belongs IMO)
  3. Dukes

    Uniden R7 and Radenso Pro M vs MRCD

    ...Public firmware - 122.123.111 Hard to see, but the MRCD truck is detected as K band around the 27-second mark but it is mute memoried. EDIT 2: Radenso Pro M Auto City Ka and K band on Ka narrow K wide Ka filter off TS Rej High MRCD Narrow MR Filter High Current Public firmware -...
  4. Mushin

    [Patent] High Probability of Intercept Radar Detector (part 2)

    ...Scenario #1: We get the first two improvements. It looks like the circuit design hasn't changed, so hopefully it's software based. Scenario #2: We get them all, including the third improvement which requires a circuit change adding LNAs (stealth?) and a diplexer (to split processing...
  5. Mad Hatter

    Arizona radar 35.496; SUV: 35.5, 34.7 State Trooper SUVs: 35.5 Surprise PD SUV 35.5 Thatcher PD SUV - 35.5 Tohono O’dahm tribal police SUV #1: 35.505, #2: 34.700 Tucson PD crown vic: 35.505 Tucson PD motorcycle: 34.7 Unmarked black Ford F150 FX4 w/camper shell, I-10 near Eloy: 35.5 Unmarked white Ford...