Other Radar and LIDAR Countermeasures


Radar detectors and laser jammers are not the only countermeasures available to drivers to combat speed traps and other means revenue-generating schemes used by municipalities.  Mobile phone apps such as Waze, police scanners, and Laser Veil can be helpful in defeating speed traps and providing drivers with an edge on the road.

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Passive Countermeasures

Police Scanners
A nice addition to having a radar and LIDAR detector is a police scanner. Unbeknownst to some people, police scanners can be interesting to use because they allow the user to listen to radio traffic from police and fire departments, emergency medical services, and park services. Although radar detectors are a necessity for detecting radar usage and providing ample warning, a police scanner can be a beneficial layer to add to your countermeasure setup. Reead more
Waze is a very popular, free smartphone app based on crowdsourcing that provides GPS navigation and real-time traffic information for drivers. Its main benefit as a countermeasure is that it allows users to mark where police officers are hiding and potentially looking to issue speeding tickets. Originally developed in Israel in 2008, the app made its way to the USA where in 2013 Google purchased it.  This versatile app has won numerous awards due to hard-to-beat user friendliness and wealth of features that allow users to see real-time traffic information on a map. Read more
Laser Veil
Laser Veil is a liquid coating that is that can be applied to vehicle headlight lenses and other highly reflective areas in the front of the vehicle in order to prevent the reflection of LIDAR transmissions.  Unfortunately, however, it is aesthetically problematic and provides little to no effectiveness against modern police laser guns and thus is not recommended. Read more