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  1. Marty K

    R7 Performance in Bulgaria

    Hi, all. I had some time driving in Bulgaria (Europe) last month, and sure had my R7 to test there. I understand this is a US-based unit, but wanted to see what it can do in Europe. Not surprisingly, police encounters were rare. In fact, I had more speed cams encounters (not GPS based...
  2. keefrto

    Edmonton won't remove photo radar despite new provincial guidelines

    good grief, I drove to all the way to Calgary and back and not one, not even a sniff of a police laddie or lassie that my Pro M that wanted to warn me about. Always on the other side of the highway. #whatsthechancesofthat?
  3. DrHow

    Uniden R7 at Walmart.com for $499.99 + tax, Free Ship

    BB has price match, right? Take in previous in stock screen shot from WallyWorld, ask what BB can do. They stock the units. And offer excellent extended replacement with new warranty. For those pesky OLED, or degraded performance. Plus a easy return policy. If ones testing turns out bad...
  4. DrHow

    JBV1 T-Shirts!

    Nice shirts. Very cool design. Not the best timing to be selling shirts on RDF. :) #UnLockItNow #HandOverTheKeys
  5. DrHow

    Uniden R7 Build quality are you satisfied or feel its a bit flimsy

    Yes, would like to compare notes with you, I went from the twin suction to the single sticky. Helped a bunch on the Ascent. Later added a M1 dash cam (uses same extra bolts that the almost same Uniden copy uses). That works well. And also helps R7 stay solid. However, moved it to the Mini...
  6. DrHow

    Uniden R7 Build quality are you satisfied or feel its a bit flimsy

    Many of comments above regarding average build quality and odd button placement I also confirm. If you have a car that rides like a go cart, the R7 will vibrate constantly, the display and unit moving like a time warp on a sci-fi show. The sticky mount is quiet on the Ascent where this device...
  7. johnboy00

    State of the App

    1.7.0 is around the corner and brings with it a number of new features, including: 1) Alert log column sorting 2) Additional auto start triggers for V1 users (BT/Wi-Fi connections) 3) Alert map active lockout visualization 4) Auto lockout radii for both manual and auto lockouts I plan to...
  8. F

    R1/R3 v1.50 Firmware Released

    The area where I live is 95% K band, but I've never had a legitimate encounter anywhere near the notch. I feel 100% safe running it. Today was day #2, and it's so nice. I followed a 2019 Honda for 50 minutes today and it never made a peep. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  9. oktavf

    Latest ALP update- issues

    I can probably answer #1 going by what the app does. It (car in the app) stays yellow until I hit 17 MPH ie when the TX is enabled then it goes blue. So probably a tweak in the firmware to coincide with what the app does as it makes sense! :) EDIT: Doh didn't even notice a page #2 / more posts...
  10. keefrto

    Edmonton won't remove photo radar despite new provincial guidelines

    I saw this today and thought your having a laugh aren't you? It's obvious it's just grabbing cash. I want to see the stats that show tickets at the Bonnie Doon location beside Servus Credit Union have reduced year on year and have prevented accidents! What's that? You can't prove it ? You don't...
  11. goodtimes40

    Lidar MD cop using PL3

    That's where how many inches of coverage does each sensor cover makes all the difference. I know Alp was ranked #1, laser Interceptor had 73 inch coverage which was crazy good back in the day, not sure how many inches TMG covers.
  12. keefrto

    Alberta. Uniden R3 2 tickets in 7 day

    For me I believe Laser will increase in Alberta, no clear evidence to support it but detectors are so good now, but most folks can afford a laser set up. #keepsavingthecash
  13. Deadhead1971

    Hows the R3 long term(1.5 yrs or older)

    Regarding what @Brainstorm69 said about the blue color, @johnboy00 also stated this in a post over in the valentine forum. Pixels, OLED, LED, or color is not my thing so I have learned from those that are knowledgeable. I purchased my R1 in March 2018 (8A serial #), I’ve had no issues. I did...
  14. tempnexus

    Surrounded by love

    Ryker is on the bridge taking a number 1. 1563659816 All I see is #2, #12 with broccoli and a House Special.
  15. chakeubeam

    Hand signals

    We run into the same issues down here in Texas. The real issue being ANY OTHER DRIVER not knowing what the hell your doing! #continuingEducation Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. benzr

    Max360 Yay or Nay?

    Run JBV1 with that setup !! If you decide not to stick w Escort #NOTaccusedOFtrolling #stickWITHescortIFyouWANT IMHO. #JUSTAgreeingWITHo.p. YOU CAN THANK ME LATER [emoji12][emoji12] Just sayin' Benzr Posted from my iPhone using the RDF Mobile App!
  17. DrHow

    Curious Idea: Rehousing a Detector for Period-Correct Applications

    If any of the old Fuzzbuster engineers were still alive, hire them to stick a ProM in there. Should he short enough. Tongue and cheek here. The Engineers did some fuzzy logic and placed a Cincinnati Microwave Escort inside trying to fool Car and Driver during a radar test. They were caught...
  18. Delaney

    OPP Mississauga using DE Laser

    Not sure if this is news to anyone in Ontario, but just in case (from twitter). "18 year old man from Mississauga charged with stunt driving after doing 196km/h on #Hwy403 in Mississauga." https://t.co/N8ZonRO803
  19. Allen Dockery

    To the Waze users out there??

    Become a "One Eyed Purple Monster"... To do so - Search for " ##@morph " while in Waze
  20. johnboy00

    Feature Requests: "Reverse Themes" & "Verbose CSA announcement"

    #2 certainly makes sense. I'll just add thumbs up to the standard announcement. Regarding #1, a day-themed overlay might be like a beacon of light at night on an otherwise dark screen, but I'll test it out and see what I think.

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