Radenso XP Review


Following their entry to the market with the compact yet well performing Radenso Pro and Radenso Pro SE, Radenso released a radar detector based on a completely different platform that offers an improved design, more advanced customizability, and superior false alert filtering capabilities. Radneso’s radar detectors are designed for enthusiasts by enthusiasts and their new XP, which is one of the quietest detectors on the road, is proving to be very popular in the enthusiast market.


Radar & Laser Detection:

  • X Band
  • K Band
  • Ka Band
  • Laser

Length: 4.6″ (11.7 cm)
Width: 2.8″ (7.1 cm)
Height: 1.3″ (3.3 cm)
Weight: 0.75 lb (12 oz)

GPS Receiver: Built-in

Display: Red/orange OLED display

RDD Immune: VG2 undetectable, Spectre Elite only detectable within 15 feet

Power: Standard RJ11 power port

Firmware Updates:
-MiniUSB port (cable included) and Radenso’s update software (Windows only)
-Free firmware updates for life

Speeding ticket guarantee: 1 year (details)

Warranty: 1 year

Included & Optional Accessories

Included in the Box:

  • Radenso XP radar detector
  • Coiled cig. lighter power cord
  • Suction cup windshield mount
  • 3M double-sided sticky mounting tape
  • USB cable for firmware updates
  • User manual
  • Carrying case

Optional Accessories:

  • Directwire cord (Link)
  • Visor clip (Link)
  • Blendmount (Link)

Overview and Features

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  • GPS Lockouts (Manual)
  • Highway / City / AutoCity Modes
  • X/K Mute: Option to audibly mute but visually display all X and K band signals
  • Manual display brightness levels (Bright, Dim, Dimmer, Dark, Smart Dark)
  • Beginner / Expert (Keep things simple or allow you to adjust everything)
  • K Narrow / Wide / Off
  • Ka Segmentation (10 segments)
  • POP detection
  • BSM filter (separate from TSR)
  • TSR filter
  • Variable automute levels (0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%)
  • English / Metric distance and speed displays
  • Optional & customizable X, K, or Ka sensitivity reduction at low speeds
  • Low speed muting
  • Standard, Frequency (3 digit), & Multiple Threat display modes
  • Display various combinations of Speed, Compass, Time, & Voltage on screen
  • Clock set via GPS, you select your timezone offset
  • RLC & Speedcam alerts
  • Manually mark locations to be alerted to (ie. speedtrap locations)
  • Adjustable GPS warning distances
  • Voice on/off
  • Test Mode: Raw unfiltered radar detection with no latch. You see what the RD sees!
  • Automatic shutoff after you’ve been parked for 30 min, helpful if your power plug supplies power even when parked
  • Free firmware / database updates for life


In terms of long distance detection, the Radenso XP is a solid midpack performer. It’s neither your ultra long range detector nor is it a weak detector. It’s designed to give you sufficient warning time in most situations while providing top notch false alert filtering so you pay attention when it goes off.

To see how the XP compares to the other popular detectors in terms of range, check out this post.

Here’s a 4 mile 35.5 detection by the XP:

and here it is picking up an Instant On 34.7 shot over a hill:

To filter out false alerts, the Radenso XP has several different abilities. While it’s not perfect, it does a great job. Here are the different capabilities that it offers and how well they work:

GPS lockouts: You can manually teach it where false alerts are located from automatic door openers and speed signs. This is a very helpful feature around town, but the lockouts don’t always “stick” with the Radenso detectors and so previously locked out signals will sometimes be alerted to in the future. This feature still needs work.

BSM filter:  A filter specifically designed to filter out blind spot falses, separately from TSR like many other detectors do. It’s very effective and leads the XP to being one of the best detectors on the market at filtering out annoying blind spot falses.

TSR filter:  Filters out K band traffic sensors if you have them on the highways you drive down.

