Escort iX Radar Detector Review

Escort iX

Escort iX Radar Detector
Based on the popular Escort 9500ix, the new iX provides the great features of the 9500ix with some really nice tweaks.

Some of the new and cool features the new iX has:

  • Graphic Multi-Color OLED with Blue/Green/Red/Amber Display Colors
  • Highway, Auto, Auto No X and Auto Lo K sensitivity levels
  • Advanced / Novice user modes
  • Cruise Alert: 20 – 160 mph
  • Over Speed Alert: 20 – 160 mph
  • Tones: Standard / Mild
  • AutoMute: Low / Med / High / Off
  • Auto Power: Off / 1-8 Hours
  • Defender Database with speed cameras, red-light cameras and speed traps
  • Escort LIVE compatibility
  • GPS based K and X band lock outs for those pesky supermarket falses as well as AutoLearn.
  • IVT BSM false filtering that helps reduce false alerts from blind spot monitors found in many new cars.
  • Magnetic mount for easy removal from windshield.
  • Ability to turn on/off RDR, TSR, and segment Ka band for advanced users.
  • Built in Bluetooth for integration with Escort LIVE without needing a special cord.

Escort iX in action
(Thanks Freebird!)

iX vs. Ka band, 33.8

iX vs. Ka band, 34.7

Overall Impressions

The 9500ix, being one of Escort’s most popular RDs, one would assume it was their top performer with the longest range and the new iX would preform even better. But in reality it shines with its ease of use and great features. It’s a good performing unit with a ton of Escort tried-and-true features.

The iX uses Escort’s reliable M4 platform. This platform is at the middle level of performance in Escort’s line of detectors. It won’t set any records for detection range, but where the iX shines is in its ability to filter out falses in town. The GPS lockouts and AutoLearn make it the ideal detector for city dwellers and anyone who wants a detector they can simply put up on their windshield and use without having to mess around with it to make it work at its best and to stay quiet in town. The new IVT feature helps reduce annoying K band falses from blind spot sensors appearing on many new cars. Once it learns the locations of the false alerts in the places you drive, it will stay quiet until a real threat appears.

For more advanced users, the advanced mode enables you to turn RDR (Radar Detector Rejection) off and segment Ka band into 4 segments to improve reactivity and reduce falses.

The OLED display’s color can be changed to suit your taste and car interior. The display is informative; depending on the display mode, it can display signal strength for each band, frequency, mode, your speed, and the posted speed limit if the RD is connected to the LIVE app on your smart phone.

Testing Results

TXCTG testing results of some of the top performing RDs including the iX: Link to Forum Thread

Waco Testing Results (click on image for full size)
Waco Pioneer Ka 34.7 Results Graph 2016-09-18
Waco Pioneer Ka 35.5 Results Graph 2016-09-18
Thanks to TXCTG, gbriggs82, CJR238, Freebird and the RDF community for sharing your experience and testing results!