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  1. robbyb413

    BCD436HP scanner mounting solution (2011 F250) I've never used a Steelie. The ProClip iOmount was way more than enough to hold it, but I have no idea how the two products compare. Here is the post I was thinking of from RR, showing the 436 held by a Steelie, if it helps: Bcd436hp vehicle mounting ? Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. BlueV1

    Can I Trust my V1 After Failing Twice on One Trip

    He lives in Oman. Ku radar. 1561973354 @mralsiyabi, You definitely face different issues. I think you should research what is used there to a greater degree. Perhaps you can dig up what kind of devices are used via the Internet? Also look into...
  3. sdrawkcaB

    How to Jam HikVision Anti-Texting & No Seat Belt ANPR System?

    ...of some of the types of solutions. I don't go into the specific makes and models, but instead focus more on the high-level principles of what the different devices do based on how they function and what they are designed to counter.
  4. riseboi

    Answered Got an Email saying my account was breached

    I believe its a legit message. @xydrine has stated he uses the Dragonbyte Security addon on the forum.
  5. Deacon

    Tech Support No alerts for mentions

    So I’m convinced this is something with the double post merging add on, and it’s not limited to mentions but also to quotes. For example, I was quoted in this thread, one of several posts merged, with no notification:
  6. Jennifer

    Upgrade from 436 to 100?

    ...436, on anything below 700. 1560680268 Yes, in fact several people HAVE explained in nauseating lengths what that means, there are countless posts and thread going back to it's release discussing the specifics and the detail the threads go into are far from vague as several of us have been...
  7. Jennifer

    Your Help Needed RDF: It's time to decide what kind of community you want this to be...

    ...issue here... most of you act a lot better than some I play with, thank you SDS200 - Display brightness (Please keep in mind if you read that post, that they'd been sniping at me (like a bunch of felons looking at the new inmate) and each other on this and the threads I was on, for days, it...
  8. alloy00

    Your Help Needed RDF: It's time to decide what kind of community you want this to be...

    I really appreciate the effort. I love RDF and it's been difficult to come here at times in 2019. I've said as much a couple of times. The solution starts with us. I hope those who constantly turn threads into brand-on-brand warfare/brand bashing with "what-if" and "don't ya know" and "but...
  9. Transporter

    20190602 Atlanta Lidar Testing Results After these posts and not...
  10. Vortex

    Laser Jammer Shootout: ALP vs. Escort ShifterMax vs. Stinger Fiber vs. TMG vs. K40 Defuser Optix vs. Adaptiv TPX

    Post #3 updated to include results from lots of other people's vehicles.
  11. InsipidMonkey

    Has anybody actually tested the unit mounted sideways!?

    ...use where a vertically mounted detector will give you better detection range, but with a significant hit in sensitivity to all other vertically or circularly polarized radar. More info:
  12. dudeinnz

    How to Ask for A Radar Detector recommendation

    ...habits and Your specific driving location. Sometimes we can also help make a recommendation if you've received a ticket. Here's how to create a post that will help us help YOU purchase your best option. Heck, we can even guide you to a Vendor we know, use and trust. First, remember the...
  13. westwind77

    M360 vs K-Band (Low power?)

    There was a bit of an S turn, but if you look he was pretty much on-axis, just the twist between us. I am surprised I did not get a few weak alerts before this. I have said since the new IVT update those weak sniffs are gone on my unit. Here is a 33.8 encounter.....further off axis....and at a...
  14. Phantom Z3

    TMG Install Advise

    You need an actual laser gun to be able to know if it jams it properly. You can check to see if it receives by shooting it with pulsed 905nm laser but you can't know if it jams without it. See what testing groups/people are around you. You can push the heads out until those plastic bars (you...
  15. BlueV1

    Profile pushes... instructions?

    Here's one that I posted. Not much detail though. I thought I had created a video of the process... Now I don't see it.
  16. Jennifer

    What is AZ like for speed enforcement?'ll wonder why you didn't do it years ago. SEE BELOW LINK!!! 20/85, remember it!!!!!! 1557634255 Re 101, they pulled them out a couple years ago...
  17. JmsWms

    Uniden R7 Issues Only with Firmware Version 122.123.111 Only

    Do a search for "quiet ride beep" and you'll find multiple posts about this. Also check your R7 manual on page 29 at the bottom. Although there, they say the R7 beeps once at level one and then goes to level 0. The R3 manual says the same thing.
  18. V

    Rakuten Marketplace: Uniden R3 for $276.25 USD

    Already posted
  19. InsipidMonkey

    Uniden R7 Issues... Please no BS Just Issues Only Please!

    What vehicle do you drive? Is that a dashcam with WiFi above the detector?
  20. Jon at Radenso

    Pennsylvania Countermeasure Frustration And a second test: Pro M with TSR on high had 96% of the R7's range, while having virtually none of the false alerts. If you are specifically looking for a K band detector without a lot of false...

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