K Narrow / Wide: Allows you to scan a smaller segment of K band to further reduce false alerts. This can be risky because it can also filter out legitimate police radar, but it’s helpful for advanced users who have limited K band in their area or have seen through experience what frequency ranges the police use in their area.
K Narrow: 24.080 – 24.200 GHz
K Wide: 23.950 – 24.250 GHz

Low speed muting:  Automatically mutes the detector when traveling below a preset speed, great for parking lots and stop lights.

Reduced sensitivity at low speed:  Optionally reduce the sensitivity of the detector on X, K, and/or Ka bands so that the signal has to be sufficiently strong (ie. 30% signal strength, 50%, etc.) before alerting. Helps quiet down the detector by filtering out weak signals.

X/K Mute:  Ability to audibly mute ALL X and K band signals, no matter what. Think “happy wife mode.” High priority Ka and Laser alerts will alarm regardless, but for X and K bands where false alerts are common, it makes running the detector a more visual experience. This can be risky because the detector won’t alarm for legitimate X or K band alerts so it will require you to pay more attention, but it’s very helpful if you don’t want to annoy others in the car, you’re on a phone call, or you simply want a quieter experience yourself.
Pro-tip: Combine with the Smark Dark display feature so the display is off and only when you get a signal will the display light up. This way it visually grabs your attention better.

This detector offers an immense amount of customizability, allowing you to really fine tune the experience exactly the way you want. You can run it in Beginner mode to access just the basic, core functionality, or you can unlock all of the options by setting it into Expert mode.

Recommended Settings:

For more detailed information about the different settings and options, check out the manual or watch this explanation video:

Customer Service

Radenso offers excellent customer service. The US Distributor, @Hügel66, is very active here on the forums. He participates with users to not only answer questions about the detector, but also listen to feedback and help implement new features or bug fixes that enthusiasts would like. Very few manufacturers are so directly involved with the community. Beta firmware updates are also made available for users to test if they’d like to help with development. Should any issues arise, each detector is backed by a 1 year warranty and Radenso is quick to take care of its customers.

Firmware Updates

Updating the Radenso XP’s firmware and RLC / speed camera database involves plugging the detector into your computer with the included MiniUSB cable and running Radenso’s update software (Windows only).

Radenso XP Firmware Update Software
Radenso XP RLC & Speed Camera Update Software

Firmware and database updates are free for life.

This video shows you how to do it:

Related Radar Detectors

The XP was originally developed in tandem with the Net Radar remote mount radar detector for the AntiLaser Priority. They share the same platform and so they offer comparable radar detector performance and filtering capabilities. That said, they are pretty different detectors. The XP is a self-contained windshield mount RD and the Net Radar is designed to be installed in your grill and controlled by the ALP. The firmware running the detectors and the features they offer are different, but under the hood they share the same underlying platform.

Radenso also offers a more affordable GPS-less version of the windshield mount XP called the Radenso SP for people who don’t need the extra city features and filtering options. For people who want the customizability of the XP and to take advantage of its excellent BSM filtering capabilities while saving some money, particularly for primarily highway driving, the more basic Radenso SP is a great choice too.


The Radenso XP is a popular higher end radar detector. Running in Beginner mode, it offers great performance and excellent false alert filtering capabilities, particularly its blind spot filtering and low speed muting capabilities. Set it to Expert mode and you have an incredible amount of fine tuned control over your detector to create the experience you want. The GPS lockouts still need a bit of work and that’s one of the biggest weaknesses of the detector. They do work, but not reliably. Some of the other filters can help compensate for this around town, but until the feature is fixed, they’re not a complete replacement. Nevertheless, for people looking for good performance, otherwise excellent filtering, and a high degree of customizability, the Radenso XP is a great choice.

Thank you’s

Thank you to @Brainstorm69 and @Jag42 of the TXCTG for the long range testing and comparisons alongside other radar detectors

Thank you to @hiddencam for the videos of the XP in action.

Thank you to @kcux for creating the recommended settings chart.

More Information and Discussion

For more information about the Radenso XP, you can visit the Radenso Discussion Forum here on RDF.

You can also reach out Michael, the exclusive Radenso distributor. You’ll find him here on the forum as @Hügel66.

To purchase a Radenso XP, visit Radenso.com.