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  1. protias

    The OFFICIAL idiot drivers thread

    #1, I love when people stop at green lights... #2, I think you tried to blow your horn at him, but I wasn't sure. :p
  2. TechnoRave

    R3 - City / Highway / Advanced

    It would be nice if there was such things as Preset's or User Profiles with the R Series. Like have a User Profile #1 that has settings XYZ, and Profile #2, with Settings ABC etc.
  3. Luminox2323

    Was Kuni responsible for updates to the R series?

    What can we expect now from Uniden regarding our updates? Was he the one who handled these and made changes to them? Or was someone else involved? And question #2, do you think Kuni is driving the Radenso GTR around right now? :p