Viewing Donation Drive: RDF Server & License Fees (JUNE 2019) (ACTIVE)

The following list is the breakdown of expenses for RDF for the month of June 2019...

OVH US Dedicated Server: $114
Pingdom Monitoring: $14
Cloudflare Partner/Professional (One-Time Payment of $92 Included): $117
Google GSuite Business Hosting: $48
Constellix AnyCast DNS: $15
Linode Cloudron Hosting: $40

Rollover Credit From Previous Month's Donations: $107

Another simple month - there's a one-time payment included as mentioned above in the monthly Cloudflare payment, of $92, which will not be recurring, due to Argo+Railgun performance enhancement.

Additionally, we added in our Linode VM to the monthly goal which hosts various services - such as Rocket.Chat and RDFGSv2 apps. Once the RDFGSv2 starts up billing, RDFGSv2 will be covering these costs and they will drop off of the monthly donation goal here.

Lastly, the GSuite hosting price has been adjusted as the GSuite pricing increase (mandated by Google) just kicked in this month.

Taxes have been removed and are no longer charged for any donation/membership/service purchase on RDF globally as well!

Thanks everyone!
This donation drive ends in
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  • Thanks for doing such a grea job, I know how much work it can be.... Jen
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  • Towards the Crowd Moderation if you decide to add it. Any extra for server and license fees.
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