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  • General articles about radar detectors, radar detector accessories,  police radar units, and how radar works
  • Radar Detector Testing: East Coast Countermeasure Testing Group (ECCTG) and other testing chapters across the United States
  • Radar Detector Reviews

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General Articles

Escort Band Segmentation (BS) and Radar Detector Rejection (RDR)
In the spring of 2013, Escort Incorporated, offered a firmware update to its current line of Redline radar detectors. This update offered two, widely needed features: (a) band segmentation (BS), and (b) radar detector rejection (RDR). The band segmentation feature allows users to select, from 10 filtered settings, a customized band sweep of Ka radar. Traditionally, and still present in many … read more
Which Radar Detector Should I Buy?
What Radar Detector Should I Buy? Choosing a radar detector can seem like a daunting task. There are many different options out there and countless websites telling you which one is the best; however the reality is there isn’t one detector that is right for everyone. Before making a purchase it is important to consider the main environments you drive in, the type of feature set you think … read more
Radar Detector Laws And Some Information on Virginia
Summary *Illegal to use and sell in Virginia, Washington D.C and on all United States Military Bases *D.C. also prohibits possession of such device *Penalties are often less than a speeding citation *California and Minnesota have grey laws on windshield mounting legality A mixture of federal and state laws determine the legality of radar detectors in the United States. Note that the … read more
Escort Live – Phone App for Escort and Beltronics
Escort Live (website) is a CLOUD-based network app for Smartphones enabling users to track real-time speed traps and report or lockout received alerts. Developed by Escort Inc., Escort Live communicates via Escort’s SmartCord Live lighter adapter or SmartCord Live DirectWire adapter. These interface adapters have power and data feed ports for the compatible detector, and use Bluetooth to com … read more
Radar Detector Horns and Antennas
Radar detectors capture signals (X, K, Ka bands) from the airwaves through the use of their radar horns. The type of horns used in radar detectors are called pyramidal horns, since their shape is like that of a pyramid whose sides are flared and help direct the surrounding signals to the center ridge of the horn. These horns use microstrip technology and the center ridge gives these horns … read more
Radar Gun Modes of Operation
Constant On (C/O) This mode of operation is when the Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) leaves his radar unit constantly transmitting. This allows the officer to just look at his radar unit’s display to see the speed of vehicles within range. This is the easiest operating mode to detect since the unit is constantly emitting a radar signal. Instant On (I/O) This mode of operation is when the LEO … read more
Escort AutoLearn and TrueLock Guide
We did some extensive testing of AutoLearn to determine why it does what it does and how it does it. Escort cant share the details but this is some I have attained info to help understand. 9500ix 0mph auto lock and not unlocking because 0mph and requires higher speeds to unlock: Slower speed Video (~35mph): After AutoLock 14 passes without alert, sill locking out signal: Faster speed Videos … read more
How Radar Guns and Radar Detectors Work
Before we begin discussing how radar detectors work, let’s take a look at how radar guns work. How Police Radar Works A typical radar gun consists of a radio wave transmitter combined with a radio wave receiver. The gun shoots out radio waves at a specific frequency. The radio waves travel through the air bouncing off objects they encounter. Some of these reflected waves will make it back to the … read more
Common Features of Radar Detectors
Common Features Different radar detector models from different manufacturers offer various feature sets. Some specific features are model or manufacturer specific. A specific feature or feature set can be very important to some people while others make their purchasing decision based purely on performance. Some of these are explained below. Arrows/Bogey Counter Probably the most famous unique … read more
The Original Escort Radar Detector
CMI’s Escort Radar Detector I recently picked up the very first model Escort radar detector produced by Cincinnati Microwave (CMI). This detector designed by Michael Valentine and Jim Jaeger was the one that started it all … read more
How To Hardwire A Radar Detector
Hardwiring your radar detector not only opens up a normally used power socket but allows for a more stealthy mounting location without wires obstructing your vision. You’ll need to buy a few things before we get started. Hardwire Cord You’ll need a hardwire cord, and depending on the brand of detector you have sometimes they are included with your purchase or … read more
Combining A Valentine One Visor Mount and Escort Sticky Cup
Today, I decided to make a new mount for my dad’s V1 using his V1 visor mount and a Escort Super Cup mount. Step 1: First, I had to remove the visor clip off the V1’s visor mount. Not too hard; using a screwdriver, I wedged it under the clip and slid it off. Step 2: I bonded the super cup mount and the visor using gorilla glue. The V1 visor mount has a couple “bumps” on the top of it. So … read more
Police Speed Traps Radar and LIDAR Detectors Cannot Detect
Introduction Many people are familiar with Police Departments using RADAR and/or Laser to measure the speed of vehicles on the road, but what other methods are employed that drivers should be aware of? This article will cover some of these other police tactics that a RADAR / Laser detector will NOT alert to. Pacing Pacing is a common tactic where the police officer, while in his police … read more
Michael Valentine – A True Entrepreneur
When Michael Valentine was in grade school he lived in the suburbs of Vandalia Ohio. He was overweight and very self-conscious. Being picked on in school didn’t stop him from being independent and pursuing his hobbies such as playing the sousaphone and tinkering with ham radios. Early on he had little motivation for schoolwork and didn’t know what type of career path … read more
Different Radar Bands Explained
Police Radar Bands X 10.500 GHz – 10.550 GHz This is the oldest of the current frequencies used and false alerts on this band are plentiful. Its lower frequency and higher power cause X band to travel far and be detected at long ranges. K 24.050 GHz – 24.250 GHz K band is more commonly used now than X. It was first introduced in 1978. While not as many things cause false alerts on K band … read more
How To Change the LED Color and Brightness for SmartCords
Here’s how to change the LED colors and/or reduce the brightness of the LEDs in an Escort or Beltronics Smartcord. The tools you’ll need include a soldering iron, some solder, a desoldering tool (wick or a solder sucker), replacement 5mm LEDs if you’re changing them, and a 2.2k to 4.7k 1/8 watt resistor to reduce the LED brightness. The pictures show a hardwire Smartcord, but the procedure is … read more



