Usage for hash tag: metoo

  1. STS134

    Jammer Success Rate

    You forgot the all important last step: going to the media and having them run a story on said officer. You need to get a whole #metoo movement going on that officer and if he lied about your ticket, there's almost surely others out there to whom he did the same thing. Once that really gets...
  2. PointerCone

    Game of Thrones

    Remember, this was all being filmed during the height of the #metoo movement , so it's pretty much expected. Much of this was filmed well over a year ago in Spring 2018 and some before, so it was at its height then. Now it's pretty much #MGTOW..................(and women wonder why??)...
  3. imaitguy

    Few thoughts about future R7

    I agree! I've seen drive-up ATMs with Braille. This kind of discrimination in intolerable. 1552325007 #metoo
  4. GotWake

    Toxic Masculinity

    WOW man, I hope you didn't linger too long. Now, she gets to use the #metoo tag Pictures or it didn't happen. :D
  5. PointerCone

    Toxic Masculinity

    ...gotta shave, BUT I like Harry's so much better anyway. Great German engineered blade and handle too. Gillette can besa mi A$$ on this one. #metoo reminds me of the ERA movement with Phyllis Schlafly (opposed) and Gloria Steinem (for ERA) etc. many years ago. IT didn't pass and for good...
  6. CJR238

    Toxic Masculinity others, its actually one of my biggest flaws, and its got me into one of the most heartbreaking moment in my life. We have seen what the #metoo movement has done. Imagine what a #toxicmasculinity movement will do. Its all a bad road to go down, people hate it or love it its...
  7. cihkal

    Toxic Masculinity

    I just have to say it's hard to not chuckle when I see #metoo because I can only think of (pound)metoo. I guess I'm just old enough to think of that symbol more as a pound key than hashtag. I'm not about the man hating or being overly PC, but fully think there's a happy medium in life. I think...
  8. Driver66

    Toxic Masculinity

    I'm sure some of you have seen this Gillette commercial. I found it completely offensive. This is a preemptive strike against the potential #metoo mob mentality attacking them for any reason. As if we don't hear every day what monsters we are just because some men are jackasses, now we are...

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