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  1. RoadDogg

    CR95/CR97 - Configuration Settings Discussion

    ...20 minutes. - 12 total false alarms as follows: 2 false alarms were generic Ka (with one of the two showing FDSr #s) 1 K to Ka false alarm (FDSr #’s) 9 K band false alarms (with 6 showing FDSr #s) - No visible BSM offenders or vehicles - One real Radar encounter - 34.7 constant on - 1.1...
  2. X

    LIDATEK, LLC & The LE-10

    ...back into Synrad, LLC and left the company about 6-8 months later to move to San Diego, CA. I only stayed with Lidatek until the 1st 400 LE-10’s were built and everyone was properly trained. Facts and Myths 2 MHz or 4 MHz Originally the LE-10 was designed to fire @ 2 Mhz. And this was not...