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  1. Jennifer

    Oops! We ran into some problems.

    ...a public thread yet receive the attached screen shot. This particular thread in question is at If this is by design due to my access, excellent, just wanted to be sure as the messages above and below seemed pretty tame and it was...
  2. dudeinnz

    Where can I buy Radar Guns?

    That is not entirely incorrect. Sometimes local police districts will have auctions where they sell off old equipment. Example:
  3. TechnoRave

    Uniden R7 vs Uniden R3 - Round 1 . ******* Video Re-Added ******** - Thanks again All!

    Kenny, Just posted this.
  4. Blewbyu

    Hello from Seattle, WA

    Welcome from another person a bit south from you. I'm sure Vortex will have updated settings for the R7 soon on his YT Channel (hint, hint) that will be optimally set up for Seattle area I'm sure! There's another thread that just started on settings by state so check that out...maybe Vortex will...
  5. Tallyho

    R7 just came in.

    Take a look at post#4 for C&D advertising list prices:
  6. dchemist

    RD Forum Charity Decals
  7. Tallyho

    V1 directional arrows on dashcam footage as overlay

    Just to supplement what Deacon has already provided to you:
  8. Patton250

    The R7s power cord

    People be gettin offended all over. Lol. You just never know.
  9. BlueV1

    Guess it was answered hundred of time here - so I'm fine tuning the question (V1 VS Escort)

    ...and JBV1 in the background with the overlay screen for alerts. Once in a while I leave my phone in my pocket for short trips and JBV1 runs with the screen off. In this thread I posted a video recently of JBV1 doing it's thing. That might help. :)
  10. STS134

    2 Tickets in 11 Minutes Veil really does jack sh**. VEIL G5 Review/Test VEIL G5 Review/Test
  11. B

  12. InsipidMonkey

    Lidar ALP VooDoo Jamming YouTube video

    Threads in Int+:
  13. Vancity23

    TMG on BMW M2

    No worries man. Another M2 owner just posted a thread about Tmg head placement. Jon from Randenso replied and said his Alps are installed low on his M2 and had no issues. I asked him to post a pic but in the meantime hear is the thread;
  14. Got Jeep

    Boston - 35.900

    Quick search came up with this thread (and others) (can you tell that we are so slow at work) Allegedly ! 35.900GHz signals
  15. The Mighty Four Banger

    Sneak peek of TMG a-15 overpass testing Just in case anyone is confused
  16. BlueV1

    Any news on JBTMG?

    There goes another kitten.... :oops: Post #7
  17. J

    Puzzled... Uniden R3 not alerting, but not broken.

    Here's an earlier discussion to add.
  18. SquirrelMaster

    ALP’s Falseing has on LV Strip

    This user also had the same issue:
  19. Got Jeep

    Other Over 400,000 views for Lidar/radar video

    Uh oh, Escort's lack of JTK awareness.
  20. O

    lrd850 odd frequency..

    I posted this in the general radar forum but thought I should ask here too.. mods, merge if you like, My LRD850 displayed a frequency number the other day. Odd! Anyone else ever have this?