 Radar Detector Testing – Independent and Unbiased

2014 Radar Detector Test – ECCTG Midwest Testing Chapter 
On October 18,2014, three of the forum’s veteran ECCTG members (protias, PointerCone, and darkpenguin) along with four other contributing members (lugnuts, CobawLT2010, Tallyho, and GTO_04) conducted a radar detector test among eight (8) different detectors using different customized settings. The timing for this test could not have been better due to the release of two new detectors – the Escort Passport Max 2 and Escort Passport (2014). The test determined the reactivity of each of the radar detectors … read more
2012 Radar Detector Test – ECCTG Data Analysis
This article is part of the ECCTG October 2012 Radar Detector Test. Here I will show you some different ways of looking at the data collected from the K and 34.7 Ka band tests as well as run through some statistical analysis. Graphing On the main page of the article we showed the results of K and 34.7 Ka band as the average of all three runs, but there is much more to this story … read more
2012 Radar Detector Test – ECCTG Shootout
It’s been a long time since we rock-n-rolled… or should we say, had a good Radar Detector comparison test! It was 2009 when the Guys of LIDAR held their last test, and quite a bit has changed since then. Most of the new developments came from Escort’s end with the release of multiple detectors – a high performance windshield mount deemed the RedLine, a GPS navigator and radar … read more



