Introduction to Radar Bands



Three Radar Bands : X, K, and Ka-Band

Are you thinking about getting a new radar detector and wanting to learn about radar guns? In the following video, our member “Vortex,” outlines the three main radar guns used in the United States. Each radar band is unique, and therefore, understanding these differences will help readers with choosing the right radar detector and improve their situational awareness on the highways where speed enforcement is occurring. The video incorporates actual radar guns, purchased through our own sources, and demonstrates their features as used in the field.


Special Radar Gun Features – POP

When purchasing a new radar detector, most buyers will see a radar detector feature called “POP” advertised. Almost every brand of radar detectors, such as Cobra, Escort, Valentine, Beltronics, and Uniden, offers models capable of POP detection. In the following video, we expand on our initial discussion of everyday radar bands to POP in order to define it and demonstrate its usage. This video will educate readers on the POP radar gun and illustrate how POP is simply an automated version of a radar gun operator tactic called “Quick Trigger,” which is easily defeated by most premium detectors. We discuss POP because it allows us to measure a detector’s sensitivity, which is a critical evaluation point when we, as forum testers, are rating a radar detector in its entirety.


The video below shows the Escort Redline detector’s POP detection performance. As the video demonstrates, POP detection is important, and its operation on the highways does not stand a chance to premium radar detectors like the Redline.