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  1. F

    R1/R3 v1.50 Firmware Released

    The area where I live is 95% K band, but I've never had a legitimate encounter anywhere near the notch. I feel 100% safe running it. Today was day #2, and it's so nice. I followed a 2019 Honda for 50 minutes today and it never made a peep. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  2. tempnexus

    Surrounded by love

    Ryker is on the bridge taking a number 1. 1563659816 All I see is #2, #12 with broccoli and a House Special.
  3. Delaney

    Radar R7 VS FHP Miami to Orlando 4th of July weekend analisys?

    Alerts #3 & #4 are what I'd expect from my R3. #3 he's wide open with no obstructions so it should be a long alert. #4 he's buried far off the road (that's crazy really, based on what I see around here) and with all that foliage that has to greatly reduce the signal. #1 seems a little short...
  4. Brainstorm69

    Bug Report Hashtag add on corrupts links

    I wonder if it has to do with the comma following the number after the hashtag. #2 #2, LRD 950 #1, LRD950 #2 LRD950#1, LRD950 #2
  5. Brainstorm69

    Bug Report Hashtag add on corrupts links

    I noticed this problem when I was redoing the TXCTG Testing index some time back. Where I had two versions of a detector, and had a #1 and #2, it would screw things up until I removed the space. LRD950 #1 LRD950#1 Doesn't seem to be doing it now. [EDIT: just noticed it did it to the #2 in...
  6. alloy00

    R7 Settings for Mega Road Trip

    I'm no use on Question #2, my head is buried in the sand RE: MRCD because it's not used near me. But as to #1, 2/5/6/8 is actually more conservative than Ka Narrow. Ka Narrow is essentially 2/5/8. So if you wanna have your bases covered against up-drifting 34.7 radar, 2/5/6/8 is indeed the way...
  7. RaggedEdge

    Will a TX head mounted in the rear protect the front??

    A TX in the rear will do nothing for your front. However, 3 RX on the front will protect against the DragonEye on a low profile car like a C7. 1557505556 As to #2, you can have 1RX and 1TX in the rear. I'd have that config tested, it may very well be fine. If not, you can add another RX.
  8. Blizzard

    IOS alp connect issues

    Update: I still don’t know why alerts are sometimes muting themselves (#1 above) But for #2, the unsuppress button being greyed out, I think it’s related to signal strength. From the beginning the app hasn’t displayed a frequency for an alert if the signal strength is below whatever cut off...
  9. protias

    Other The OFFICIAL idiot drivers thread

    #1, I love when people stop at green lights... #2, I think you tried to blow your horn at him, but I wasn't sure. :p
  10. TechnoRave

    R3 - City / Highway / Advanced

    It would be nice if there was such things as Preset's or User Profiles with the R Series. Like have a User Profile #1 that has settings XYZ, and Profile #2, with Settings ABC etc.
  11. Luminox2323

    Was Kuni responsible for updates to the R series?

    What can we expect now from Uniden regarding our updates? Was he the one who handled these and made changes to them? Or was someone else involved? And question #2, do you think Kuni is driving the Radenso GTR around right now? :p

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