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  1. InsipidMonkey

    JBV1 Features to Support Multiple Detectors?

    ...#2, I would assume this would be left up to the user to define. The RD Test app allows you to define certain frequency ranges to alert to, which the user would have to calibrate to their current detector alert tones. In the absence of #1, it's probably not worth the effort. Thanks for the...
  2. T

    Security code to deter theft?

    Sorry, not something I want at all. #1, I don't want to enter a code to turn on my detector. Shoot, I don't want to turn on my detector. I want my detector to come on and work when I start the car. #2, I don't always have my phone with me, so I have no desire to have to have my phone with me...
  3. alloy00

    V1G2 Mute Question - with a bit of V1Driver

    ...after a set amount of time but keeps alerting 3) Totally silent mute (E.g. a GPS lockout) On the V1G2 with V1Driver, I believe there are only two available settings - either full-blast setting #1, and any suppressions (whether time or locked-out) are at the #2 muted volume. Is that correct?
  4. Bloovy One

    Ideas on stealth installing a windshield mount radar

    ...vehicle, the further back the detector is, the more that the roof and hood, engine, etc. will obscure that "view". 2) Very much related to point #1, the fresnel zone of a radar signal determines how far it travels with sufficient strength. Placing a detector at the top of the windshield...
  5. hiddencam

    ALP Ownership Information

    Seems to me that what you're sharing in this thread is off topic to the specific intent of post #1, which was a statement to address unfounded rumors that were circulating in another thread about forum members with financial ties to ALP and incorrect assumptions about US ALP giving out freebies...
  6. DC Fluid

    Boxing Week K Band City & Filter Blowout Testing arguably more desirable than the Pro M. (Not considering MRCD in this evaluation) Another way to look at it is the cost. Most expensive is #1, and it follows from there. So now consider your bang for buck and things tighten up. I hope you all enjoyed the tests and commentary. Time to enjoy...
  7. Transporter

    Theia FAQ’s with Jon

    ...App, could probably easily label all LEOs interacted with automatically with a generic label. Example first 33.8 encounter at 33.795 is "LEO 33.8 #1, second encounter at 33.824 is "LEO 33.8 #2", etc. This would auto label them by Frequency but it could also add a location matrix and give the...
  8. Transporter

    Theia FAQ’s with Jon Label these guys. Back to my HFRO analogy, the App could label the LEOs like a submarine sonar computer labels Typhoon Attack Subs, Typhoon 1, Typhoon 2 IE 34.7 #1, 34.7 #2, or even using the GPS Cobb Co 34.7 #1, Fulton Co #1, Cobb Co #2. With Theia and Apps/Hacks, the possibilities are...
  9. Heywood

    Radenso Pro M - 3rd Version RM079 the Max360C with FW 1.11. I need more multiple runs on the course. Just a few runs isn’t sufficient. I will say that against Speed sign #1, which I go by multiple time a day when I’m out, has been a mixed bag of inconsistency. Alert, don’t alert but show its locked out, Dead silence...
  10. dma550x

    Waze Longevity

    ...other places: I write and interface with APIs for a living so I was thinking about how Waze works and who owns the data. Hmm. Google. Thought #1, I don't always trust them, they have bought up and killed off a bunch of products I truly loved, sucking the life from them. Picasa was the...
  11. mrmagloo

    V1 WILL be updated

    ...any level of success there. Comparing the two companies is ridiculous. Sure, Mike has ran into some issues with planning whatever is behind Door #1, but there is absolutely no parallel with the future trajectories here. Once the the new model is released, this will be just a distant...
  12. Tallyho

    W-H-Y so many years of the BSM conundrum ?

    That's what Jon expressed here in reason # 1 among other technical reasons:
  13. 87GN

    Perfect Storm! Douche Bag Sheriff and K Band!

    ...the background and JBV1 offline. No rabbits early in the trip, but i can always see 3-4 cars ahead of me in the distance. I make it out of county #1, nothing in a usually hot section, on to county #2. Tulia, TX is a crooked little town. Just Google for a story of massive corruption. Anyway, I...
  14. angrypenguin

    Oil change opinions.

    ...on the table are: 1) Intake valve carbon buildup mitigation 2) "Oil" health 3) Rest of engine health By VTA, if done correctly, you've improved #1, at the risk of #2 (arguable) and #3 (not generally a matter of debate e.g. most people agree). That said, not a lot of us can actually VTA...
  15. goodtimes40

    Lidar MD cop using PL3

    That's where how many inches of coverage does each sensor cover makes all the difference. I know Alp was ranked #1, laser Interceptor had 73 inch coverage which was crazy good back in the day, not sure how many inches TMG covers.
  16. johnboy00

    Feature Requests: "Reverse Themes" & "Verbose CSA announcement"

    #2 certainly makes sense. I'll just add thumbs up to the standard announcement. Regarding #1, a day-themed overlay might be like a beacon of light at night on an otherwise dark screen, but I'll test it out and see what I think.
  17. alloy00

    R7 Settings for Mega Road Trip

    I'm no use on Question #2, my head is buried in the sand RE: MRCD because it's not used near me. But as to #1, 2/5/6/8 is actually more conservative than Ka Narrow. Ka Narrow is essentially 2/5/8. So if you wanna have your bases covered against up-drifting 34.7 radar, 2/5/6/8 is indeed the way...
  18. mikedotd

    Question for Redline EX owners

    ...Honda's. K band is definitely working. Settings are X band off, Highway mode, cruise alert set to 30 MPH, GPS enabled, K band off and segments KN1,2,3 on, Ka band off, KA2,5,8 on, RDR off, TSR off, MRC* off. I have 3 speed signs setup around a school near me that I drive by everyday. On...
  19. Vincent Mancini

    R7 - Rear Horn Vs. Front Horn Sensitivity

    ...couple of weeks, one with the old and 1 with the new R7, and I'm very happy with the second unit. Especially seeing that #2 performs better than #1, that's all I what was looking for, that comfort level..I can only hope and expect that future Updates will perfect my already great working #2...
  20. drtoddw

    Please allow/create 3rd party app support with the R7

    ...public "does it beep at a radar source" are the reasons that they like a detector. Though my "market research" is just from sales, since Cobra is #1, I think that's a fair assumption. That being said, I don't see many people like me throwing fits when something else I would never use is...