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The following page is divided into three categories:

  • General articles about laser jammers, and how LIDAR speed recording devices (laser guns) work
  • Laser Jammer Accessories
  • Laser Jammer Testing: East Coast Countermeasure Testing Group (ECCTG) – forum’s initial LIDAR testing group
  • North California Testing Group
  • Georgia Testing Group
  • Laser Jammer Reviews

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General Articles

LIDAR guns have varied in design over the past 10 years, and manufacturers have made significant changes to improve the device’s target acquisition time, target range, and even utilizing anti-jam software.  Some good examples showing how the manufacturers have changed their new LIDAR guns for 2012 are the Kustom Prolaser and Applied Concepts Stalker series.  With the Kustom Prolaser LIDAR guns … read more
Attenuation, Vertical Setup Installations, BMWs and Theory
There are a couple of setups which are common for E46 M3s – the most common is under the bumper setup: ^ The under bumper setup has problems when cresting a hill – even small hills you see on highways. When you go over the hill, most of the car is visible while the jammers aren’t, leaving you exposed to police shooting LIDAR down the hill. This is how people get 97mph tickets in 55mph zones a… read more
How Police LIDAR (laser) Guns Work
LIDAR, which stands for LIght Detection And Ranging, sometimes referred to as Laser Radar or just Laser for short, is a tool used by many Police Departments across the country & around the world to calculate the speed of specific vehicles driving on the road. LIDAR calculates speed by first taking a series of distance measurements of a specific target vehicle, then calculates speed based on change … read more



Laser Jammer Accessories

AntiLaser Priority (ALP) Bluetooth Module
The AntiLaser Priority (ALP) laser jammer has a very convenient and easy to use accessory called the ALPConnect.  The ALPConnect is a Bluetooth enabled module that works alongside the ALPConnect app, available for free on iTunes, in order to allow the user to perform basic functions and changes to settings on the ALP, and provide users visual and audio alerts to LIDAR threats.  Bluetooth accessories for radar detector and LIDAR countermeasures are beginning to become popular.  In the past year, we have seen radar detector manufacturers like Escort Incorporated design the Escort SmartCord Live for iOS and Android smartphones, and we have also seen Valentine One Research Labs … read more
Laser Interceptor Bluetooth Module
Leaked from within the pages of a Taiwanese Laser Interceptor Webpage some months ago, was possible news of a new accessory module for the Laser Interceptor.  This module shown in pictures from this Asian Website showed a module for Bluetooth, with the Android Icon.  Threads were buzzing with rumors and wondering exactly how this would function and if it was certainly valid.  It wasn’t long until we found out that this was indeed a planned accessory product … read more



 Laser Jammer Testing – Independent and Unbiased

Georgia Testing Group: Summer 2014 LIDAR Test
When people talk about the LIDAR capital of the world, they are referring to Atlanta, Georgia. Unlike other cities around the country, Atlanta speed enforcement agencies utilize a host of different LIDAR guns. This busy town is also home to a manufacturer called DragonEye Technology, the maker of a LIDAR gun nicknamed “DALA” that is marketed with its ability to defeat LIDAR jammers. As a result, when our members travel across the country, many mention their preparedness when driving through this city and ensuring they have the best electronic countermeasures … read more
North California Testing Group: Summer 2014 LIDAR Test
After a long winter battering the United States, testing radar detectors and LIDAR jammers had to wait until better weather.  On June 29, 2014, four of our forum members (jdong, OpenRoad, unoriginalname, and STS134) got together and tested their LIDAR jammer setups against two very common LIDAR guns used by speed enforcement officials in northern California.  This had been a long awaited test, since most of our tests prior to 2014 were on the popular Laser Interceptor and Blinder HP-905 systems … read more
ECCTG AntiLaser Priority Test: Side-By-Side Comparison with Laser Interceptor
In recent years Laser Interceptor has dominated the US market for high performance diode based LIDAR jammers. That has recently changed however with the release of the AntiLaser Priority and the presence of a US based distributor of the product. Many of our international members are familiar with AntiLaser’s reputation for putting out high quality products with their … read more
ECCTG Blinder HP-905 Test: Featuring the Laser Ally (DALA) and TruSpeed S
It has been a while since the countermeasure industry has produced a jammer worthy of our praise; ECCTG is proud to announce that this day has finally arrived. We threw a plethora of LIDAR guns at the Blinder HP-905 and based on the results, it’s easy to conclude that the Blinder HP-905 has joined the ranks as one of the major players in the countermeasure industry. We will … read more
Diode Death-match: Laser Interceptor vs Laser Elite
Taking it up a notch Our previous battle between the Laser Interceptor (LI) and Laser Elite (LE) had taken place on ECCTG’s most difficult course with a relatively easy to protect car. This time around we decided to use a course more akin to what other groups have used in the past and a car larger than the Civic. Furthermore we would do each shot 3 times to ensure consistency. Jammer systems  … read more
Laser Interceptor vs Blinder M27 2.10 – Round 2
Time to take things to the next level Although we were pleased with the results of our first heads up test of the Laser Interceptor 8.03 vs. Blinder X-treme M27 vers. 2.10, we recognized deficiencies in our testing methodology. We needed to target just one location on the test vehicle per testing run. Just like last time we used one of our member’s Hyundai, which he equipped with the Laser … read more
Laser Interceptor vs Blinder M27 2.10 – Round 1
In the past, those who have attended testing meets have generally been happy with the results obtained when testing the Laser Interceptor Laser Jammers, but have had inconsistent results with cars equipped with the Blinder X-treme. At the time of those meets, we evaluated the installations of the laser jammers, especially the ones where inconsistent or poor results were … read more
Laser Interceptor vs Laser Elite: Teaser Test
Yesterday a few of the ECCTG members got together to test some of our own setups at the test site where we previously did the LI vs Blinder comparison. While we are planning a bigger jammer comparison test, we wanted to give everyone a preview of whats to come by doing a quick shootout between the Laser Interceptor and Laser Elite. Jammers The jammers used in this test were the … read more
ECCTG Laser Jammer Fest 2011: Featuring the Digital Ally Laser Ally
Jammer Fest 2011 As we got out of our cars and stepped onto the test course, last Saturday morning at 6am, we knew we had an exciting day ahead of us. While the course and the test car were the same from our previous shootout between Laser Interceptor and Laser Elite, the Veil had been removed, the mounting location would be more realistic, the latest revision of the Blinder M27 would join the … read more



