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  1. goodtimes40

    Lidar MD cop using PL3

    That's where how many inches of coverage does each sensor cover makes all the difference. I know Alp was ranked #1, laser Interceptor had 73 inch coverage which was crazy good back in the day, not sure how many inches TMG covers.
  2. johnboy00

    Feature Requests: "Reverse Themes" & "Verbose CSA announcement"

    #2 certainly makes sense. I'll just add thumbs up to the standard announcement. Regarding #1, a day-themed overlay might be like a beacon of light at night on an otherwise dark screen, but I'll test it out and see what I think.
  3. Elcid2015

    Google has discovered us.... Run away..

    ..."VPNs cannot make online connections completely anonymous, but they can usually increase privacy and security." Also, in response to number your #1, how do you setup a truly direct connection? The only way I can think is to run a cable from your house to the server of every single website...
  4. Brainstorm69

    Bug Report Hashtag add on corrupts links

    I wonder if it has to do with the comma following the number after the hashtag. #2 #2, LRD 950 #1, LRD950 #2 LRD950#1, LRD950 #2
  5. alloy00

    R7 Settings for Mega Road Trip

    I'm no use on Question #2, my head is buried in the sand RE: MRCD because it's not used near me. But as to #1, 2/5/6/8 is actually more conservative than Ka Narrow. Ka Narrow is essentially 2/5/8. So if you wanna have your bases covered against up-drifting 34.7 radar, 2/5/6/8 is indeed the way...
  6. mikedotd

    Question for Redline EX owners

    ...Honda's. K band is definitely working. Settings are X band off, Highway mode, cruise alert set to 30 MPH, GPS enabled, K band off and segments KN1,2,3 on, Ka band off, KA2,5,8 on, RDR off, TSR off, MRC* off. I have 3 speed signs setup around a school near me that I drive by everyday. On...
  7. Vincent Mancini

    R7 - Rear Horn Vs. Front Horn Sensitivity

    ...couple of weeks, one with the old and 1 with the new R7, and I'm very happy with the second unit. Especially seeing that #2 performs better than #1, that's all I what was looking for, that comfort level..I can only hope and expect that future Updates will perfect my already great working #2...
  8. drtoddw

    Please allow/create 3rd party app support with the R7

    ...public "does it beep at a radar source" are the reasons that they like a detector. Though my "market research" is just from sales, since Cobra is #1, I think that's a fair assumption. That being said, I don't see many people like me throwing fits when something else I would never use is...
  9. drtoddw

    Ka pop question.

    ...with any entity listed in rule #1 which could educate them on how to defeat our equipment Testing equipment with any entity listed in rule #1 Intentionally testing with and/or jamming-to/from-gun (JTG/JFG) any entity listed in rule #1, and/or any entity whose primary purpose is other than testing
  10. protias

    Other The OFFICIAL idiot drivers thread

    #1, I love when people stop at green lights... #2, I think you tried to blow your horn at him, but I wasn't sure. :p
  11. Jon at Radenso

    Lock Outs - Not Possible?

    ...main processor and a secondary dsp chip and is currently going to be the king of arrow detectors. If that accomplishes the goal of being #1, if a company is not run by enthusiasts there is no compelling reason to do more if it eats into margin. You've got to remember that NONE of the...
  12. DrHow

    Max360 or wait for R7 for a noob?

    ...are they are amazing. Either the Radenso RCM, or ER Max 360ci are both great for range and filtering of falses. Plus, adding laser CM (ALP rated #1, or possible ER-ZR) is easy later on. Get out the check book. 4.) non arrow dash: Radenso Pro M. Top flight BSM filtering, great performance...
  13. xydrine

    XF2 Forum Upgrade Bug List / Request *EDITED*

    ...OLD redirects are currently not working, i.e. showthread.php links. This is a vBulletin redirect issue that I'll be resolving later on tonight/tomorrow. 2.) RDFGSv1 is temporarily disabled due to the 3rd party script bridge plugin needing updated. Same issue almost as #1, will be resolved...
  14. xydrine

    The RDF Constitution (Forum Rules & Information)

    ...Testing equipment with any entity listed in rule #1 Intentionally testing with and/or jamming-to/from-gun (JTG/JFG) any entity listed in rule #1, and/or any entity whose primary purpose is other than testing #14: All decisions made by the administrators and moderators are final. #15: Post...

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