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  1. Mad Hatter

    R7 Questions

    ...via wired USB. The update files can be downloaded from the Uniden website. I believe the "latest" firmware update was from June. Answer #2: Which firmware are you on? Can your volume go all the way to 8? Earlier firmwares were definitely quieter than the latest. Answer #3: Not as far...
  2. Homeuser

    R7 Questions pc periodically? Or is it done via satellite? Can I get email notifications of new updates, both firmware and red light Cameras? Question #2: Volume (sound) it's not very loud. I'm afraid if I have my windows open or stereo louder than normal, I might miss the alert. Does anyone have an...
  3. wildcat333

    New Uniden R7’s with plastic defects?

    ...have two R7’s. Both seem to have obvious plastic defects. It’s like glue underneath the plastic or something. So strange. This is worst below the screen. But also similar issue above the screen. Are they all like this??? Or do I have two bad units? Detector #1: Detector #2: Thanks.
  4. PY004

    Uniden R7, RCM vs Spectre

    ...66" above the ground, same height as the spectre. Spectre Elite Spectre III Center of Lane adjacent to Driver R7 #1: ND, 150ft, 120ft R7 #2: ND, ND, ND R7 #3: 190ft, 220ft, 190ft R7 #1: 220ft, 290ft, 190ft R7 #2: 150ft, ND, 27ft R7 #3: 280ft, 320ft, 310ft Vehicle Center R7 #1...
  5. RoverTtx

    Lineage OS brought bugs to JBV1

    I'm still at a loss trying to make it work. This stinks :( the reasons I run Android are #1: custom ROMs and #2: JBV1 lol I have tried toggling the main audio settings but it's a long process because sometimes I need to restart the phone to fix the issues... I either get no alerts, or jbv1...
  6. Bloovy One

    NYSP story, must listen if in NY

    Rule #1: Blend in, don't stick out Alex Roy in his fully decked out vehicle: "Check!" Rule #2:...
  7. dchemist

    When you might need a CM Intervention

    I'm sure they would. Rule #1: avoid interaction with LE. Rule #2: when interactions happen, keep your mouth shut. I'm sure it will end up as a ticket but that's a battle I'll fight in court (where it belongs IMO)
  8. Dukes

    Uniden R7 and Radenso Pro M vs MRCD

    ...Public firmware - 122.123.111 Hard to see, but the MRCD truck is detected as K band around the 27-second mark but it is mute memoried. EDIT 2: Radenso Pro M Auto City Ka and K band on Ka narrow K wide Ka filter off TS Rej High MRCD Narrow MR Filter High Current Public firmware -...
  9. Mushin

    [Patent] High Probability of Intercept Radar Detector (part 2)

    ...Scenario #1: We get the first two improvements. It looks like the circuit design hasn't changed, so hopefully it's software based. Scenario #2: We get them all, including the third improvement which requires a circuit change adding LNAs (stealth?) and a diplexer (to split processing...
  10. Mad Hatter

    Arizona radar 35.496; SUV: 35.5, 34.7 State Trooper SUVs: 35.5 Surprise PD SUV 35.5 Thatcher PD SUV - 35.5 Tohono O’dahm tribal police SUV #1: 35.505, #2: 34.700 Tucson PD crown vic: 35.505 Tucson PD motorcycle: 34.7 Unmarked black Ford F150 FX4 w/camper shell, I-10 near Eloy: 35.5 Unmarked white Ford...