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  1. C

    Uniden R8

    I think I found the detector you've been dreaming of.. It's the JUDGE from Rocky Mountain.. LOL https://rockymountainradar.com/#the-best
  2. asleeper

    Suggestions for Amendments to the RDForum Constitution

    I would suggest a possible change in the wording of article III, rule #5: Yes, I know the above is more of reference to criminal activity. However, if we were to get technical, illegal activity includes traffic violations, use of CM's.....etc. If that's the case, I think we're all guilty...
  3. STS134

    Jammer Success Rate

    You forgot the all important last step: going to the media and having them run a story on said officer. You need to get a whole #metoo movement going on that officer and if he lied about your ticket, there's almost surely others out there to whom he did the same thing. Once that really gets...
  4. Opus13

    Other Got rear-ended on the highway

    Glad you are ok, and that really sucks that you got rear ended. The car will get fixed and you'll be enjoying it soon. I have been rear ended, or in a vehicle that has been rear ended, a total of 6 times in CA. 4 in the girlfriend's car while she was driving. 1 time at a stop light while I was...
  5. dudeinnz

    How to Ask for A Radar Detector recommendation

    Looking for an RD recommendation? The Radar Detector Forum community would love to help you find a suitable detector for YOUR specific vehicle and YOUR specific driving habits and Your specific driving location. Sometimes we can also help make a recommendation if you've received a ticket. Here's...
  6. westwind77

    M360 vs K-Band (Low power?)

    There was a bit of an S turn, but if you look he was pretty much on-axis, just the twist between us. I am surprised I did not get a few weak alerts before this. I have said since the new IVT update those weak sniffs are gone on my unit. Here is a 33.8 encounter.....further off axis....and at a...
  7. Tallyho

    Kustom Falcon Parts Ordering?

    For anyone else who may ever need to order this, here's the part #: 088-0263-00
  8. Marty K

    Can't run FSDr, almost got a ticket!

    I had an Acura yesterday triggering false alert (I have FDSr ON), so it alternating between K band with #### and Ka 33.8. It was pretty annoying...
  9. Vincent Mancini

    R7 - Rear Horn Vs. Front Horn Sensitivity

    Thanks Matt and you all, I am not running the 2 RD any longer, just the #2 R7 this R7 is my second unit, and definitely performs 100% better than the #1 I returned. And continues to operate correctly, as I was using the R3 as a baseline with both R7s. The issues with the returned R7 were more...
  10. Tallyho

    Renting - And My Current Leasing Situation... Thoughts?

    I'm a big fan of option #3. #3 a. Earn a cash incentive of $2800 by fulfilling the lease to 2020. #3 b. I was also going to recommend simultaneously looking for a very well qualified lessee that you have vetted to be drama free for such a risky transaction, but it doesn't appear you can find...
  11. Phantom Z3

    TMG Install Advise

    You need an actual laser gun to be able to know if it jams it properly. You can check to see if it receives by shooting it with pulsed 905nm laser but you can't know if it jams without it. See what testing groups/people are around you. You can push the heads out until those plastic bars (you...
  12. The Pope

    Longest Road Trip Alone

    1st stent of a 3 stent trip was 19.5 hours / 1080 miles Left my house near exit 306 on I-40 in N.C. (just Southeast of Raleigh) at 2am on a Friday morning, traveling to Cortez Colorado. Checked into the first Motel 8 off of I-40 (I don't remember the exit #) in Oklahoma. I have this fully photo...
  13. BlueV1

    Profile pushes... instructions?

    Here's one that I posted. Not much detail though. https://www.rdforum.org/index.php?threads/80522/#post-1154677 I thought I had created a video of the process... Now I don't see it.
  14. Y

    Can't run FSDr, almost got a ticket!

    Just picked up a CR 97, was running TSFR off X/K 3 Ka1 Max ID, and FSDr on, was traveling next to a Subaru Forester, alerted to BSM two beep with FSDr #### and then quieted down as normal, then I noticed it would switch to Ka 33.8, with no alert, still muted on FSDr, I assumed it was the well...
  15. Jennifer

    What is AZ like for speed enforcement?

    Come on down, I moved from Seattle, you'll wonder why you didn't do it years ago. SEE BELOW LINK!!! 20/85, remember it!!!!!! https://www.rdforum.org/index.php?threads/86963/#post-1254102 1557634255 Re 101, they pulled them out a couple years ago...
  16. Rossm812

    Had to Move Sensor Head

    Why tow hook? Because #racecar... But what's slower than a prius? A racecar pulled over by a cop with a lidar gun... All jokes aside you have to decide which is better for you between Form and Function and you can probably have both but you're going to have to test it and test it against...
  17. RaggedEdge

    Will a TX head mounted in the rear protect the front??

    A TX in the rear will do nothing for your front. However, 3 RX on the front will protect against the DragonEye on a low profile car like a C7. 1557505556 As to #2, you can have 1RX and 1TX in the rear. I'd have that config tested, it may very well be fine. If not, you can add another RX.
  18. JmsWms

    Uniden R7 Issues Only with Firmware Version 122.123.111 Only

    Do a search for "quiet ride beep" and you'll find multiple posts about this. Also check your R7 manual on page 29 at the bottom. Although there, they say the R7 beeps once at level one and then goes to level 0. The R3 manual says the same thing.
  19. STS134

    Ticket with Lidar black bumper

    Where did you get the idea that black is not reflective? jdong and I literally covered all reflective parts of the dark gray car with black construction paper and it made no difference. Still IPT. VEIL G5 Review/Test (see post 4)
  20. Rossm812

    Whats your longest save? R3

    Depends on your definition of 'save'... I have had sniffs out to 5 miles or better on long flat areas where likely I'd have been rolling hot and the detector modified my actions long before it would be considered a 'save' - that said I've also had it grab my attention right before I crested a...

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