Radar Detector Reviews

Stinger_VIP_200x100 Stinger VIP Radar
If we were to go through our list of tests conducted over the past five years in search of the detector with the longest range, we would most likely discover a tie between the Escort Redline or Beltronics STi-R (no longer in production). Undoubtably, these two detectors, when customized with band segmentation, are beasts at sniffing the faintest presence of K and Ka-Band radar. This dominance is no longer the case. The new Stinger VIP Radar … read more
max360_200x100 Escort Max 360 Review
For at least the past two decades, the Valentine One radar detector was the only radar detector that stood in a class of its own due to its unique feature – directional arrows indicating the source of the radar threats. On October 2015, Escort Incorporated, the maker of some of the best radar detectors, introduced a new radar detector with its own directional arrows, along with other key features like a built-in GPS and Bluetooth receiver. The following Escort Max 360 review was compiled based on “Vortex’s” testing and experience over a period of about three weeks … read more
bel_gt7_200x100 Beltronics GT-7 Review
On October 2015, Beltronics USA Incorporated released a new detector to their lineup in order to take advantage of some new technology that was previously only available on the Escort detectors. The new Beltronics GT-7 has a sleek, futuristic and edgy appearance, which is a stark contrast in terms of design to all other Beltronics detectors, and most importantly, this new detector has an OLED display and a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) board for improved radar detection. In the same manner we review all radar detectors, the following review discusses this detector’s basic features and radar detection performance. Our member “Vortex,” … read more
uniden_lrd950_200x100 Uniden LRD950 Review
Several years have passed since Uniden tapered its production of high performance radar detectors. A few of our members here owned some of these early models, like the Uniden LRD 6299SW, which had above-average detection performance. After a long break over the past few years, Uniden has finally returned to making premium detectors by introducing three new detectors, including the Uniden LRD950. This new detector is much more advanced than its predecessors from the late 1990 and early 2000 timeframe. An immediate glance of the LRD950’s screen indicates it … read more
rpronew_200x200 Radenso Pro Review
This summer of 2015, a new brand of radar detectors made a bold entry into the market. The German manufactured Radenso Pro is a new, high-end radar detector sold in the United States that, based on testing in real world scenarios, has demonstrated great performance in long-range Ka band detection and sensitivity to Ka-band Instant On radar threats. In July and into August of 2015, many of our members had the opportunity to … read more
Cobra SPX 7800BT Review 
Our forum has not embarked on officially reviewing a Cobra radar detector until this year, mainly because the vast majority of detectors from this company in the past few years have simply been poor performers, placing them as a “better than nothing” type of detector. Most of these detectors are widely popular, however, their popularity is due to their cost differential over their competitors, and not due to their performance.  Toward the end of fiscal year 2014 and into the spring of 2015, Cobra Electronics Corporation introduced some new radar detectors with price ranges above … read more
Escort Passport Max2 Review 
On September 2014, Escort Incorporated introduced a new addition to their radar detector lineup.  Rather than create an entirely new detector, Escort decided to upgrade the Passport Max while still maintaining its same size and appearance.  Besides being $50 more than the Passport Max, the Passport Max2 differed from the Passport Max in two areas: it has Bluetooth capability built-in for iPhone and Android smartphones, and has database entries for VASCAR speed traps (Air Patrol).  In terms of radar detection performance metrics like sensitivity and rejection of false alerts, the Max2 carries the same Digital Signal Processing (DSP) … read more
Rocky Mountain Radar C495
In 1997, CBS News did a report on the validity of this company’s claims about the ability of it’s products to scramble radar.  The result of those tests showed that Rocky Mountain Radar’s test unit as well as the company’s claims regarding their technology is a scam.  Seventeen years later, we decided to test the RMR-C495, which is Rocky Mountain Radar’s premiere radar detector, in order to see how this model and the rest of their radar detectors scramble radar, and to determine the sensitivity and reactivity to radar bands and laser … read more
Escort Redline
RedLine radar detector one year review: Over the years I have had/used 2-K40’s, 1-Bel, 1-8500, 3-9500I’s and one of the 9500I’s I upgraded to an IX. I added a RedLine to my arsenal about a year ago and run it with my V1 & 9500CI. So far i have been very impressed with the RedLine, this is a nice heavy radar detector with great sensitivity, and good basic features. The good: – Sensitivity is a … read more
Beltronics RX65 S7
The RX65 S7 offers detection of police radar bands including X, K, Ka, and Ku. It also offers lidar (laser) detection. All bands essentially are implemented the same way in this unit – that is to say that the display style and implementation in functionality are uniform. All bands also can be individually enabled or disabled, and in the case of Ka band it can be set up to operate in … read more
Valentine One
This review covers and discusses the Valentine One radar detector unit and the company behind the Valentine One called Valentine Research.  In this review, I discuss my experiences with the Valentine One, good and bad, that I have had over the years. I believe it is a good idea to not … read more
Escort 9500CI
The Escort 9500CI is the ultimate custom-installed radar/laser defense system and should be installed by an authorized custom car/audio shop. The cost to install can vary around $3-400 but its well worth it. A custom install allows you to hide the whole unit remotely so its virtually unnoticeable and very important if you drive through states that they are not aloud. The 9500CI consists of 3 … read more
Whistler XTR-690SE
Whistler XTR-690SE The Whistler XTR-690se was my first higher end radar detector – that is to say it is the first radar detector that I have owned that went a bit beyond in performance over the typical sub $100.00 models as are found in the Cobra and lower end Whistler line. Now while this particular unit isn’t the best or the most sensitive out on the market, overall it has served me quite well … read more
Valentine One – How To Program It
Valentine One Review. I used a V1 many years ago and in 2010 bought one for my self. Its smaller than most think and has all the main features you could want in a radar detector. I am a big fan of a quiet Radar Detector and mostly have used Escorts with there GPS filtering. But I decided to try a V1 even though most say it’s very noisy. (its not if programmed correctly). Some of the unique … read more
Used Valentine One Buyer’s Guide
This guide will help you with buying a used Valentine 1 Radar/Laser detector. Step # 1: Get the serial # from the seller and run it via https://store.valentine1.com/upgrades/ * The report will tell you what hardware version the unit is. Version 1.8 is the most current hardware version. Version 1.7 is the older one. Version 1.6 is the first version … read more
Escort 9500ix
Escort 9500ix Review and TrueLock/AutoLearn Information Over the years I have owned: two-K40’s, one-Beltronics, one-Escort 8500, and three-Escort 9500I’s. Although the 8500 was my favorite radar detector above all previous, I decided to upgrade and try the 9500I which I later had turned into an ix (Escort offers an upgrade option for 9500I’s to 9500IX for $130). The 9500I/ix is simply a great … read more