Laser Jammer Reviews

 200x100-K40_small K40 Laser Defuser g5 Review
Since 2010, our forum has discussed the performance of K40 products, such as their radar detectors and their laser jammers. As time progressed, only a few members in the community discussed their experiences with their K40 products. The three main reasons why there have been scattered reviews about these products is due mainly to the exclusive marketing approach, cost, and available purchasing avenues which results in a small  … read more
Escort Laser ShifterPro Review
At the start of 2014, Escort Incorporated released a new LIDAR defense system they called the Laser ShifterPro.  Prior to this system, Escort sold the Shifter ZR4 and ZR3 models.  A significant change between the new Laser ShifterPro and the ZR models is that each new generation laser transceiver houses a LIDAR receiver diode and a LIDAR transmitter diode with LIDAR output in the infrared range of 905nm.  The  … read more
CT-12 Laser Jammer: Initial Impressions and Review
Before I begin I will thank acsclio from for sending me this unit to test. I was fairly surprised to see any kind of laser jammer going for ~$100. I figured it was some company trying to copy Blinder; however, when I got my hands on the unit I realized I was wrong. Here is what the system consists of: The model acsclio gave me is the wireless version. An install is … read more
Escort ZR4 Laser Shifters: Review
LIDAR, sometimes referred to as Laser, is a tool used by many Police Departments across the country. Some manufacturers of radar Detectors and some independent jammer company’s have made devices to combat this technology that renders our normal windshield mount radar detectors useless. … read more
Laser Elite: Unboxing, Initial Impressions, and Thoughts
Very recently a new laser jammer named the Laser Elite (LE) has entered the US market. The Laser Elite is replacing the old Laser Star system. Members of other forums have already criticized the LE due to past experiences with Laser Star. East Coast Countermeasures Testing Group (ECCTG) is completely unbiased when it comes to the testing of products’ effectiveness. For this reason we … read more
Lidatek and the LE-10
In 1996 I was working at Synrad, LLC. A manufacturer of high power CO2 lasers used for industrial applications. One day the CEO/Owner/Chief Scientist, Peter Laakman, came in and was a bit upset. He had just gotten a speeding ticket by a LEO using Lidar. Peter was also fascinated because he did not know of Lidar and lasers being used as speed monitoring devices. As an oldschool German with a … read more
Laser Interceptor: Review
LIDAR, sometimes referred to as Laser, is a tool used by many Police Departments across the country that renders our normal windshield mount radar detectors useless. Some manufacturers of radar Detectors and some independent jammer companies have made devices to combat this technology.  Laser Interceptor makes just the item to combat this threat. The Laser Interceptor is an active Laser Jammer, which means it transmits a Jamming beam back to the shooting laser gun and therefore jamming the laser shot resulting in no speed reading…. read more